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[Posted 21st. December. 2011]

Bronze Nazareth - Book of Rhymes from Selected Songs off School For The Blindman

Fresh from the Morgue Lyrics Gomorrah Lyrics  Reggie Alternate Ending Lyrics 1   Reggie Verse 1 Lyrics The Letter Lyrics  The Road Lyrics 

 Bronze Nazareth's Book of Rhymes from School of the Blindman session

[Posted 21st. December. 2011]

Intell - I'm Not Famous (Yet)   

I am not famous

This Mixtape is Dedicated To Everybody That Feels Like They Need To Attack Me, Guess What i'm Not famous yet, I Put in Alotta Work On This One, Shout out To Alll The Producers And All The Artist i Collaborated With, Download and Enjoy follow @iNTeLL



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[Posted 01st. December. 2011]

Raekwon X Andrew Kelley - Dope On Table EP   


Beatsmith and A&R Andrew Kelley has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners Dope on the Table, an exclusive collection of remixed cuts by Raekwon the Chef.

Originally conceived as a mixtape project in conjunction with the Wu-Tang spitter’s management, but never completed (read the full story at Kelley’s Tumblr), the set has been resurrected in the form of a Booth-exclusive, seven-track EP. Included on the tracklist is Kelley’s reader-approved reinterpretation of Chamber Music inclusion “Ill Figures.”

Kelley provides all production throughout the project, which features guest appearances from Big L, M.O.P., Kool G Rap, Notorious B.I.G., Ghostface Killah, Sean Price, Pusha T, Littles, Fabolous and Big Boi.

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[Posted 28th. November. 2011]

LA The Darkman - Still L.A.D.  

LA the Darkman

Another Mixtape from the Darkman

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[Posted 25th. November. 2011]

LA The Darkman - Midwest Kush: Pyrex Edition  


New mixtape from L.A.D aka LA The Darkman hosted by DJ Moon Dawg & DJ Head Debiase

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[Posted 23rd. November. 2011]

The RZA - WuWednesday >Reverend William Burks - Anotha  Moment in Chuuch

Another exclusice, 2 songs in one from Rev. William Burks aka Lil Chuuch

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Reverend William Burks

[Posted 21st. November. 2011]

Sun God - Homicide Housing

Sun God

New Exclusive from son of Ghostface Kilah.

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Posted 17th. November. 2011]

Kryme Life (TMF/HK) - The Fashion Underground Edition


New Exclusive From HK and TMF's Krymelife, The New Hype from Staten Island

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[Posted 11th. November. 2011]

Hawk & Kryme (TMF) - Hunt'n Kanagaroos Vol. 1 


New Exclusive From HK (Hawk & Kryme) The New Hype from Staten Island

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[Posted 31st. October. 2011]

The RZA - WuWednesday >Keith Robinson - My Hustle


[Posted 31st. October. 2011]

Gravediggaz - The House That Hatred Buit (Unreleased Gravediggaz demo 92)


This is the First song we recorded as the Gravediggaz in 92" . It was the intro to our demo and it was actually recorded the day I introduced these guys to each other at my house . This track never made the album but It was one of my favorite productions. This was the track that started it all .. RIP Poetic . Enjoy

- DJ Prince Paul





[Posted 31st. October. 2011]

Hell Razah & Krohme - The Truth Is Scary


Released on Halloween, we present 'The Truth is Scary,' a track off of the forthcoming Krohme Razahs LP, a collaboration between Heaven Razah and Krohme. The Truth is Scary begins with a spoken word piece performed by Razah and then kicks into a dark, savage beat with Krohme taking the concept and running away with it.

You can stream the track here:


 but we also encourage you to spend the $1 and support Razah and his family. 



 [Posted 27th. October. 2011]

The RZA - WuWednesday >Reverend William Burks - A moment in Chuuch

Showcasing Lil Chuuuch's versatility, 3 songs in one featuring RZA, Kinetic and Dexter Wiggle on the first song.


Revernd William Burks

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[Posted 27th. October. 2011]

Black Knights - Fallen Angles  

Black Knights

Wu Music Group and The RZA presents Black Knights single "Fallen Angles" featuring the late Doc Doom, with Crisis The Sharp Shooter and Rugged Monk.




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[Posted 24th. October. 2011]

4th Disciple Sound Kit V. 1 Beta Free Download  

4th Disciple

Download the 4th Disciple Sound kit v1 beta version for free now to be used with Propellerheads Reason software. Please support by downloading from here, or by sharing the download link instead of sharing the files directly. Thank you.



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[Posted 20th. October. 2011]

Kevlaar 7 - Redux On The Board




FREE DOWNLOAD, Featuring Kevlaar’s gritty version of Jay Z’s “Success” Feat. Nas!


Download it for FREE now on bandcamp.com (http://kevlaar7.bandcamp.com/album/redux-on-the-boards)

Kevlaar 7, of Detroit Hip-Hop Collective TheWisemen, is proud to present his remix EP: “Redux on the boards”, a follow up to Kevlaar’s 2011 EP, “Who got the camera?”. Featuring refreshing, neck snapping soundscape’s, with fresh breaks, & crisp snares, complementing Kevlaar’s ill, & outside of the box choice of emcees to lend a fresh sound underneath.
Prominent emcees that were remixed for this album ar Royce da 5’9, Nas, Ghostface killah, Raekwon, Jay-Z, Joell Ortiz, Goodie Mob, Outkast, and even a remix joint of his own.
Grab the album now, and join Kevlaar 7 for another tour of where hip hop resides!bout to be featured on the network TV show ‘The Marriage Ref’ on ABC networks.

[Posted 12th. September. 2011]

Menace Obez - One Body Night Cap Free Download


"I did alot of studying Wu-tang's Masterkiller and the late but great my mentor and Big Brother Old Dirty Bastard".
For those unfamiliar, Menace OBEZ has been down with Ol’ Dirty Bastard from the start, and besides being his God Brother,
performed, recorded and learned the art of Hip-Hop under him. For years O.D.B.’s right-hand man Buddha Monk,
and countless other of his Brooklyn Zu compadres tried to convince Menace OBEZ to put out his own album or mixtape,
and finally, in cooperation with Chambermusik, he has finally done so.
Find out the inside scoop one of Hip-Hop’s most legendary talents, known for tearing down at countless stages where Rap Music can be heard.
Featured on this street tape are Ol'Dirty Bastard, Buddha Monk (Brooklyn Zu) and Menace OBEZ’s own crew Onebody Ent.
This album was produced by Manifestbeatz & Dynasupreme (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Also, Menace is about to be featured on the network TV show ‘The Marriage Ref’ on ABC networks.


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[Posted 26th. August. 2011]

Napoleon (Wu-Syndicate) - The Best of Napoleon Free Download

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[Posted 23rd. August. 2011]

Gab Gotcha - El Otro Lando (The Other Side)  Free Download

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[Posted 23rd. August. 2011]

M-Eighty Presents: On Deck - The Mixtape Vol. 1 Free Download

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[Posted 17th. August. 2011]

Baby Thad (American Cream Team) - New Jack City Mixtape Free Download

Coming straight out Harlem, NY with his new mixtape release NEW JACK CITY features by GENERAL, AHK 2G's, CITA MONROW, 9 MILLY & many more!


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[Posted 16th. August. 2011]

Wu-Tang Vs. Jimi Hendrix - Black Gold Free Download

How can rock be dead if Hendrix is forever? Peace to Tom Caruana for doubling up on his Beatles/Wu-Tang project and dropping yet another mash-up monstrosity to bridge the gap between the Wu-heads and the baby boomers. Turn it up!!







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[Posted 08th. August. 2011]

Heaven Razah Ft. Ghetto Government - The Family Guy Mixtape Free Download


Props: Wu-Tang Management
Mixed by Dj Calculus




01. Razah Intro
2. The Invasion ft. Twin
3. Welcome To Red Hook Houses ft. Twin
4. Verbal Fire
5. Lock 'n Load ft. Natural
6. BK To Paris ft. 7th Ambassador
7. Angel Prayers ft. Automatik
8. New Millenium Child 2 ft. Ermaine
9. In Da Streets vs Industry
10. Salute ft. Kappo
11. Lost Ones Freestyle
12. 718 ft. Cypha
13. Brooklyn Baby ft. Kappo (Prod. by Ayatollah)
14. Dead Presidents ft. Kappo
15. B.I.G. Monstarr ft. Timbo King
16. Angel Tearz
17. We From The Hook Son ft. Shabazz The Disciple
18. Exclusive Ghetto Government
19. Rocketeer ft. Kappo
20. Pass The Halo ft. TrayBag
21. Still In My Heart
22. Bomb Threats ft. Natural
23. Monster ft. Kappo
24. Lights Out ft. Kappo & Traybag
25. Outta Space Flow ft. Kappo & Young Vet
26. Yonkers ft. Kappo
27. Stress ft. Kappo
28. Juice ft. Kappo
29. Brooklyn Swagg ft. Kappo & Young Vet
30. Razah Outro


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[Posted 25th. July. 2011]

Prodigal Sunn - Prodgial Sunn Meets DJ Premier Mixtape [Free Download]










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[Posted 22nd. July. 2011]

Juleunique - 37th Chamber: Return of Neptunes Spear (Hosted by Killah Priest)
[Free Download]

1) 37TH CHAMBER (INTRO) FEAT Killah Priest (exclusive)
2) Embargo
3) Neptune Spear
4) America
5) Sword Stlye
6) Interlude (Divine Universal)
7) Freedom feat Makeba
8) Guilty (exclusive)
9) Pyrex
10) 100 bricks
11) Interlude (Tony)
12) H20
13) Ox (exclusive)
14) Gold chain feat Killer ben, Sav kills, Killa kali,Turbin
15) Sometimez
16) Rainy days
17) Golden age Feat Gizzela (exclusive)
18) (Interlude) M.C.F
19) 4 Walls (exclusive)
20) Bullet proff
21) Killah Preist (shout out)

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[Posted 20th. July. 2011]

Myalansky (Wu Syndicate) - AMW.Com Vol. 1 Free Mixtape Download

01: AMW.com
02: Ill Niggaz
03: Layin
04: Money Talk
05: V.A. Day
06: Take Your Pick
07: Stupid ft. Joe Mafia
08: I'm Back ft. Ocho
09: Zero
10: He's A Criminal ft. Omega
11: Hard Dick
12: The Bizniz
13: Tote Gunz ft. NLZ



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[Posted 14th. July. 2011]

WuGazi: 13 Chamber

Wugazi is a labor of love by Cecil Otter & Swiss Andy. A year’s worth of cutting up every imaginable Fugazi record and trying out every Wu-Tang accapella they could get their hands on, resulted in Wugazi: 13 Chambers (a must listen for anyone who even looked at a skateboard in the 90’s).

