Wu-Tang Killa Beez  [N - Z]

  In alphabetical order

Real Name: Amma Brown

Other Names
: Poison

Deadly Venoms


Female MC from the Deadly Venoms, Has worked with the RZA, and Method Man in the past before and after joining the venoms.


Real Name: Corey Harts

Other Names
: Kingpin Wit Da Inkpen

Wu-Syndicate / Illuminati Network

Kingpin Wit Da Inkpen [2007];
Mark Of The Beast [2011]

One time member of Wu-Syndicate along side Joe Mafia & Myalansky. Name and picture was concealed on their first album as he was locked up during the release.


Other Names:
WestCoast Killa Beez / Yellow Jackets
Bobby Digital Presents Northstar [2003];
Underground Sh*t /Westcoastkillabeez [2004];
For Every Will There Is A Way [2008]

- Christ Bearer
- Meko The Pharao

West coast duo consisting of Christbearer [aka Ice], and Meko [aka Meko The Pharoah, Minky]. When Northstar were first signed to "Wu-Tang Records" they were known collectively with the Black Knights, as Black Knights of the Northern Star. The two have since split into separate groups


Orphanage [The Ophanage]
Other Names: Orphans

- 4th Disciple 
- Berreta 9 aka Kinetic  
- Lord Superb 
- Shogun Assason

- Tash Mahogany

Group consisting of Killarmy members Beretta 9, 4th Disciple, and Shogun Assasson in addition to Superb. Rumoured to have completed an album or EP entitled "The Orphans" that may or may not be released depending on the situation of Superb who is currently serving time. Tash Mahogany was featured heavily on the project but it has not been confirmed yet if she was just a guest or part of the group.


Other Names:


Our Lives Are Too Short [2007]

- Irfane
- Jerome

- Jay 1

RZA's new group from France, who are between pop punk, hip-hop and club music, signed to Wu Music Group around 2009. Group members have gone on to collaborate with Shabazz The Disciple, RZA as well the likes of GZA prior to their signing. The group is mainly made up of producers Irfane (Vocals as well) and Jerome Hadey (DJ as well) as well as grafitti artist Jay 1 who takes care of the groups artwork. Outline according to the group stands for "Inner necessity to depict images and sounds proposal to grasping significance".


P.Dot C.Period
Real Name:
Other Names: P Dot
Killa Bee Gang (Westcoast Killa Beez)
Album: N/a 

Westcoast Killa Bee MC. A close associate of the Black Knights. He has appeared on a number of their tracks, and is featured on a couple of RZA related Soundtracks. A member of the larger Westcost Kill Beez.


Real Name:
Other Names:
Groups: American Cream Team / Ice Water Inc

Polite, who was incarcerated during the original nine-man formation of Wu-Tang, is a childhood friend of Raekwon. In the mid-nineties, Rae enlisted Polite in his short-lived group, The American Cream Team. Signed to Loud Records, the group would appear on Raekwon’s gold-selling Immobilarity album, along with many soundtracks and compilations. However, after member Banky Bank’s murder, the hopes for the group dissolved.

The self-proclaimed captain within Ice Water, Polite was a member of the original Theodore Unit with Raekwon, Ghostface Killah and Trife Da God. In 1998, while working on his own album, Polite was impressed by neighboring rappers Stomach and P.C. The trio, representing Stapleton, Park Hill, and West Brighton sections of Staten Island would come to form Ice Age - shortly before adding the youngest member (and P.C.’s younger brother), D.C., in 2000.


Popa Wu
Real Name:
Other Names: The Executioner, Poppa Wu
Groups: United Kingdom aka Population Click
Visions of the 10th Chamber: The Harmonic Reality of Sound  [2000];
Visions of the 10th Chamber [2000];
Visions of the 10th Chamber: Part II (Future Chamber)  [2008]

Family member, Popa Wu is said to be related to Ol' Dirty Bastard, 12 O'clock, GZA/Genius and The RZA. C.C.F Division members ShaCronz and Free Murder are his children and he is Timbo King's uncle.

Popa can be heard on various Wu albums giving preaches on the teachings of the "Nations of Gods and Earths". Popa Wu teamed up with a myriad of United Kingdom [of "old" and "new"] and Wu-Tang MC's to release two "solo" albums [one in MP3 CD format and one retail CD]. Both album were different.  Probably the main head of the new United Kingdom. He is the Wu-Tang clan's mentor, mediator and father figure.

2007 Popa Wu is said to have teamed up with D.L.A.H & DJ Nino Carta to form Popa Wu recordz/FutureChamber which was responsible for the  10th Chamber Part 2 in 2008.  Hellkeydoe (D.L.A.H and Consciouz Fear) is the first act on Popa Wu Recordz. There are plans for a third instalment produced entirely by Iron Shiek and Popa Wu is working on releasing numerous DVDs as well as books.