Cecil Otter is an emcee & producer, and one of the founding members of Doomtree. He has contributed to over a dozen records. His most recent full-length, Rebel Yellow, was re-released by Sage Francis for Strange Famous Records. He’s now recording his solo project, Porcelain Revolver.

Swiss Andy is a musician & producer residing in Minneapolis. He has been a contributor to several bands including The Millionth Word, Field Guide and The Swiss Army. He is currently working on a remix of Rebel Yellow.

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[Posted 13th. July. 2011]

The RZA - WuWednesday > Evil Deeds ft. Ghostface Killah & Havoc

Here is a track off the first Chamber Music, “Evil Deeds”

Be ready: Chamber Music Part 2 Legendary Weapons is comin soon!  BONG BONG!
- The RZA

“Let a man avoid evil deeds as a man who loves life avoids poison.”
- Buddha





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[Posted 13th. July. 2011]


Released in July 2011, Ghostfunk pairs Wu-Tang member Ghostface Killah, with vintage African funk, high-life, and psychedelic rock music. Artwork by Joe Dichiara.








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[Posted 12th. July. 2011]

Bronze Nazareth ft. The RZA - Fresh From The Morgue

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[Posted 07th. July. 2011]

The RZA - WuWednesday > Operator ft. Kool G. Rap & Kosher Dillz

Here's a demo of a song we made about a year and a half ago at my East Coast studio 36 East. It's featuring Kosher Dillz one of the rawest Jewish kids I know proving again that hip hop comes in all shapes, sizes, forms and races... I thought I'd show him some love. The very special guest featured on this track is one of the illest of all time Kool G. Rap
- The RZA

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress."
- F. Douglass.




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[Posted 30th. June. 2011]

The RZA - WuWednesday > Achozen - Soul Trigger (Demo)

This is a demo version pulled from the archives of the song "Soul Trigger" off the unreleased Achozen album featuring Reverend William Burks aka Lil Chuuch and The RZA, Bong!
- The RZA

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress."
- F. Douglass.





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[Posted 23rd. June. 2011]

The RZA - WuWednesday > Robbery ft. Reverend William Burks

Here a classic hip-hop song from deep in the archives featuring The RZA and Lil Chuuuch done a few years ago and born to remind people of genuine vintage hip-hop in celebration of Black Music Month....

 "Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny." Bob Marley







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[Posted 21st. June. 2011]

LA The Darkman - Living Notoriously Part 2 

LÀ The Darkman is back with the sequel to his ‘Living Notoriously’ mixtape. Part 2 features Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Bun B, Tony Yayo and LAD’s brother Willie The Kid on 3 tracks. Download it here for free!







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[Posted 18th. April. 2011]

Shaolin Jazz - The 37th Chamber


Hip-hop and Jazz. Both musical forms have a legacy in American music history, and are musical and spiritual cousins.

Both musical forms were outlets for African American creative expression, and both jazz and hip-hop continue to have a rich musical relationship. From the Lost Poets to Guru’s Jazzmatazz.

After two successful listening parties in both New York and DC, Shaolin Jazz is finally here. The project was inspired by Logan Walters’ Wu Tang Album Covers project, which combined the Wu with the classic and iconic style of Blue Note jazz album covers. However, although there were images, there was no music. Until now. The project, conceived by Washington, DC’s Gerald Watson and 2-Tone Jones, combines classic Jazz masters with the voices of Staten Island’s most famous collective.

The result is one of the most interesting concepts I’ve seen in a while, executed to perfection, and the best guess of what it would sound like if the Wu took a time machine to the past.

Check it.
Free Download


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[Posted 15th. April. 2011]

Mensrea Records: Cage Vs Cons Soundtrack

Featured on this cd is E40, Psycho Realm, B-Real of Cypress Hill, Tha Dogg Pound, Too Short, Kool Keith, Killah Priest (Wu Tang), Shabazz the Disciple (Gravediggaz), Butcher Shop, Ras Kass, Buc Fifty, Big Twins of Infamous Mobb (Mobb Deep), Tragedy Khadafi, Zodiak, Agallah, Noname, and Strae Dog all doing Cage Vs Cons/ Felony Fights anthems! The most ultraviolent soundtrack ever! Produced by Daniel "Zodiak" Laughlin & Michael "Solo" Lynch.
Free Download


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[Posted 08th. April. 2011]

BP Presents... Stoneface


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[Posted 31st. March. 2011]

Yellow Jackets - West Coast Killa Beez


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[Posted 21st. March. 2011]

Timbo King - The Grind Wave











Timbo King - The Grind Wave - mixtape hosted by DJ J-Ronin - Download here

1. Intro W/ Dj J-Ronin
2. Wardance Prod. By Vinny Idol
3. Grind Wave
4. The Alliance Ft. Math Hoffa Prod. By Terminal 3
5. G Shock
6. Monstar Prod. By Tye Stick
7. Already Home Freestyle Ft. Sha Smith And Chryst Pick
8. D-Rec And Timbo King – Hot Sauce Prod. By D-Rec
9. B.I.G. (Buzz So Big) Prod. By Tye Stick
10. 80s 90s Millies
11. Black Market Family (Bmf)
12. Turkey
13. Roll Up The Next One Ft. Dollamentary
14. Intermission W/ Dj J-Ronin
15. The Way Prod. By Dev 1 (Snippet Off “From Babylon To Timbuktu” Album)
16. Hell Razah Ft. Timbo King And Darnell Mcclain – Heaven On Earth Prod. By Blastah Beatz
17. Prototype
18. Brain Food Ft. Keesha Prod. By Akir
19. Taking It To The Streets Ft. Moty And Cali Budd Prod. By Check Tye
20. Million Dollar Plan Ft. Baron Hilman Aka Beazy, Timbo King, Moty Tha Drama Green Giant, Tornado, Gel (Ugk Records), Cali Budd And Shileds
21. B.I.G. (Buzz So Big) Remix Introducing Dollarmentary Prod. By Tye Stick
22. Spotlite Prod. By Squeeze
23. Background Check Ft. Dollamentary
24. Come Wit Me Prod. By Isreal
25. I’m Never Bored
26. Get Well Hell Razah
27. Outro W/ Dj J-Ronin

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[Posted 02nd. March. 2011]

Willy Cold & White Lotus - Ice Sickles


01 - Weather Man Intro (Cuts By Ambideckstress)
02 - Bin A Long Time (Cuts By Jimmi Riggz)
03 - Dim Mak/The Touch Of Death
04 - Militant Blade Ft. Udi The Erratic Assassin
05 - What Ya Life Like (Prod. By Silent Swordsman)
06 - Dream State Ft. Mosaic (Prod By Six Fire)
07 - Great Chiefs
08 - Book Of Blood
09 - A Cold War
10 - Wing Man (Cuts By Jimmi Riggz)
11 - Funny Style Ft. inFOE
12 - Matlocked
13 - The Cold Front
14 - Dime A Dozen
15 - Who You Foolin Ft. Nebula
16 - Outro & Art-Illary Throw Back


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[Posted 16th. February. 2011]

Kinetic (Killarmy) - Armory

Kinetic 9 aka Berretta 9 is a member of the incredibly artistic group KILLARMY, an affiliation of the legendary group WU TANG CLAN. He is a gifted, talented MC originally from Steubenville Ohio. 4 Disciple, another Ohio native & the group producer of Wu Tang Clan introduced Kinetic to the group. Through hard work and determination, they became one of the earliest and successful groups that emerged out of the Wu Tang camp in the early 90’s. They went on to record three successful albums “Silent weapon, for Silent war” (1997), Dirty weapon for Dirty war (1999) and their last one, Fear, Love and War on the (2001).

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[Posted 09th. February. 2011]

INTell - Just For The Record EP

The Most Talented Underground Artist From Shaolin Linked Up Wit The BK Producer (Raw) Effort To Make This Classic EP Recorded & Mixed By Spit Sparka




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[Posted 09th. February. 2011]

INTell - Swagg-A-Nomics: 101

iNTeLL Hitten you with His 2nD Mixtape oF The Summer last year! Use This as A Guide To Hard Lyrics And Being SWaGGeD Out !




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[Posted 09th. February. 2011]

INTell - Pirated Music 

Some Versus i Pirated oFF Of OTher Peoples Trax.....
- INTell




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[Posted 09th. February. 2011]

INTell - Hip Hop & HeartBreak

I Jus Had To Get Some Shit oFF My Chess....
- INTell





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[Posted 09th. February. 2011]

INTell - S.A.R.S

Sick Ass Rapper Spitten Some Amazin Rap Styles Stay Alert Refuse Some Seriously Ass Rappers Speakin Still Alotta Rappers Suck





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[Posted 31st. January. 2011]

Prodigal Sunn - The Best Of Prodigal Sunn











1. Killa Bee Intro
2. Next Up
3. Not Promised Tomorrow
4. Whatever
5. We Get By
6. Words From Prodigal Sunn
7. No Love Without Hate
8. Love Ain't No Stranger
9. They Don't Want It
10. Rough Cut - Armel the Great, Prodigal Sunn, GZA
11. Same Ole Girl
12. Street Chemistry - Ghostface Killah, Prodigal Sunn
13. Illusions
14. Natural High
15. Cold
16. Do My Thang
17. Ghetto Man
18. Black and White
19. Hood Chronicles
20. Moan
21. Sunzini – Prodigal Sunn, J. Wells
22. Unstoppable Threats
23. Feel Like an Enemy - GZA, Hell Razah, Killah Priest, Prodigal Sunn & Trigga
24. Prodigal Interlude
25. Banksta
26. I Ain't Tryin to Hear It
27. Slow Blues
28. Written in Blood
29. Do U
30. Cake Freestyle
31. How Does it Feel (Robbery)
32. For the Lust of Money/The Grandz
33. Inmates to the Fire
34. The Battle
35. Deadly Blades - Planet Asia, Prodigal Sunn & Tri State
36. Ghettio
37. House of Blues
38. Prodigal Sunn Outro

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[Posted 28th. January. 2011]

Click Animosity Charred Remnants EP

Click Animosity is Gage , Trust aka Tizmoe & Evil Dead's Rheto (Short for Rhetoric). Their debut cd "Feeders Of The Flamez" was met with critical acclaim and open arms by those aware and lucky enough to hear it. That album is still available on itunes , amazon and ughh.com etc and Features the likes of Shabazz The Disciple , Craig G , Holocaust , Ripshop , Lord Superb , Slaine from LCN and many others. "Charred Remnants Ep" is a short list of tracks that were either removed from Feeders Of The Flamez due to time constraint or just "did't fit" concept wise. These tracks are for the same heads who supported Click Animosity and continue to do so. We hope you enjoy the "Charred Remnants" left behind by the " Feeders Of the Flamez" aka Click Animosity while we gear up to launch solo projects and an official 2nd Lp.

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[Posted 24th. January. 2011]

Thea Van Seijen ft. Paul - Dead Inside

New song from Thea featuring Paul Future and produced by Green Anomynous.





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[Posted 11th. January. 2011]

LA The Darkman - Embassy Invasion [Presented By DJ Green Lantern] 


17.FUCK A 9 to 5 ft 38 SPECIAL

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[Posted 10th. January. 2011]

Amos The Ancient Prophet - The Collabos Vol. 2


01 Corinthians ft. WarGhosts (Bomshot & Holocaust)
02 Losin My Grip ft. Unknown, Eternel & Lord Lhus
03 Lament Configuration ft. Beretta 9, Sinister Stricken & Sick Since
04 Dark Seed of Evil ft. Explicito & Jotaka
05 The Condemned ft. Fatah Death & Calico
06 Evolve or Die ft. Destiny Lab
07 The 7-Fold Ray ft. Riishii G7
08 Legacy of Sorrow ft. Poetic Death
09 Triumph & Tragedy ft. Timbo King, Sinister Stricken & Solomon Childs
10 Blood Angels ft. SE7ENSANDMAN & Tesla's Ghost
11 Saturn Day ft. Son of Saturn
12 Moondance ft. Seraph Guard, Dictator & White Lotus
13 Hell Ya Facin ft. Icabod Chang, Animal Cracker, Manorizm & Vital
14 Tears of Blood ft. Powder, Mark Deez, Lord Lhus & Dr. iLL
15 Veil of Forgotten Kings ft. Show Divine
16 Witch Hunters ft. Vega X
17 The Brotherhood of Death ft. Sick Since, Sinister Stricken & Atmadrugs

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[Posted 06th. January. 2011]

JuleUnique - Soul'd Out


JuleUnique as promised drops another free mixtape for the fans. More like a street album, this mixtape host original soulful beats produced entirely by Beatzilla. This album is something up the Wu alley as the beats, track concepts is something the fans especially the Wu fans will appreciate.

Soul'd Out is Presented by DJ Warrior in conjunction with Wu-International and Caliuntouchables and mixed by DJ Yoshe.
Guest appearances are kept to a minimum with few underground guests here and there. 

Track List

1. It's Time
2.- Worldwind
3.- Look Back
4.- Life is
5.- Own zone
6.- Made up my mind
7.- Salad bar
8.- Lana
9.- Money in da bag
10.- Motions
11.- Lil black boy
12.- Makein it
13.- Still here
14.- Love jones
15.- Winner
16.- Soul'd out
17.- Labor pains
18.- Time travel
19.- Way it iz
20.- We on now
21.- Bonus Track -Music is drugs

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[Posted 06th. January. 2011]

Remedy - It All Comes To This 



Over the years Wu-Tang affiliate Remedy has drawn widespread acclaim for his work on everything from production work for ESPN to his renowned holocaust tribute “Never Again", which was featured on the platinum selling Wu-Tang Killa Bees The Swarm compilation album. Both as a gift to this long time fans, and as a slap in the face to those caught sleeping, Remedy has now released his It All Comes Down to This mixtape, as a collection of new tracks, freestyles, previously released material and remixes.

It All Comes Down To This is presented by Code Red Entertainment, Diamond Music Group and RefinedHype.
Guest appearances include Killah Priest, JoJo Pelligrino, King Just, R.A. The Rugged Man, Blaq Poet, Trife Diesel and more.
Producers tapped include Remedy, RZA, Frank Dukes, J. Glaze, Godzwrath among others.
In other words, this is that real real hip-hop. Get to downloading.

Refined Hype:

[Posted 04th. January. 2011]

Invincible_Temple - Becoming_the_Temple_(the_Prequel)


After promoting LCOB’s ever expanding crew with two mixtapes, Cuban-Linx decided to shed some light now on Invincible Temple . This group consists of Golden Mastah, Jade Lohan, Last Bronzeman and Lord Subliminal and was formerly part of Futurechamber. They appeared on “Futurechamber Presents : Bi-Polar The After Effect” and released an Ep with Sound Survivors called “Tree of Life”. Now CLX teamed up with Golden Mastah for this new compilation . The man dug deep in the group's archives and even agreed on adding several exclusive tracks to this free dl, tracks that were never put on Youtube or Myspace before. The result is the free release “Becoming The Temple The Prequel”.
Credits go to Golden Mastah for agreeing on making this happen, Supashroomz (CLX) for compiling and Armz Grafikz (CLX) who did the Artwork.


Click Here To Download

[Posted 22nd. December. 2010]

The WuDos Band (Wu-Tang Clan Vs The Budos Band) 

The Budos Band is an amazing 10-piece funk band from Staten Island. The Wu-Tang Clan is the best hip-hop group ever. Put em together and you get The Wudos Band, produced by Tekst of The Higher Concept, producer/engineer for artists such as RZA, Inspectah Deck, Kool G Rap, GZA, Sean Price, Remedy, Trife Diesel, and plenty of other notable artists; brought to you by Shaolin’s own Cloud Kicker Original and Emilio Sparks. This is a mash-up of classic Wu-Tang verses over beats sampling the gritty funk sound of The Budos Band.



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[Posted 15th. December. 2010]

The RZA - WuWednesday > Black Knights - Boo Spot Mix Down

Boo Spot Mix Down, by Black Knights

Enjoy the party! This week make sure you find some fun. Throw your Ws up! BONG!

We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance. ~Japanese Proverb




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[Posted 09th. December. 2010]

Chris Stylez Tha Shadow Figure - We The People: The Right To Free Music

Chris Stylez Tha Shadow Figure will release his album ‘Sign Of The Times: Return To Oceania compilation’ in 2011. It will feature Sha Stimuli, Capone, Solomon Childs, Craig G, Fes Taylor, Doap Nixon, Shyheim and many others. In the meantime, he’s giving away his previous album ‘We The People: The Right To Free Music.


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[Posted 08th. December. 2010]

The RZA - WuWednesday > Leggezin Fin & Kinetic 9 - Mo Povo Luta

Leggezin is heading back to Angola. He has studied in America and acquired a degree as an architect. That's a good achievement and good example to American rappers to have a true fall back skill. We mostly on rap and lack in education so our success is fragmented.

Safe journey home! Peace!


"Education is not the filling a bucket but the lighting of a fire." 




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[Posted 06th. December. 2010]

Blue Raspberry - Blind Fury: Bluminati


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Posted 02nd. December. 2010]

The RZA - WuWednesday > Gab Gotcha - Humility

This track from Gab Gotcha is FIRE! Grab it for free #WuWednesday

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” Isaac Newton

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[Posted 29th. November. 2010]

INTell - Shaolin Soldier Mixtape

U-god's Son, INTell drops some heavy hitters over Wu-tang beats

1. Reunited WiT Da Music
2.i Pop oFF
3.(SKIT) 1
4.NoThin 2 FuCK WiT
5.Hip Hop Head Shot
6.Where iT iS Right Now
7.iTs Mine
8.Good oL Days
9.(SKIT) 2
10.(Bonus Track)
11.(Bonus Track)


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[Posted 25th. November. 2010]

The RZA - WuWednesday > You Don't Own Me"

This is a song talking about how people try to tell what to do and what to be… the song can relate to a relationship between man and woman or citizens and authority…or just any confrontation such as a bouncer at a club with the guest list… peace,
- The RZA”

“This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.”