Prodigal Sunn
Real Name: Vergil Ramal Ruff
Other Names: SunZini, Prodical Sonn, P-Sunn, The Sun Of Man
Groups: Sunz Of Man / 2 On The Road / United Kingdom aka Population Click
Albums: The Return Of The Prodigal Sunn [2005]

Sunz Of Man MC and also a member of Two On Da Road (with 12 O'Clock). Brother of Makeba Mooncycle. Prodigal Sunn played a major role within the then United Kingdom/Population click posse. The name prodigal Sunn was given to him by Killah Priest.


Raison "The Zoo Keeper"
Real Name:
Other Names: Zoo Keeper
Groups: Brooklyn Zu

Raison the Zoo Keeper is brothers with Ol' Dirty Bastard, 12 O'Clock and Merdoc. He was previously signed to Dirty Records as a solo artist. He has appeared on various Ol' Dirty Bastard albums. Raison is also the President of Zu Films and recently Co-Executive Produced a documentary film with the RZA about the life and death of the Ol' Dirty Bastard.


Real Name: Ross Filler
Other Names: Rem-D, Jew Tang
United Kingdom aka Population Click
Remedy EP [2000];
The Genuine Article [2001];
Code: Red [2003]

Solo MC and Producer of American-Jewish descent. Remedy is the first white artist to be signed by Wu-Tang. Has his own label "Code Red Entertainment" which host Cappadonna, Sweatleaf & other members of O.T.F.
Remedy first came to light with the release of his single "Seen It All" b/w "Everything Is Real". Neither of these tracks made it onto his long awaited debut album. Remedy is the son of RZA's lawyer.


Reverend William Burks
Real Name:
Other Names: Reverend, Lil' Chuuuch, Burk
Insurrection [2001]

Introduced to the world by The RZA on their collaboration of the exclusive song "Chamber Of Fear", the Reverend has gone on to collab on numerous RZA projects such as soundtracks and as part of the group Achozen with Beretta 9, RZA and Shavo.

Born in Detroit in 1982, he started off as a poet and simply known as Burk, and moved to Chicago at a very young age and started making music as an emcee, quickly becoming a regular performer at many of the premier clubs in Chicago including Metro, Doubledoor and Hot House. All of this visibility led to success and radio airplay as well as performing on  The Source Unsigned Hype Live Tour making it to the final round. Burk went on to study Business Management in University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida and eventually signed to Cane records to release his first album. He has since gone on to collaborate with Killarmy, R. Kelly, M-1 of Dead Prez and so on.

With close ties to Killarmy, Burk eventually got intiiated into the Wu family tree via the RZA and has since gone on to feature on numberous project as well as adding on "Reverend William" to his name.


Real Name:
Other Names:
American Cream Team / Nexx Level Click
Albums: T.A.R.X. [The Autobiography Of Rapper X] [2008]

Member of the defunct group American Cream Team. RhymeRecka is an emcee,  Producer, Actor, Graphic designer and Journalist. Played a heavy role on Black & White Soundtrack and featured extensively on Reakwon's Immobilarity and Lex Diamond Story before going on hiatus and returning in 2008 with album T.A.R.X.


Royal Fam
Other Names: Royal Famous / Royal Family


Yesterday, Today, Iz Tomorrow [2000];
Timbo King Presents: Black Castle [2006]

- Timbo King [a.k.a. King Tymel, Timbuktu, Bo King]

- Dark Ages [a.k.a. Dark Denim, Dark Knight]
- Mighty Jarret [a.k.a. Malachi, Mighty Jarrad]
- Y-Kim The Ill Figure

- Dreddy Kruger [a.k.a Dutch Master] 
- Benny Boom

- Q-Base [a.k.a. The Royal Visar]
- Stoneface [a.k.a Sharekka]

A lot of confusion has existed over the exact members of this group. It was even suggested that Popa Wu was once a member. Early radio freestyles featuring Royal Fam featured some unknown artists. Two of which were Roc and Jahrule [not of the Murderers Inc.] - both were present on the track "Army Brickaid" from Royal Fam's unofficial debut release. Timbo King has made mention that the Royal Fam consists of mainly 3 members, himself, Dark Ages & Malachi  and Y-kim as the producer with featuring or introducing  others, which have not been mentioned, certainly the presence of Roc and Ja Rule would support this statement.

Timbo King is undoubtedly the group's main MC handling the majority of rhyming duties. Dreddy has also made a number of Wu album appearances. Dark Denim released a solo track early in his career called "Doin' Our Thang" featuring Lord Smooth, under the name Dark Ages.
Early in their inception, a project called "Black Castle" was rumoured to have been recorded, and was to be jointly distributed by "Capitol Records" and "Wu-Tang Records". "Black Castle" even had a "catalogue number" [a right which is reserved only for completed albums, EP's or singles]. This would suggest some truth to this mystery, but as yet, only a handful of tracks from this supposed album has been released.