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[Posted 17th. November. 2010]

The RZA - WuWednesday > My Forever Love, by LeVert - Dedication for ODB"

I hope our Wu-Tang family out there appreciate the meaning and the beauty of this song. R.I.P. O.D.B. AND GERALD LEVERT, PEACE,

This is not a free download.Please support the legacy of LeVert if you dig this track, you can buy it here: http://goo.gl/V33d3








[Posted 16th. November. 2010]

The Cipher - To Whom It May Concern [Album Download] 

01: Wake Up  [Intro]
02: The Victims ft.  Co-Deez
03: Boom Boom
04: Slow Down
05: Love Me (Remix)
06: Snake Charmer
07: No Matter What
08: Don't Stop
09: The Graveyard ft. El Boodah
10: That's How You Know
11: Up In The Smoke ft. Co-Deez
11: Die Twice ft. Co-Deez#





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[Posted 03rd. November. 2010]

The RZA - WuWednesday > Insomnia Demon"

I'm a late night thinker a lot of my creativity in music has come at wee hours of the night. So this week song will be the unreleased unedited full version demo of my song "Insomnia" featuring Erica Bryant This is the original demo before the mix so the vocals are loud and the rap runs thru the second hook. But this shows the personality of insomnia.

The Void
Pascal had his Void that went with him day and night.
- Alas! It’s all Abyss, - action, longing, dream,
the Word! And I feel Panic’s storm-wind stream
through my hair, and make it stand upright.
Above, below, around, the desert, the deep,
the silence, the fearful compelling spaces...
With his knowing hand, in my dark, God traces
a multi-formed nightmare without release.
I fear sleep as one fears a deep hole,
full of vague terror. Where to, who knows?
I see only infinity at every window,
and my spirit haunted by vertigo’s stress
envies the stillness of Nothingness.

- Ah! Never to escape from Being and Number!
by Charles Baudelaire

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[Posted 29th. October. 2010]

The RZA - WuWednesday > Gravediggaz - " 2 More Cups of Blood"

Yo, here is a new GraveDiggaz song
entitled "Two More Cups of Blood"
This is the first song released by
the band since the loss of our brother
Poetic AKA the Grymm Reaper. For the
Wu Gravedigaz horrorcore fans:

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[Posted 27th. October. 2010]

JuleUnique - Libra Swag Free Download (In Celebration of his birthday)

[Posted 21st. October. 2010]

The RZA - WuWednesday & Gift Track Vision”

“Credits: Outlines, featuring the RZA

"No man is a true believer unless he desireth for his brother that which he desireth for himself." Muhammad

This weeks song is entitled "Visions". Its by a group called Outlines, featuring me. The song is about world peace thru us taking individual responsibility for our actions and us helping save to others once we have saved ourselves.

Being out here in China and seeing the growth of our culture in their world and seeing how their culture influenced my world led me to choose this song. We all so much on the same path as individuals only separated by language and custom and location. And the negative forces that strive to keep us apart by fabricating false images of each other. Well the RZA and Outlines have a vision for a better world.

The Outlines are a group out France whom I'm co producing. You will be hearing more from them. Peace!

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[Posted 14th. October. 2010]

Cilvaringz - Homage To RZA ft. Al Gator, Kida (The Few) & Blue Raspberry [Prod. by Focus]

Focus… brings back his “Homage To…” series with a tribute to the legendary RZA. Al Gator & Kida of theFEW join Wu-Tang affiliates Cilvaringz & Blue Raspbery for this dope song as Focus… does great job of recreating RZA’s classic sound.

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[Posted 14th. October. 2010]

The RZA - WuWednesday and Gift Track “2 Left Shoes”





Robert Diggs
Rev. William Burk
Truth Hurts

WuWednesday this week is about love and friendship.

"2 Left Shoes" features R n B singer "Truth Hurts" and Rev. William Burks - its a demo we did this summer. I want to share with you Wu-Disciples before it gets into final form.

Verse one is about fake friends who I showed love to throughout the years yet they continue to stab me in the back and take my love and kindness for a weakness. Verse 2 explains how the true and living god put love above all things for love conquers all.

The hook states " loving you is like wearing two left shoes". I choose it because I am a man who loves unconditionally yet that love sometimes is difficult to handle or live with or simply to wear.

The Bible says be careful of those who are only friends at your table. Yet in times of war or calamity they are no where to be found.

"I have no trouble with my enemies. I can take care of my enemies all right. But my damn friends...They're the ones that keep me walking the floor nights." Warren G. Harding

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[Posted 08th. October. 2010]

Gab Gotcha - United States of America Vs. Gab Gacha Free Download



01: P.S.I. (Pre-Sentencing Intro)
02: The Epiphany  
03: Por Aqui 
04: Aguardiente 
05: Sabe Lo Que Hay 
06: Throw Ya Hands Up 
07: I Got'em  
08: My Satisfaction 
09: Anthology of a Hustler 
10: Out The Cage 
11: The Pain 
12: Tears Roll 
13: The Visit  
14: Pep Talk 
15: The Stain 
16: Hard Out Here Interlude 
17: Hard Out Here  
18: Love Changes

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[Posted 06th. October. 2010]

The RZA - WuWednesday & Gift Track “Gone”

“Of course you don’t die. Nobody dies. Death doesn’t exist. You only reach a new level of vision, a new realm of consciousness, a new unknown world.” – Henry Miller

Robert Diggs/Justin Nozuka/Salem Khan/Ali Durrani/Kamran Durrani/James Black
RZA appears courtesy of Wu Music Group
JUSTIN NOZUKA appears courtesy of Coalition Entertainment
KOBRA KHAN appears courtesy of ABC Productions
Guitar played by James Black of Finger Eleven
courtesy of Coalition Entertainment
Produced by Ali Kat & DJ Kamran of ABC PRODUCTIONS


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[Posted 05th. October. 2010]

Shyheim - The Bottom Of New York Free Download





Shyheim and the Bottom Up Chain Gang have a brand new mixtape hosted by DJ Whiteowl called “The Bottom of New York” and they are giving it away for free

1. Intro
2. Welcome 2 the bottom
3. Just killed a man
4. We r' the champions
5. Interlude
6. The corner
7. Chaingang
8. Dj whiteowl - interlude
9. 20,000
10. Tv's in the headrest
11. Da bottom
12. Pedel 2 the metal
13. Staten island
14. Fire
15. Sirens
16. Ask about me
17. Im from the bottom
18. B. U state
19. Whip it
20. S. I. N. Y
21. Bottom up bitches

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[Posted 05th. October. 2010]

Illa Ghee - Verse Killa Free Download

1.- Some'n In The Air
2.- Pipe Bomb - Feat. Inspectah Deck (prod. track king cole)
3.- Hi Def (prod. sid roams)
4.- Bottom Line (prod. team demo)
5.- Ain't That Some'n (prod. team demo)
6.- Silver Back Rap
7.- Angels
8.- Got My Feet Up
9.- The Why
10.- Exhibit Illa Ghee
11.- Right About Now
12.- Lyrical Blessin
13.- Do You Think About Me
14.- Send 'em to me
15.- Throwin Lyrics
16 - Be The Gangsta

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[Posted 04th. October. 2010]

Da Monstar Mob - Da Lost Tapes [2004 - 2005] Free Download



J. Russell Media and Wu-International are proud to present the free download of the album "Da Lost Tapes (2004 - 2005)" by Da Monstar Mob featuring all original members (Warcloud, Onslawt, Skarekrow, Leviathan, and JulesUnique), presented and hosted by JuleUnique. All songs produced by Skarekrow.

Track listing:

01: Monstar Mob Iz Back [Intro]
02: West Coast Thang
03: Baggy Shadow
04: Forever
05: Get Money
06: Get It Poppin
07: 2 Dead 5 Shot
08: East of The Sun, West Of The Moon
09: Come And Get Me ft. Amanda]
10: 2'Ms 1 Unit [Skit]
11: Jules
12: Skarekrow Interlude

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[Posted 04th. October. 2010]

JuleUnique - Streetox Free Download





Track listing:

2-Welcome To My City (Six-Fo) (Prod. by Emotional Productions)
3-Got It Locked (Prod by. Wizcutt)
4-Chronic Break Interlude
5-I Wanna Rock (Streetox RMX) – feat. Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Ras Kass & Crooked I
6-My Turn (I Want In) feat. GS
7-Gon’ Ride (West Ride) (Prod. By Chemist)
8-Hard Freestyle
9-Futurwestic (Prod. by Chemist)
10-Livin’ Legend (Prod. by DJ Khalil)
11-Seen It All feat. Birdie lz & Marc spitz (Prod. By DJ Khalil)
12-Change feat Gizella (Prod. by AnnoDomini)
13-Rumors (Prod. by Sinima)
14-You Can Make It (Prod. by Sinima)
15-First Things First
16-365 feat. Real Cool Ethan
17-Boss up feat. B Ez & Birdie lz (Prod. by AnnoDomini)
18-Knee Deep (interlude)
19-No Love feat. Dontea Dynamite
20-Bang Out feat. BK Brasco
21-Menace (Prod. by Turreekk)
22-Killer Freestyle feat. Birdie LZ & Drake

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[Posted 06th. September. 2010]

DJ Modesty - Verbal War:  Harassment Mixtape





Straight from south side Jamaica Queens NY the group verbal harassment is splashing on the scene with a mix tape produced by d.j. modesty from france. From the same hood 50 cent and the g unit crew is from the group is formed of curt digga-m.c. lotto and h.b.o.
the full length album is in the works executive produced by iron shiek and curt digga the title of the album is called "graffitti on the wall" you may remember the group from iron shieks album ice grillz "fire n ice" they were called triple ironz now they are back along side iron shiek as the mentor.
These queens representatives are definitely going to make you feel what it is to be from south jamaica queens.
With appearances from papoose-imam thug and infamous mobb just to name a few.