In early 2000, copies of a Royal Fam album was released in Europe and was subsequently made available worldwide, without the knowledge and consent of the group itself. Y-kim has promised to release the album officially. Around 2006 Nature Sound records geared up to release the long lost Black Castle as presented by Timbo King but album got shelved due to  unknown reasons with only promos released to DJs, promoters and so on.


Ruthless Bastards 
Other Names:

- Apocalipps [aka Lipps]
- Beno
- Blizzard
- Iron Mic [aka Infrared]
- Sha Gotti (aka Valentino, Last Don)
- Truck

- Bless
- P. Live

Ruthless Bastards were already an established group before they signed on with "Wu-Tang" via Blaquesmiths. Although largely unknown at the time, Ruthless Bastards came to attention on RZA's "The Swarm" compilation with an offering called "Bastards". Sha Gotti and Truck are currently incarcerated. Bless and P.Live became new members of the group at a later date.


Shabazz The Disciple
Real Name: David Collins
Other Names: The Fifth Arch Angel, Scientific Shabazz
Groups: T.H.U.G. Angelz / Known Associates / Celestial Souljahz / Gravediggaz / Sunz Of Man / Disciples Of Armageddon   


Book of Shabazz (Hidden Scrollz) [2003];
The Passion Of The Hood Christ [2006];
Hood Hopera (Theatrical Biblica) [2011]

Take Your Time EP [1998];

Group Album / Duets:
Welcome To Red Hook Houses  {T.H.U.G. Angelz} [2008];
Hood Scripturez {Shabazz The Disciple & DJ Extremidiz} [2010];

Former "Last Future" MC, and also once a part of the Disciples of Armageddon (with Killah Priest). Shabazz was "discovered" by The RZA - and has roots leading into many Wu groups [Sunz Of Man, Gravediggaz, United Kingdom, Celestial Souljaz (with Freestyle), Known Associates (with Brand Nubians Lord Jamar) ]. Shabazz has stated in interviews that he has amassed enough material for over 7 albums, but has maintained that he will wait for the right label deal before releasing his long awaited debut.
Recently, Shabazz has become an official member of the Sunz Of Man and possible slated to be on the roster of a new Gravediggaz formation.


Sha Buttaz  
Real Name: Shakuan Smith
Other Names: Young Mef 

Method's Man son, who is an MC as well as a promising football player. Cousins with Intell (U-God's son). Sons of Wu-Tang, a generic term the Wu fans have made up for the likes of Sha Buttaz, Intell, Young Justice, Boy Jones and other sons of Wu who are making music.


Shamel Irief 
Real Name: Shameil Irief
Other Names: Young Masta, Eternal

Wu-Tang's next generation, Was first introduced to the world on his father's (Masta Killa) first album "No Said Date" along side Young Justice (GZA's son).


Shogun Assassin 
Real Name: Jamol Alexander 
Other Names: Ali Bastard, Warlord, ShoGun
Groups: Killarmy / The Orphanage
Album: N/A

Killarmy MC and Ohio native. ShoGun Assason has recently delved into production, making his debut as Producer on Shyheim's "Manchild" album with the track "Cease Fire".


Short Axe   
Real Name:
Other Names: Yukon Black
Groups: The Beggaz [Hidden Aspects]  
Album: Addictions [2006]


Shorty Shit Stain  
Real Name:
Other Names:
Groups: Brooklyn Zu / The Hunger Twins
Album: N/A

Shorty Shitstain is the cousin of Ol' Dirty Bastard, 12 O'Clock, Merdoc and Raison the Zoo Keeper. In addition to being a member if the Brooklyn Zu, he is also one half of the Hunger Twins duo with Merdoc. Shorty has appeared on various Ol' Dirty Bastard albums as well as been signed previously as a solo artist to Dirty Records. Rap fans all know Shorty as one of the most memorable artist names in the history of rap music.


Real Name: Shyheim Dionel Franklin
Other Names: Rugged Child, Micky Knos, Manchild
AKA The Rugged Child [1994];
The Lost Generation [1996];
Manchild [1999];
The Catalogue 1994 - 2004 [2004];
The Greatest Story Never Told [2004];
Disrespectfully Speaking [2009]

Solo MC better known as once being the "youngest" member of the Wu-Fam or Wu-tang baby. Shyheim's third album "Manchild", was met with label problems and was quickly withdrawn from retail sales. It was re-released a year later in Europe. Shyheim recently had a reality TV show online.


Solomon Childs  
Real Name

Other Names: Killa Bamz, S-Childs, Heroine

Groups: Ex - Theodore Unit

The Wake [2005];
Learn The Name [2006];
The Art Of Making Love And War [2007];
You Don't Want War [2008];
Castleton Ave [2009];
Wu-Tang 4 Life [2011]

King of New York EP [2001]

Solo MC and close associate of Cappadonna and Remedy. He has made numerous appearances on both of these artists' albums. he is currently a member of Ghostface's Theodore unit.


Stone Mecca   
Other Names: N/A
Status: Active
First Contact [2008]

- Trú James [Trae' Rabb]

- Corey "Sir Joseph"
- Prince Darryl [aka Danger D]
- Prince Jevon aka Squire [Jevon McGlory]
- Prince Michael [aka Branches]
- Prince Super Day [Super Day]
- Princess Adrienne aka A Dizzle [Adrienne King]
- Princess Azure [Tre Azure]
- Princess Dionna [Dionna Nichelle] aka Storm

Meccanisms [Contributors / Extended Fam]
- Allen Anthony
- Maezelle
- Salakida
- Wendy Marie

2006 addition to the Wu fam, Initially a Soul, R&B, Funk duo from L.A consisting of just Salakida and Tru James, the group has expanded into a larger unit.

Stone Mecca is now a unit consisting of different elements under the production and leadership  of
Trú James.  Group has been featured on Afro Samurai, 8 Diagrams and Bobby Digital projects.


Real Name
Other Names: Life, Street Thug, Street,
Groups: DMD Posse
Album: Method Man Presents: Street Life - Street Education [2005]

MC and close associate of the Wu-Tang Clan, most notably Method Man and Inspectah Deck. There's still a debate amongst fans on who the 10th member of Wu should be, Cappadonna, Killah Priest or Streetlife. Apparently Streetlife was around during the formation of Wu-Tang and even recorded on some of the unreleased songs but was locked up when the group starting recording towards an album.


Suga Bang Bang
Real Name
Other Names:
D.W. Soldierz
Album: Fire [2004]

Reggae artist, similar to Mighty Jarret and member of D.W. Solderz. His first single can be heard on the US release of the "Ghost Dog" soundtrack, on a track called "Don't Test/Wu Stallion". Released an exclusive EP entitled "Fire" which was only sold on shows, Very few people actually own this CD. 


Sun God
Real Name
Other Names:


Son of Ghostface Killah as introduced to the world on the album "Put It On The Line" by Ghostface and Trife Da God.


Sunz Of Man 
Other Names: Da Last Future, The Disciples, The Art Of War

United Kingdom (Population Click)

Sub Groups: Thug Vatican, Art of War, The Disciples



The Last Shall Be First [1998];
The First Testament/Elements [1999/2004];
Saviorz Day [2002];
The Old Testament [2006];

No Love Without Hate  [1995]

- Prodigal Sunn [a.k.a Prodical Son]
- Hell Razah  [a.k.a Heaven Razah]
- 60 Second Assasson 

- Killah Priest [a.k.a Massada]
- Shabazz The Disciple

- 7th Ambassador [a.k.a Zodiac Killa]

The Sun is one light, and the man stands for intelligence. The Sunz Of Man have seen a few roster changes since their interception [before Wu-Tang]. Back then the Sunz were without 60 Second Assassin, but had 7th Ambassador (aka Holy Ghost, Zodiac Killa) and Shabazz The Disciple in their ranks. It was this outfit that worked with the then Wu producer Supreme Kourt and recorded a number of tracks. Right after Wu-tang dropped 36 Chambers, Priest and Shabazz became The Disciples, another off-shot from the group was The Art Of War which was just Priest and 60 Sec, and then there was just Razah and Prodigal Sunn as Sunz Of Man. Word also had it 4th disciple was supposed to be in the group as well but had he's own group then which was Killarmy coming out, and didnt have much time to unite with the Sunz of man at that level. Their style at that time was quite similar to that of Gravediggaz, who called their "horror-core" and Sunz of man type music was called "holy-core". Shabazz, Priest, Razah, Sunzini and Kevin (RIP) had a demo deal over at Atlantic records which RZA managed to listen to around the same time he was recording albums with the Gravediggaz and quickly signed them into Wu-Tang records before Atlantic records had the chance to  and the rest was history.

Shortly after, Shabazz left the group to pursue a solo career and 7th Ambassador retired from the rap game altogether (only to appear later on Hell Razah's solo debut album).
The Sunz Of Man played a pioneering role in the formation of the (now changed) United Kingdom group, and have many close Wu affiliates including Ol' Dirty Bastard, Timbo King and Dreddy Kruger.
Due to his deals and travels, Killah Priest was absent from the group's third album "Saviorz Day". future recordings may see his return, but only time will tell. In Early 2003, Shabazz announced that he is now officially part of the Sunz Of Man. Rumours of the group recording together again has been floating around the net for a while now.