honor management where prestige and excellence is our priority.
Www.honormanagement.com  - www.myspace.com/honormanagementgroup  -
aim -ironshiek7000
yahoo messenger - honormanagement

Check out the video

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[Posted 02nd. August. 2010]

Staten Allstars Free Download [25 New Tracks]









Props: Chambermusik

By now, you probably heard of the Staten Allstars; the nicest new movement coming out of Staten Island that includes artists like Fes Taylor, Stumik, Baker Don, Paulie Caskets, Donny Cacsh, Franchize Frenchy, Hollywood Hefna, Bomb Official and many others. As they’re always in the studio recording new heat, they felt like giving a lil’ something to the fans. So, here are 25 new tracks for your listening pleasure

01 Piff – Fes Taylor & Baker Don
02 Pass Da Roc – Donny Cacsh, Fes Taylor & Baker Don
03 Smack Down – Bomb Official & Donny Cacsh
04 Panama – Paulie Caskets & Donny Cacsh
05 Let It Ride – Fes Taylor
06 Niks and Damez – Nik Damez
07 Who Dat – Fes Taylor
08 Dirty – Fes Taylor
09 Reppin Time – Baker Don & Franchize Frenchy
10 Stupid – Fes Taylor
11 Swerving – Slidge, Speed Boat Dolla & Fes Taylor
12 Real Shit – Fes Taylor
13 Work – Hollywood Hefna & Stumik
14 Baby Girl – Fes Taylor
15 The Bridge – Staten Allstars
16 Murda – Grease Balls & Baker Don
17 Play Ball – Spazz, Grease Balls, Franchize Frenchy & Bomb Official
18 Watch This – Bomb Official
19 Thoughts – Grease Balls & Fes Taylor
20 Fozy – Reez Fox
21 Hard Core – Flyce & Franchize Frenchy
22 Yellow Tape – Fes Taylor
23 Baker Man – Baker Don & Fes Taylor
24 First Class – Fes Taylor & Speed Boat Dolla
25 G Check – Donny Cacsh
26 Un-thinkable Remix – Alicia Keys ft. Fes Taylor (Bonus Track)

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[Posted 02nd. August. 2010]

CurT@!n$ - The Dissertation: The Wu Thesis [Mixtape]

CurT@!n$, drops his ode to Wu Tang instrumentals in this latest instalment. After a couple of leaks, here is the full mixtape. Track listing and download link after the jump.

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[Posted 12th. July. 2010]

Cyrus Malachi - The Isis Papers ft. Melanin 9






The mixtape is a prelude to his debut solo album “Ancient Future” (which is to be released in the autumn of this year) and brings harrowing street tales from his life and experiences growing up in Hackney. Malachi’s fellow triple darkness and orphans of Cush member, melanin 9, features heavily on the project.

No Cure Records in house DJ team of DJ Switch (current world dmc champion) & DJ Furious P (world dmc team champion) mix and scratch these classic tracks in superb style, bringing that real mixtape flavour that has become scarce in recent years.

Tracklisting -

1. Intro (prod Endemic)
2. Praying mantis
3. Millennium ft Melanin 9 & Crown Nectar [Triple Darkness] (prod Beat Butcha)
4. Bloodhounds ft Melanin 9 & Crown Nectar [Triple Darkness] (prod 7th Dan)
5. The hammered bracelet ft Melanin 9
6. 1000 daggers (prod Diplimat)
7. Robin hood theory freestyle (prod Endemic)
8. Captivity’s tear
9. Lion’s den (prod Jon Phonics)
10. Feathers of Tahuti ft Melanin 9
11. Redemption
12. 7 plagues (prod Blastah beats)
13. Politikin remix feat crown nectar & melanin 9 [Triple Darkness] (prod 7th Dan)
14. Hood Novelists ft Melanin 9 & Njeri Earth
15. Hell's Gate ft Melanin 9 & Crown Nectar [Triple Darkness]


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[Posted 08th. July. 2010]

Doc Doom: Ghetto Romantic Free MixTape 

Click Here Or Pictures To Download














Track List
01. Intro / Tribute  - RZA, Crisis and Monk
02. Ghetto Romantic (Unreleased) -  Black Knights
03. Punishment - Black Knights & Northstar
04. Duc Lo - Black Knights (Doc Doom Solo)
05. Next Up  - Black Knights
06. Simply Ludacris  - Black Knights & Northstar
07. Terrrorist (Japanese Version) - RZA ft. P.R. Terrorist, Doc Doom, Killa Sin & Warcloud
08. Tribute #2 -  Christbearer
09. Fatal Sting - Black Knights & Northstar
10. Zip Code - Black Knights
11. Creep - RZA ft. Black Knights, Christbearer, Dexter Wiggle & Thea
12. Crunch Time (Unreleased) - Black Knights
13. Street War (Unreleased) - Black Knights
14. Dirt Up - Black Knights ft. G Twin
15. Tribute #3 -  Big Sup
16. Only 4 My N----- - Black Knights ft. P. Dot & S. Man
17. Raw Head Spear-Howling Wolves - Black Knights, Warcloud & ShoGun Assason
18. Rollin' - Black Knights ft RZA
19. Almighty Black Knights (Unreleased Remix) - Black Knights ft. Cappadonna & Gemini
21. Fabulous (The Vision) - Da Monstar Mob ft Doc Doom
21. Kill Or Be Killed (Unreleased) - Black Knights ft. S. Man
22. Tribute #4 - Christbearer
23. Drama (O.G. Remix) - Northstar ft Doc Doom & Madam Scheez
24. Killer Bee Till Ya Die - RZA ft Black Knights & Thea Van Seijen
25. Story of My Life (Unreleased) - Anthai Da Protagonist ft Black Knights & Committee
26. Floyd 3 (Exclusive Snippet) - Shaka Amazulu The 7th ft Black Knights, Warcloud, Northstar & Dexter Wiggle
27. Outro/Tribute #5 - Crisis The Sharpshooter
28: Hidden bonuses

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[Posted 17th. June. 2010]

Shawneci - Ice Cold Collection I 


















Shawneci is a Brooklyn-based music producer, producing for some of hip-hop's greats. Shawneci has been running studio sessions since graduating Berklee College of Music in 2007. Mentored by Grammy winning producer's and establishing close relationships in the streets of New York, Shawneci built a large catalog of work. Collection Vol. 1 is the first in a series of ALL ORIGINAL SONGS produced by Shawneci Icecold.

1. Jay Electronica - Intro
2. Medina Green & Mos Def - Party Done (Album In Stores August)
3. Gobots & Paul Wall - Pattycake (Album In Stores Now)
4. Shawty Lo Speaks
5. B.G. & Chopper City Boyz - Dealer
6. Max B, Al Pac & Mak Mustard - Pour It On
7. Dame Grease Speaks
8. Meeno - What You Know About Me [Exclusive]
9. DJ Delz Speaks
10. JR Writer - What They Gon Say Now?
11. Sandman (of Byrdgang) - Cold World [Exclusive]
12. Shiest Bubz Speaks
13. Ransom, Arlis & Large Amounts - Cocaine
14. The Outlawz - Bottles In The Bucket [Exclusive]
15. Angela Yee (Shade 45) Speaks
16. Torrey Carter - It's All About Trust [Exclusive]
17. J-Hood - Stuntin On The Ave
18. Leader (of Kill All Rats) - On My Grind [Exclusive]
19. Cadillac Tah - Brain [Exclusive]
20. Diamond D Speaks
21. Grand Daddy IU - Rude Bwoy
22. Tek (of Smif N Wessun) - Courtesy [Exclusive]
23. Sonee Seeza (of Onyx) - We Live [Exclusive]
24. D.V. Alias Khryst - Veteran [Exclusive]
25. Paula Perry - Secret Admirer
26. Sam Sneed Speaks
27. Imam Thug, Hostyle & Ty Nitty (of Infamous Mobb) - Gimmie Dat
28. Nyce - War
29. Nyce - Marked For Death
30. A.T. (of Dumout) - So Fresh [Exclusive]
31. Crunchy Blak - Break Da Law [Exclusive]
32. Lil Ronnie, Baby C & Fat Pimp - Break A Ho
33. Choppa Young City - She Got A Man
34. Shawneci Outro


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[Posted 17th. June. 2010]

Watchmen - Wu-Tang Management Presents: Assassination Order

New effort from Wu-Tang Managements Watchem, BlackMask, 7th 7igh, Pro, Prox, Cipher and Eclypse on a pre-album mixtape "Assination Order" before the release of album : Watchmen on 27th July, 2010. Hosted by DJ Drunk N style.




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[Posted 16th. June. 2010]

60 Second Assassin - The Retrospective

60 Second Assassin, cousin of the late Ol' Dirty Bastard and founding member of the influential group Sunz of Man, has a voice you know and love. His street harmonizing has been heard on some of Wu-Tang's greatest hits, including "C.R.E.A.M." as well as Raekwon's "Glaciers of Ice". On June 22, 60 will be blessing us with his long-awaited debut album "Remarkable Timing". The album is almost entirely produced by Bronze Nazareth, and features a host of Wu Killa Beez including the Sunz of Man reunion track "M.O.A.N." In anticipation of this soon to be classic offering, DYP tha Goldynchild, in association with M-Eighty, has assembled "The Retrospective: A Look Back". "The Retrospective" is a 25 track homage to the long and colorful career of 60 Second Assassin, and features classic cuts, rarities and plenty of new mixes in true DYP fashion. Feel free to spread it around, just make sure you let 'em know where you got it from!