Super Day  
Real Name:
Other Names: Prince Super Day
 Stone Mecca


Tash Mahogany 
Real Name: Natasha Austin
Other Names: 
 The Orphanage

Model, actress and musician (sings and raps) who was discovered by Berretta 9 aka Kinetic Of Killarmy and featured heavily on the Orphanage project, later introduced to The RZA around the recording of "Iron flag" album. The RZA used her on the "Birth Of A Prince" album and the rest was history, Signed a production deal with the Wu and currently working on an album "Barely Legal". 


Real Name: Tekitha Washington

Other Names: Truth Equal King Islam Truth Her Allah (T.E.K.I.T.H.A.)



The Prelude EP [2010]

Duets / Group:
Earth Rising EP {With Armand Van Helden} [2003]

Female vocalist [songwriter, singer, emcee and more] who can be heard on many Wu tracks. Her first appearances were on "Wu-Tang Forever", where she had her own solo single. Tekitha was signed to RZA's "Razor Sharp" label, and later to  "Starks Enterprise. Seems to have completed her solo album Wisdom Body bag but yet to be released due the album being leaked very early during the recording process.

She is also involved in a group called Sahara with Techno/House/Dance producer Armand Van Helen  and have released a number of 12" singles as well as EP in 2003, the full album to teh EP "Earth Rising" is still unreleased to date for unknown reasons, She confirmed in an interview with Wu-International that over 20 songs were recorded within 2 weeks for the Sahara project.

Tekitha was also supposed to be involved in a project RZA was putting together for the Wu-tang like all female group of MC's and singers that never manifested. The group was called "Black Shampoo" and would have involved Blue Raspberry, Makeba Mooncycle, some members of Deadly Venoms and more.  


Thea Van Seijen
Other Name: Thea

Dutch singer from Amsterdam discovered by a friend of RZA who was trying to get her number when she was walking by RZA's studio. Went on to feature on a number of RZA produced soundtracks such as Baby boy, Afro Samurai, and Bobby Digital 3.


The Hunger Twins
Other Name
Groups: Brooklyn Zu
Status: Active

- Merdoc
- Shorty Shitstain

Sub group from Brooklyn Zu members. currently working on album.


The Strength 
Other NameDom Pachino & Shyheim
Status: Active

- Dom Pachino
- Shyheim



Theodore Unit
Other Name
Status: Active
Album: 718 [2004]

- Cappadonna
- Du-Lilz [Due-Lilz]
- Kline 
- Kryme Life
- Pretty Toney [Ghosface Killah]
- Shawn Wigs
- Sun God  
- Trife Da God  

- Solomon Childs

New group under the lead of Ghostface, all members have been down with Wu-tang somehow or someway right from the beginning. Initially Raekwon and Polite were also meant to be members of this group. Trife and Krymelife were known as T.M.F with No Smiles aka Tommy Whispers who was not included in this project as he was locked up during the formation.

Late 2006 Solomon Childs departed from the group for unknown reasons adn Ghostface introduced a new member, his son Sun God as a member of the group.


T.H.U.G. Angelz
Other Name

Status: Active

Welcome To Red Hook Houses [2008]

- Hell Razah As El Raziel
- Shabazz The Disciple As Seraphim

New group formation from Sunz Of Man's veterans. T.H.U.G stands for Those Humbled Under God as well as Those Who Understood God.


Thug Vatican 
Other Name

Status: Active


- Hell Razah
- Killah Priest

Updated by Hell Razah, a new group with Priest with an album complete called Nation of Isreal.


Timbo King 
Real Name: Timothy Drayton

Other Names: Bo King, King Tymel, Timbuktu

Groups: Royal Fam / Maccabeez / Black Market Militia / United Kingdom aka Population Click

From Babylon To Timbuk2 [2011];

Group Album / Duets:
United We Slam EP [1994];

Lead rapper for Royal Fam and a prominent representative of the United Kingdom. Worked with producer Spark 950 to release the EP "United We Slam" in 1994 and a number of singles.
Numerous Royal Fam singles are purely Timbo King solos. Timbo has made many Wu-Tang album appearances including "Beneath The Surface", "RZA As Bobby Digital" and "The Yin And The Yang", Swarm & Sting and so on. Recently teamed up with Killah Priest & Hell Razah as Maccabeez, and has introduced he's new group 56 Platoon in 2005, and features some old members from Royal Fam.
He is currently working on a number of solo albums and looking for the right deal to released them via he's own label Fortknox.