Click Here To Download

Props: http://illegitrecordz.blogspot.com

[Posted 10th. June. 2010]

Wu-Tang members contribute to Inspired Flights Project

In 2009, Indie-rock/hip-hop duo Inspired Flight traveled north to play an after-party at a friend’s house in the Hollywood Hills. As Mira Mesa resident Eric Poline stood at the turntable and Gabe Lehner of Encinitas sang and played guitar, two men came up and asked them to turn up the volume. They did. The men grabbed microphones and started rapping over Inspired Flight’s beats. One of the men introduced himself as Rugged Monk, an MC from Wu-Tang Clan’s West Coast affiliate Black Knights.
“Rugged Monk held it down for an hour. He got in a pretty gnarly [rap] battle with a guy from the East Coast named Propane. It was awesome to watch,” writes Lehner.
Later in ’09, as Lehner and Poline recorded their debut album in Lehner’s home studio, the duo decided to ask rappers to contribute vocals to the mix. A few months later, Rugged Monk agreed to lay down rhymes.
Lehner and Poline drove up to Rugged Monk’s home in L.A., picked up the rapper, and drove him back down to Encinitas to record tracks for their debut We All Want to Fly, a mashup of hip-hop, indie-rock, folk, and jazz.
“We recorded him, treated him to a nice lunch and dinner out, and took him back to Los Angeles all in the same day,” recalls Lehner.
Inspired Flight then hit up Rugged Monk to ask if any Wu-Tang rappers would like to appear on the record.
“Rugged Monk put me on the phone with Inspectah Deck, [who] gave me his manager’s number and told me to call it the next day and said, ‘We’ll make this happen,’ ” writes Lehner, who says he’s been listening to Wu-Tang Clan since he was in junior high in Vista. “We ended up getting a rap verse that is perfect for our song .

[Before I'm Done] ft. Rugged Monk
[We All Want To Fly] ft. Inspectah Deck


Props: Siccologist [Wu-Int],

[Posted 07th. June. 2010]

Mathematics - Singles LP [Made Men / If U Were Mine]

Once again, here is “Made Men,” the unreleased Wu Massacre track which is now the first single off the upcoming Mathematics LP. This time it’s CDQ w/o tags. "Made Men" features Wu-Tang Clan, Eyes Low and Bad Luck, and on the B-side is "If U Were Mine" by Mathematics and Eyes Low from the upcoming Eyes Low project "Love & Loyalty" produced entirely by Mathematics.

Track Listing:
01: Made Men [Clean] [Download]
02: Made Men W/ Horn [Clean] [Download]
03: Made Men [Dirty] [Download]
04: Made Men W/ Horn [Dirty] [Download]

B - Side
01: If U Were Mine [Clean] [Download]
02: If U Were Mine [Dirty] [Download]

Link to all files: [


[Posted 02nd. June. 2010]

Raekwon - Cocainism Vol. 2  [Mixtape]

XXLMag.com is proud to award our readers with Raekwon’s new mixtape, Brinks Boyz Presents: Cocainism Vol 2.

The 20-track project features production by The Alchemist, DJ Scatch and EZ Elpee as well as an unexpected reunion with fellow New York staple Mobb Deep.

When asked how that collaboration, titled “Road to Riches,” came about The Chef told XXL, “These are my dudes. We’ve been through so much together, at the end of the day, I just felt like these are the dudes I’ve been getting it in with and I wanted to have them on it. Alchemist is a good friend of mine, so me and him decided to make sure we have something prepared with them cats on it, cause he knows how I feel about them. So we made calls and reached out to dudes and it was a go.”

Cocainism is the prelude to Rae’s next official studio release Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang, which he says is coming this September [Download now].

Props: XXL

[Posted 27th. May. 2010]

60 Second Assassin - The History of 60  [Mixtape]

[Posted 14th. April. 2010]

9th Prince - Revenge Is Coming [Mixtape]










01: Concrete Jungle [Unreleased Exclusive]
02: Revolution Music [snippet]*
03: Bring It Back (feat William Cooper) [Exclusive DYP Mix]
04: Don't Front [Unreleased Exclusive]
05: Snatching Pocketbooks*
06: The Grindz (feat RZA & Prodigal Sunn) [Exclusive DYP Mix]
07: Invade Ya Empire (feat Islord & Dom Pachino) [Exclusive DYP Mix]
08: Dark Room [Unreleased Exclusive]
09: Street Gems (feat Spanish Jose) [Unreleased Exclusive]
10: Dear R & B*
11: Shut Your Mouth
12: Outstanding (feat Tash Mahogany) [Unreleased Exclusive]
13: DJ Eclipse Interlude
14: I Will Rise (feat RZA, Anti-Social & Thea Van Seijen)*
15: Gotta Get This Money [Unreleased Exclusive]
16: Killa Machines (feat 60 Second Assassin) [Exclusive DYP Mix]
17: Top Secret (feat Akir & AR.Change.L)
18: Grandfather Flow*
19: You Ain't Hear (feat Stoneface) [Unreleased Exclusive]
20: Young Godz Pt. II (feat Shyheim)*
21: Cripple U (feat Dom Pachino) [Exclusive DYP Mix]
22: Down South [Unreleased Exclusive]

*From "Revenge of the 9th Prince" available Tuesday April 20, 2010

Click Here To Download

Props: http://illegitrecordz.blogspot.com/

[Posted 15th. March. 2010]

9th Prince - Revenge of the 9th Prince Promo

01. 9th Prince - I'm on the Rize (Feat. the RZA & Thea)
02. 9th Prince - Young Gods Part II (Feat. Shyheim)
03. 9th Prince - Dear R&B
04. 9th Prince - Revolution Music (Feat. Planet Asia) [Snippet]
05. 9th Prince - Grandfather Flow
06. 9th Prince - Snatching Pocketbooks

Click Here To Download


Props: Supashroomz, Rusty_Wu-Chain


[Posted 24th. February. 2010]

Meth, Rae & Ghost - Mathematics Presents Avenging Eagles

Dj Mathematics and Def Jam present the official mixtape in promotion for the upcoming Wu-Massacre album on the way. The tape features some of the new tracks off of the album as well as some classic tracks from Method Man, Ghostface and Raekwon.  Mathematics does a great job at bringing back some lost gems mixed in with some new exclusives. A dope mix for any Wu fan.


Click Here To Download



[Posted 23rd. February. 2010]

Whichcraft - Falling Down Presents: Cataclysmic Journey 

Super Producer Falling Down brings forth yet another FREE downloadable mixtape/album. This time featuring a young artist that Chambermusik has had some special interest in and who will be featured soon on upcoming releases, including the Chambermusik presents ” The Forbidden Movement, Volume 1″ mixtape-album to be released in 2010. To download Cataclysmic Journey for free>>>>

Click Here To Download




[Posted 28th. January. 2010]

Too Poetic aka Grym Reaper [Gravediggaz] - Droppin' Signal

One would hope that you already knew about and/or had the dope 12" that was dropped by Too Poetic(Poetic of Gravediggaz first group), called "God Made Me Funky". Great 1989 flavor. Well, Jesse Serwer got in contact with Too Poetic's DJ Kaos and just unearthed the entire album that was submitted to Tommy Boy n 1989, but was never released.

Go to his blog for the full story with pictures, articles, and an interview with DJ Kaos.
Here's the link to his blog article. Make sure to check that out. The man only deals in top quality blogging.

Props: http://philaflava.blogspot.com/2010/01/too-poeticof-gravediggaz-rip-droppin.html
Props: Shaolin Lord [WutangCorp]. 

Click Here To Download

[Posted 28th. January. 2010]

Folks & Stress - The Box Prelude 

Go listen / download album prelude on

1. Intro_ Never Not Working Radio (Radio Rios and Oskar Mann )_ East Village Radio
2. Gutter Rap
3. 2 Buckets of Cash
4. Drainos
5. Quiet feat. AESOP ROCK
6. A Life Style
7. Beatrix feat. VAST AIRE
8. Don't Knock It
9. Sam Kinison
10. Live Freestyle: Never Not Working {East Village Radio}
11. The Masquerade 
12. Us And Us Only
13. Heroin Tracks
14. 3rd Bass 
15. Gettin Busy
16. You Lose 
17. As One

Released 01 February 2010

[Posted 18th. January. 2010]

Wu Tang Vs The Beatles - Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers Mixtape

Riding high off Wu Tang acapellas over beats made with samples of Beatles songs.

Produced by Tom Caruana www.teasearecords.net 

credits released 04 January 2010
Cover design by Logan Walters.

license Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info. 


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[Posted 05th. January. 2010]

Raekwon - Coke Up In Da Dollar Bill Mixtape

Raekwon is back with another banger. Riding high off the success of the last year's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Part 2, The Chef has linked up with DJ Whoo Kid and DJ Scream for the "Coke Up In A Dollar Bill" Mixtape. Keeping the streets flooded, Raekwon also spoke with Hip-Hop Wired about the upcoming collaboration album with his Wu-Tang brothers Ghostface and Method Man..



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[Posted 04th. January. 2010]

Rae Ghost & Meth - Nuclear Warfare

A fans preview in anticipation to the Method Man, Ghostface and Raekwon's collabo.









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Props: Cubanlinx

[Posted 04th. January. 2010]

Central Intelligence - Classified Files Volume 1

Central Intelligence Straight from Albuquerque, New Mexico Bringing back that chopped up Boom bap that’s been missing from Hip Hop.  Has Produced Beats for Various Artists such as… Lord Luminous, Kevlarr 7, Bronze Nazareth, Solomon Childs and Crown Vic Aka Victorious, who was a feature on Masta Killa’s album “Made In Brooklyn”. Currently he's working on upcoming album for Nigel Prime.




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[Posted 04th. January. 2010]

Wu-Tang Electronica

if you we're a fan of that WU Dubstep or a fan of electronic music this will surely be right up your alley. So if you've been watching The Jersey Shore and just wanna beat up those beats, this is your fix. Wu-Tang Electronica got mixtape collabs coming soon with Cuban-Linx. The Cuban-Linx heads have set up a new blog as well and you can def find some goodies that  may have been missed there so check it out.