Tommy Whispers   
Real Name:   
Other Names: No Smiles, Tom Hawkes
Groups: T.M.F. / Theodore Unit / H.K. / Loudmoufs



Too Poetic [R.I.P]
Real Name: Anthony Berkeley

Other Names: Poetic, Grym Reaper, Tony Titanium

Groups: Gravediggaz / *The Love Brothers / *Almighty Force / Brothers Grym

Droppin' Signal [1989]

Poetic formed his first hip-hop group, Brothers Grym with younger siblings Brainstorm and E Sharp in 1989. Sharp handled some of the production duties, while Poetic and Brainstorm provided vocals. They created a buzz for themselves on the underground with their first official demo, which included notable cuts like “Circle-Circle-Dot-Dot” and “GRYMnastics.” Just when the group was close to landing a record deal, Brainstorm surprisingly decided to quit rap altogether and forced Poetic to pursue a solo career.

Poetic pursued his solo career with 2 DJs, DJ Kaos and Woody Wood to become known as Too poetic as in two DJs, and Poetic.  He released a solo 12-inch single, Poetical Terror/God Made Me Funky, in 1989 on Tommy Boy/Warner Bros. However, his deal with Tommy Boy fell through before the release of his first album "Droppin Signal", and Poetic fell on hard times, including a period of homelessness.

Grym Reaper (with Grym, an acronym for Ghetto-Repaired Young Mind, also referring back to his first group) was the name he adopted and used mainly when he joined Gravediggaz with The RZA, Prince Paul and Frukwan.

Poetic died in 2001 of colon cancer. The Tommy Boy records completed album was later leaked for free as a download in January 2010 by DJ Kaos.


Tru James   
Real Name:   
Other Names: Trae' James, Trae' Rabb
Groups: Stone Mecca
Album: Salakida [Songs From Stone Mecca... And Beyond] [2005]

Producer of Stone Mecca.


Trife Diesel  
Real Name: Theodore Bailey  

Other Names: Big Tariff, Trilogy, Trife Da God, Trife, New York's Backbone

Groups: T.M.F. / Theodore Unit

Better Late Than Never [2009]

Album Duets:
Put It On The Line {With Ghostface Killah} [2005]

Close friend and protégé of Ghostface.


T.M.F. [Truth Means Facts]
Other Name: The Money First, The Most Feared, The Malicious Force, Three Mic Fighters
Status: Active

- Trife [aka Trife Da God]
- No Smiles [aka Tommy Whispers]
- Crime Life [Kryme Life]

TMF are signed to Ghostface Killah's "Starks Enterprise" label. They were heard in the background on "Supreme Clientele", and have made cameos on Shyheim's "Manchild" album and Pop Da Brown Hornet's "The Undaground Emperor", plus 9th prince's and Dom Pachino's solo albums. Crimelife and Trife are now members of Theodore unit.


Real Name: Thomas Cassidy 
Other Names: Big Trigga, Triggnomm
Groups: The Gunslinguz / M.M.O.

Album: N/A

Solo MC and lead member of the group M.M.O. Trigga's first single was "New York Carjack" b/w "No Tomorrow". One time member of the Gunslinguz.


United Kingdom [Population Click]
Other Name: Population Click, U.K.
Status: Inactive

- Black Rose Kartel
- Brooklyn Body Snatchas
- Brooklyn Zoo
- C.O.I.N.S [aka Ancient Coin]
- Killarmy
- Makeba Mooncycle
- Royal Fam
- Sunz Of Man

Should be called Wu-tang killa bees to make it all simple. Originally known as Population Click (with a very large contingent of MC's) Perhaps the most mysterious aspect of this group are its members. Strangely a number of Wu groups all claim UK, and their are not exactly same Click, there is the first known group which is also known as Population Click and claimed by the Sunz Of Man, Royal fam and so on and there's the other UK as claimed by Popa Wu, Division and so on. They may or may not be the same group, but both groups have worked within themselves respectively and the former claims Population click while the others only Claim UK. Brooklyn Zoo seems to be the only tie or connection to both groups

They was a group from Africa and was cited as being part of United Kingdom by Makeba Mooncycle during an interview. Rumours once suggested that the group were working on an album called "The Collision". UK's first single was "Wake Up" b/w "Soldiers of Darkness" (these later became Killarmy and Sunz Of Man singles).

Based off research and interviews, the most common summery of this collective and its history is that Sunz of Man, Royal Fam and Killarmy were initially collaborating between each other and started calling themselves U.K, the single Wake up is a testament to this. The collective grew larger with time and the likes of Ancient Coins, Brooklyn Zu and Black Rose Kartel all entered the fold, all reppin it and collaborating with each other especially on projects like the Undapendant compilation singe "United Kings" as well as other projects in Europe. The collective never really released anything together to date and as time have gone on each member hardly talk about this collective anymore.