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Props To Supashroomz/Wu-Tang Electronica for making this happen.

[Posted 09th. December. 2009]

Killah Priest - Killah Tacticz Vol. 1 Free Mix download

Cuban-Linx Presents Killah Priest in Killah Tacticz, a mix of some unreleased, rare and unheard collabos to showcase why Killah Priest is still one of the most talented and underrated rapper in the game.




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Props To Supashroomz for making this happen.

[Posted 09th. December. 2009]

Falling Down & DoN - Martial Chronicles Free download

Super producer Falling Down and Italian emcee Don transcend the boundaries of hip hop with the release of Martial Chronicles. Even if they are separated by the Atlantic Ocean, the New York producer responsible for classic tracks by the likes of Inspectah Deck and Killarmy and the Italian rapper decided to work together on a project. The result is a 15-track album filled with bangin’ beats and crazy flows. Hip Hop is truly universal! Download the album here for free.




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[Posted 07th. December. 2009]

Sav Killz - Scratchin the Surface full mixtape download

Finally It's here! - The full mixtape download - Sav Killz - Scratchin the Surface hosted by Superstar Jay and J-Ronin mixed by DJ Snips



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[Posted 09th. November. 2009]

Vendetta Kingz - Under The Sun album download

Vendetta Kingz new album featuring G8abak, Elohim Marino, Camille Sledge, Dj Shadowfist, with production from Drame,  Abstract, Krohme, Crazology, Jdv, Anake vs Crane, Haps & Stram.

Also featuring Pwowr of promise with Killah Priest remix by Wierdo!

Happy November 5th! Enjoy. *vk all day*

"Digital Angel" coming soon!

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[Posted 09th. November. 2009]

Snake Vs. Crane - The Hidden Collabos (Chapter One)


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[Posted 14th. October. 2009]

T.H.U.G. Angelz [Hell Razah & Shabazz The Disciple] - Creeperz vol. 2: Wingz Up Free Mixtape


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[Posted 14th. October. 2009]

William Cooper - Beware Of The Pale Horse [Snippet ]

01. William Cooper - The Day of Light [Snippet] [00:30]
02. William Cooper - In America [00:29]
(Feat. Killah Priest & Hell Razah) [Snippet]
03. William Cooper - Bring it Back [00:30]
(Feat. 9th Prince of Killarmy & Nature) [Snippet]
04. William Cooper - One Roll of the Dice [Snippet] [00:30]
05. William Cooper - Still Shining [00:30]
(Feat. Killah Priest) [Snippet]
06. William Cooper - Salutations (WhatÆs Real) [Snippet] [00:30]
07. William Cooper - Song Cry [Snippet] [00:29]
08. William Cooper - Pray for Me [Snippet] [00:29]
09. William Cooper - Heaven [Snippet] [00:29]
10. William Cooper - Free (Feat. Stoneface & Majesty) [Snippet] [00:29]
11. William Cooper - Feel Afraid [Snippet] [00:29]
12. William Cooper - Beware of the Pale Horse [00:30]
(Feat. Ill Bill of La Coka Nostra) [Snippet]
13. William Cooper - J. W. Booth [Snippet] [00:29]
14. William Cooper - Megalif [Snippet] [00:29]
15. William Cooper - Bust My Gun [Snippet] [00:29]
16. William Cooper - Cocaine Israelites [00:29]
(Feat. Killah Priest) [Snippet]
17. William Cooper - American Gangsters [00:29]
(Feat. Kool G Rap) [Snippet]
18. William Cooper - No Retreat No Surrender [00:30]
(Feat. Blue Raspberry, Bloodsport, Stoneface & Majesty) [Snippet]

Click Here To Download Snippet  

Read Interview "Behold The Pale Horse"

[Posted 04th. October. 2009]

Killah Priest - Elizabeth [Album Snippets] 

1. (00:00:30) Killah Priest - Intro [Snippet]
2. (00:00:30) Killah Priest - Sword Clan [Snippet]
3. (00:00:30) Killah Priest - To Be King [Snippet]
4. (00:00:30) Killah Priest - The 7 Crowns Of God [Snippet]
5. (00:00:30) Killah Priest - Drama [Snippet]
6. (00:00:30) Killah Priest - Trapped [Snippet]
7. (00:00:30) Killah Priest - Dead [Snippet]
8. (00:00:30) Killah Priest - I [Snippet]
9. (00:00:30) Killah Priest - Rise [Snippet]
10. (00:00:30) Killah Priest - How Much [Snippet]
11. (00:00:18) Killah Priest - Interlude [Snippet]
12. (00:00:30) Killah Priest - Murdah Murdah At Dawn [Snippet]
13. (00:00:30) Killah Priest - Let Us Pray [Snippet]
14. (00:00:30) Killah Priest - Diagnose [Snippet]
15. (00:00:30) Killah Priest - What U Want (Huh) [Snippet]
16. (00:00:30) Killah Priest - Color Of Murder (Old Castle Hop) [Snippet]
17. (00:00:30) Killah Priest - Jacob Never Died [Snippet]
18. (00:00:30) Killah Priest - The Confession Booth [Snippet]
19. (00:00:30) Killah Priest - Be Careful [Snippet]
20. (00:00:30) Killah Priest - Truth [Snippet]
21. (00:00:30) Killah Priest - Street Matrix [Snippet]
22. (00:00:30) Killah Priest - Real Rap nuts [Snippet]
23. (00:00:30) Killah Priest - Assignment [Snippet]
24. (00:00:30) Killah Priest - The God Within [Snippet]

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[Posted 22nd. September. 2009]

Solomon Childs - Castleton Ave 

01. Solomon Childs - Big Words (Intro) [Snippet]
02. Solomon Childs - Priorities [Snippet]
03. Solomon Childs - The City (Feat. Inspectah Deck) [Snippet]
04. Solomon Childs - Wont Let Em [Snippet]
05. Solomon Childs - Getting Money [Snippet]
06. Solomon Childs - Contra [Snippet]
07. Solomon Childs - We Are Young [Snippet]
08. Solomon Childs - Game Over [Snippet]
09. Solomon Childs - Got My Mind on Money [Snippet]
10. Solomon Childs - Guys Night Out [Snippet]
11. Solomon Childs - Misery Loves Company [Snippet]
12. Solomon Childs - Sometimes [Snippet]
13. Solomon Childs - Footsteps of Life [Snippet]
14. Solomon Childs - Eye for an Eye [Snippet]
15. Solomon Childs - You Are Something [Snippet]
16. Solomon Childs - In Control [Snippet]
17. Solomon Childs - On My Grizzly [Snippet]

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[Posted 09th. September. 2009]

Moeroc Vs. Raekwon - Silence Of The Lambs 

Entrepreneur & Rising Star, MoeRoc Embarks on "NEW ROC CITY" National Tour & releases new mixtape in collaboration with Wu-Tang Clansman Raekwon The Chef, entitled "Silence Of The Lambs". This project is being released in celebration of MoeRoc's National "NEW ROC CITY" Tour & Raekwon's upcoming fourth solo album “Only Built 4 Cuban Linkx 2” that will hit the stores on September 8th, 2009.

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[Posted 07th. September. 2009]

The Rodentz Forever Mixtape

Conceptual album from the duo The Rodentz (Cno Evil & Li' Mouse) released free for fans to download,

01: Control Yourself (Intro)
02. Rode United ft Margeaux Davis
03. Sociology
04: We Made It 2
05: Wildmouse
06: WP Alumni ft. Lord Judah & Stan Ipcus
07: Weather Ballon
08: Da Squirrel
09: Rat Seazon
10: Copper Arms
11: Trix
12: Paprika
13: Electro Magnetic
14: The Chip Monk
15: Mr. Cno Speaks Tp Mr. Li
16: The Rodentz Forever
17: Let's Go (Outro)

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Posted 25th. August. 2009]

Raekwon - OB4CL2 Leaked Songs

Think Differently Music leaks some of the songs left out or taken off from Only Built For Cuban Linx Part 2 due to be released September 8th.


See full Track listing on Mixtape section



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Props: ThinkDifferntly

[Posted 19th. August. 2009]

Ghostface Killah - R&B Duets Mixtape

Think Differently Music compiles some of Ghost's R&B collabos to date in preparation for the actual R&B album due out September 29th.


See full Track listing on Mixtape section



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Props: ThinkDifferntly

[Posted 18th. August. 2009]

Amos The Ancient Prophet - The Collabos Vol. 1


Album "The Collabos Vol.1" is a compilation of songs produced by Amos for different MC’s between 2006 and 2009. It features collaborations with very well known artists like: Killah Priest, Canibus, Planetary (AOTP / Outerspace), Rasul Allah (LCOB), White Lotus (LCOB), Atma, Sick Since and many more! Whole album is a dark and mystical trip through the territory familiar for those peoples who ever listened to Wu-Tang or The Lost Children Of Babylon.

Amos The Ancient Prophet based in Poland, started producing 4 years ago inspired by the “Jedi Mind Tricks” album called “The Psycho-Social CD”. Positive feedback from peoples like DJ Illegal (Snowgoons) on his early beats, encouraged him to send the demo CD to White Lotus - member of The Lost Children Of Babylon group. It resulted in collaboration with the group members and eventually led Amos to his membership in LCOB.

Amos - The Ancient Prophet has already worked with many famous MC’s like: Killah Priest, Timbo King, Beretta 9, Holocaust, Prodigal Sunn, Solomon Childs, Canibus, Planetary, Rasul Allah, White Lotus, Atma or Sick Since.