United Kingdom
Other Name: U.K.
Status: Inactive

- Ace Council
- Allah Real
- C.C. F Division
- Brooklyn Zu
- Don Chulo  
- Dungeon Master 
- I-Born
- Kendra aka Johnnie Mae 
- Lady Raw
- Laquan
- Laza-Life
- Popa Wu
- Pee Frois
- Suga Bang Bang
- Ty-Jigs
- The Manchuz
- Zu Ninjaz

The second formation of United Kingdom, slightly different from from Population click in terms of affiliation and claim. Popa Wu's is responsible for the formation of this new UK group. A lot of speculation has taken place as to who exactly is part of this group. , but their present roster is still unclear. The most conclusive one to date lists these groups (in capitals) and solo members in small letters: Ace Council, Allah Real,  BROOKLYN ZU, CUFFIE CRIME FAMILY [now DIVISION], Don Chulo, Duck Low, Dungeon Masta, I Born, Kendra, Laquan, Lady Raw, Laza-Life, THE MANCHUZ, Nikki, Popa Wu, PEE FROIS, Pyzone, ROYAL FAM, Suga Bang Bang, SUNZ OF MAN, Ty-Jigs, and ZU NINJAZ. The group have released only a handful of tracks under the name United Kingdom, and their only Wu album appearance was on Popa Wu's solo offerings. Not all the UK members may be Wu affiliates. PEE FROIS may be just one example.

The retail release of Popa Wu's "10th Chamber" listed the United Kingdom as only 3 members: I Born, Laza-Life and Dungeon Masta. This is likely to be the new outfit for this group.


Real Name: Anthony Creston Brown

Other Names: Holocaust, Architect, Dr. Killgrave, Mr. Appleby, Alcatraz, Dr. Warcloud, Trembling Eagle, Frank Holocaustal, Da Holocaust, Robot Tank, Tank The Drugstore Cowboy

Groups: Black Knights / Westcoast Killa Beez / American Poets / Da Monsta Mob

As Alcatraz: The Jigsaw Puzzle [2001];
Nightmares That Surface From The Shallow Sleep [2002];
Smuggling Booze In The Graveyard [2002];

Nightmares Resurface EP [2008]

Group Album / Duets:
Pro's Laboratory {The Professional & Warcloud} [2004];
The Holocaust {Blue Sky Black Death & Holocaust} [2006];
The Professional & Warcloud Collabo Archives Vol. 1  {The Professional & Warcloud} [2008];
The Professional & Warcloud Collabo Archives Vol. 2  {The Professional & Warcloud} [2008];
Theatre Of Pain {American Poets 2099} [2010]; 
American Poets 2099 {American Poets 2099} [2010];
Warghost {Bomshot & Holocaust} [2010]

Former Black Knights MC, popular for his ultra-detailed multi-layered poetry, and correct english pronounciations. Has a limp in his walk due to truck accident many years ago during a lone visit to Japan.

Warcloud has become the subject of much recent debate due to the sudden change in his rhyme style. Although his lyrics are still largely "multi-layered and ultra-detailed", his execution is far more off-beat. This is often referred to as a "free verse pattern" where rhyming is unnecessary and mostly sporadic. In his own words, he names this new rhyme style as "Mixed Forest Zone", whereas his old style was referred to as "Old Jail Pyjama Room". RZA once described Warcloud as crazy and constantly rapping non-stop. 
Fans will also note that Warcloud's lyrics are now littered with an increasing use of cliches, metaphors and references to food, nursery rhymes, fables and other classic tales. Changed his name from Holocaust to avoid any negative backlash from the Jewish community.

2006 Warcloud resurfaced and reclaimed his name as Da Holocaust and working a number of projects. Said to have completed "The Jigsaw Puzzle" some years back but not looking to release it anytime soon.


West Coast Killa Beez
Other Name: K.B.G [Killa Bee Gang],
Status: Active

- Black Knights [Crisis, Monk]
- Northstar [Meko, Christbearer]
- Warcloud

- Black Techs
 [P-Nuts, Pimp Nasty, Sleep, Big Nut]
- City Officials [
- Dexter Wiggle [Gangsta Wiggles]
- Eternal

- G-Twin  
- Maddam Scheez
- P. Dot C. Period
- Pesha / Falwless [aka The first Lady of Black Ball]
- Sandman 
- The Commitee aka Homicidal Commitee [Crisis, Monk, Arsonist, Arsenal, Big Supa]
- The Indovizualz  [Legend, Itchy Palmz, Poison Ivy]

- 6 Mil
- Dionna Nichelle [aka Storm]
- Yellow Jackets [Armel The Great, Blaqtoven, Christbearer, Cognac, Esun Mcgraw, General Jihad, Iceman, Meko, Ramith, Short Dawg, Spacemen, Young Roscoe]

Westcoast Killa Beez are literally Black Knights and Northstar. However Black Knights have brought their affiliates to the table, and named themselves Westcoast Killa Beez or rather Killa Bee Gang.  A number of West coast solo artists such as Maddam Scheez also use this name or affiliation even though the name is not a group on its own, its a term used to refer to the west coast Wu-tang affiliates especially as they are quite few in number compared to the east coast.

The Westcoast Killa beez are mostely protégés of Black Knights, and first introduced to the world on  "Every Night Is A Black Knight" album, The full list of the group is still not clear, P-Nut is a member of The black Techs, and D. Nichelle is also a member of Stone Mecca. There are groups and solo members within WCKB. 6 Mil seems to be responsible for most of the production, and has worked with the likes of U-God and so on.  Some of the groups have remained active and others not so active.

Killa Bee Gang is a sub-group of the wider Westcoast Killa Beez, KBG are basically those who are affiliated or came in through Black Knights, which rules out the likes of Maddam Scheez, City Officials who came in through Northstar,  P. Dot and so on.

Wu Latino
Other Names:  Wu-Tang Latino

Status: Active

La Familia [2008]

- Fly & Polzino
- Gab Gotcha
- Mangani [Ouija Da Wicked One]
- Nueva Era

Wu Latino DJ Squad [The NeedleBreakers]
- DJ Director
- DJ Tito

2005 addition to the wu-tang family by The RZA. It is a fusion of hip-hop and reggaeton. Rameses is a producer as well as an artist.  Group of emcees solo and groups as well as a DJ roster. DJTito is Mangani's brother. Gab Gotcha was added to the collective in 2010.

See Wu-Tang Latino Page


Other Names: The Syndicate, Crime Syndicate


Status: Active

Myalansky & Joe Mafia: Wu-Syndicate [1999];
GrimLenz [2009]

- Joe Mafia
- Myalansky

- Napolean

Originally named Crime Syndicate, the group briefly became Wu-Syndicate and comprised of Joe Mafia, Myalansky, and Napolean. Their debut album came out jointly on "Wu-Tang Records" and their own "Slot Time Records". But not long after this, there were reports of a fallout between the group (and one of the main producers, E The Dred) with "Wu-Tang Records" which forced them into another label contract.

The group changed its name to The Syndicate after falling out with the management but reclaimed it again around 2008 and there are talks within the camp of doing more work with The RZA and Divine again. 

The current roster of the group is just Mya and Mafia due to a public fall our with Mya and Napoleon. Joe Mafia still collaborates with Napoleon to date.


Wu-Tang Clan
Other Name: Deep Space Nine, 9 Generals  
Status: Active
Album: Unreleased Demo Tape; Enter The Wu-Tang [36 Chambers] [1993];London Freestyle Session: Live At UK Radio 1994 [1994]; Wu-Tang Forever [1997], The W [2000]; Iron Flag [2001]; The Disciples Of The 36 Chambers: Chapter 1 [2004]; Legends Of The Wu-Tang [2004]; 8 Diagrams [2007]

- Genius/GZA
- Ghostface Killah
- Inspectah Deck
- Masta Killa
- Method Man
- Ol' Dirty Basta [R.I.P]

- Raekwon
- The RZA
- U-God
- Cappadonna

The core of the entire Wu-Tang universe. Originally made up of 8 core members, but are now 9 strong - with members Ghostface Killah, GZA/Genius, Inspectah Deck, Masta Killa, Method Man, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Raekwon, The RZA, and U-God. Their history and achievements are now infamous. The Clan's influence on hip hop is one of the defining moments in the genre's history and their music style is still imitated today. The 10th official or unofficial member is was  Cappadonna, due to him not being around when the group was formed but in 2007 was officially declared a member of the group before the release of 8 diagrams. La The Darkman has called himself the 11th member on tracks, and fans have debated between Killah Priest and Streetlife.

The name comes from a mythical sword of Chinese folklore, supposedly wielded by a group of legendary warriors and also stands for W.isdom of the U.niverse and the T.ruth of A.llah for the N.ations of the G.ods.


Young Dirty Bastard
See Boy Jones


Young Justice
Real Name:  
Other Names: Justice / Justice Kareem
Albums: N/A  

Son of GZA/Genius and is probably one of the youngest member in the Clan family tree right now, released a remix of Killa Hill which was originally done by he's father. Signed under GZA entertainment and hoping to drop an album. He has gone on to feature on Lord Jamar's (Brand Nubian) and 2 of Masta Killa's albums alongside other young guns such as the sons of Masta Killa, Divine and Ol; Dirty Bastard.

Young Prince
Real Name:  
Other Names:
Albums: N/A

Wu-Tang's next generation, Young Prince is the son of Power, and was introduced on Masta Killa's Made In Brooklyn album along side Young Justice (GZA's son) and Shamel Irief (Masta Killa's son)


Zoo Keeper
See Raison The Zoo Keeper





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