Album is released at NOECHO Records in .mp3 format and its available for
free download directly from the label website:

Click Here To Download  
Props: Amos The Ancient Prophet

[Posted 17th. August. 2009]

Fes Taylor - Live From The Booth!!

10 new freestyles from Fes Taylor!!!

1. Hustle Hard
2. Spit
3. Sky Diving
4. Tuff Guy
5. It’s So hard
6. OT Grind
7. Wooptie Doo
8. My Niggas
9. Shorty Is A Bird
10. Stupid Hoe

Props: Chambermusik

[Posted 17th. August. 2009]

Raekwon - Cuban Revolution

Memory Man presents Cuban Revolution in anticipation of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, dropping September 8th. 

1.Cuban Revolution Intro
2.All That Money Is Us
3.Run Away (ft. Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, Method Man & GZA)
4.Better Shoot Something
5.Cipher Born (ft. Ghostface Killah & U-God)
6.Get Your Shit Beat In (ft. Polite, Chip Banks, Ghostface Killah & Trife Diesel)
7.Slang Copulation (ft. Nas, Cappadonna & Ghostface Killah)
9.Iron Chef (ft. Ghostface Killah, Polite & Inspectah Deck)
10.A Wise Man
11.Cuban Revolution Interlude
12.We Gettin’ Knots (ft. Fat Joe, Armageddon & Big Pun)
13.Fearless Ninjas (ft. Ghostface Killah)
14.The All-Time Lineup (ft. American CREAM Team, Inspectah Deck & Method Man)
15.Live Kid (ft. Notorious BIG & Ghostface Killah)

Props: Dafran @ Chambermusik forum

[Posted 28th. July. 2009]

Killah Priest - I Killed The Devil Last Night Mixtape     


BallerStatus and Tha Advocate are presenting this brand new street album, titled I Killed The Devil Last Night, for free.

"This is more like a street album, it's Priest doing other things on here," the rapper explained. "I killed the devil with music."

The project is a 26-track effort, full of brand new, never-heard-before freestyles and original tracks all with Killah Priest by himself, aside from one track from his son Starkim, as well as a collabo track with Advo, Willy Northpole, Stat Quo, Big Lou, Hussein Fatal, and others. click on picture to see full track list.

Other Killah Priest projects are forthcoming. Until then, enjoy this new mixtape by downloading here, and stayed tuned for updates at KillahPriest.com.

Props: Ballerstatus.com

[Posted 01st. July. 2009]

Trife Diesel - The Project Pope Mixtape     


[Posted 16th. June. 2009]

Dragonfly - 3 Free Mixtapes Downloads     

Swagger Of A Drunken Master

Tatted [Tatt2 Connection]

2 Minutes To drill

[Posted 04th. June. 2009]

Gold Chain Military - Post War    


The G.C.M (Gold Chain Military) consists of Planet Asia, TriState, Killa Kali, Turbin, Killer Ben & Sav Killz.

1. DJ J-Ronin Post War Intro
2. Big Up's (Feat. Planet Asia, TriState & Killer Ben)
3. What's Happen To Me (Feat. Turbin & Planet Asia)
4. No Questions Asked (Feat. Killer Ben, Turbin & Planet Asia)
5. Killa Price (Feat. Sean Price & Killer Ben)
6. God Like (Feat. Sav Killz)
7. Monkey Walk (Feat. Killer Ben)
8. Restore Order Interlude
9. Chain Buisness (Feat. Planet Asia, Killer Ben & Killa Kali)
10. Poisonous Ring (Feat. Planet Asia, TriState, Killer Ben & Montage One)
11. High Stakes (Feat. Planet Asia & TriState)
12. Court Adjurned (Feat. TriState, Killa Kali & Planet Asia)
13. God Body Shot Gun Rap (Feat. Turbin, Killa Kali & Planet Asia)
14. Armed Forces (Feat. Killer Ben & TriState)
15. Interlude (Feat. Planet Asia)
16. City Of Quartz (Feat. Planet Asia, Killer Ben, TriState & Turbin)
17. Free Tibet (Feat. Turbin, Killa Kali & Planet Asia)
18. Baby Food (Feat. Planet Asia, Sav Killz & TriState)
19. DJ J-Ronin Post War Outrotled


Props: Supashroomz.

[Posted 23rd. May. 2009]

MoeRock - Not Your Average Joe   

MoeRoc, Executive at Wu Music Group defends his fellow Wu-Tang Clansman, Method Man, with a new Track fired towards Joe Budden entitled "32 Bars Of Respect". MoeRoc comments, "The Joe Budden remarks towards Mef were disrespectful. I did it to teach Joe some Respect. In Hip Hop we already lost Loyalty & Integrity, we can't allow Respect to go out the window just like that. Method Man is like a big brother to me, Mef is one of the illest to touch a Mic, Top 5 Stage Performers Ever & A Legend in Hip Hop. Joe will Never be a fraction of what Mef is, so for him to say he's better than a Legend is obscured. He wanted 32 Bars so I gave him '32 Bars of Respect' Joe is finished, I respect him as a rapper but he never made a significant Impact on Hip Hop. I've accomplished more than Joe Budden already & haven't even put out my first major Album yet. Bottom line, if he thinks he is better than a Method Man, then I'm way Better than a Joe Budden."

The Harlem MC also released a 7 Track Street Album entitled "Not The Average Joe" that features the record "32 Bars of Respect" via


[Posted 15th. April. 2009]

Phil Anastasia - The Outfit Movement Vol. 2  

Phil Anastasia, Raekwon's DJ and Ice Water Inc's DJ releases followup to vol. 1 "The Outfit Movement mixtape Vol. 2"  in preparation for the album dropping May 5th. 




[Posted 15th. April. 2009]

Wu-Fam - Myspace Exclusives Vol. 12  








The Fans are at it again, put together by fans for fans. Enjoy. Promotional Use only. Props to Supashroomz and Siccologist


1. (00:04:59) Unstoppable Productions - Stand Up (Feat. S.I.C)
2. (00:02:44) Down Low Recka - The Reinvention (Prod. RNS)
3. (00:03:45) C. Tera - Keep Hustlin (Feat. Shyheim)
4. (00:03:04) M7 - Hard Heads (Feat. Beretta 9)
5. (00:03:57) Ill-Mega - Certified G's (Feat. Dr. Ama & Block McCloud)
6. (00:04:18) Killah Priest - Wheres The Offering-Untitled Lost Story (Prod. Kount Fif)
7. (00:02:11) GENTA$1DE - Gunz And Roses (Prod. Bronze Nazareth)
8. (00:03:09) Metice - Copkiller (Feat. Cappadonna & Larsen)
9. (00:03:51) Rawdoggz - Think Twice (Feat. Killah Priest & Mr. Metaphor)
10. (00:03:14) BHAM The Righteous Rook - Teach (Feat. Solomon Childs)
11. (00:04:21) Green Back Gorrilaz - Clock Work
12. (00:03:49) Jojo Pellegrino - Relapse Grab His Bottle (Freestyle of Crack A Bottle)
13. (00:04:09) Phillies - Grown Man nuts Freestyle (Feat. Swisharelli The Prinze)
14. (00:04:30) 100 Grand - Same Nig (Feat. Dr. Ama)
15. (00:03:10) Don Murda - Holiday Freestyle (Feat. Allahwise360)
16. (00:02:58) Shakim Allah - Walking In Da Rain [Instrumental]
17. (00:03:44) GENTA$1DE - Top Of The World (Prod. Kevlarr 7)
18. (00:05:00) Preacherman - All Night Long (Feat. Chi-King)
19. (00:04:47) My Time Records (Babyface Fensta, Nikki Redz, Ruthless Rob, Questarr, Deug Ak Fitna) - Higher
20. (00:03:11) Babbi-Par (of Shaolin Soldiers) - What U Smoking On
21. (00:04:05) Dezert Eagle (of Hillside Scramblers) - The Streets
22. (00:03:58) INF Black (of Hillside Scramblers) - What Now
23. (00:04:03) Green Back Gorrilaz - Rap and Roll
24. (00:03:41) Solomon Childs - What You Used To Be (Prod. Chris Styles)
25. (00:04:41) Solomon Wise - My Dream (Feat. Killah Priest)
26. (00:03:23) The Swashbuckler - Crocodile Smile (Feat. Copywrite, U-God & Planet Asia)
27. (00:03:34) Lost Chamberz - Rustys MI (Feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard & Various Artists)
28. (00:03:53) Dr. Ama - On Da Low (Feat. Jojo Pellegrino)
29. (00:02:03) PR Terrorist - Pacman Spray
30. (00:03:52) Mr. West Ashley - Blue Dawn (Feat. Beretta 9)
31. (00:03:46) Konspiracy Theory A.K.A Kon Hathaway - The Everyday Struggle OFFICIAL (Feat. Allahwise360 & Don Murda)
32. (00:00:49) Armel & 12 O'Clock - WU TV (Prod. Wicked Mystick Muzick)
33. (00:03:54) Shyheim - The Bottom (Feat. L.E.O, VicPO, Castro, Boom P, Bomb Official, Haxsaw)
34. (00:04:15) Blakk & Tann - Fugazzeee (Feat. Popa Chief)
35. (00:03:31) The Fourtyseven - Art Of Budo

Playing Time.........: 02:08:22
Total Size...........: 176.45 MB

MySpace Exclusives Vol. 12  

[Posted 31st. March. 2009]

Fes Taylor - The Countdown To Flight 10304   

In preparation to Fes Taylor's first official major album, Inspectah Deck presents Fes Taylor - Flight 10304 (T2-Fly), which drops April 7th, Fes Taylor is dropping a collection of 10 brand new, exclusive and unreleased songs for hip-hop fans everywhere.


Fes Taylor - Apollo 13

10. Still Bangin'
9. Angel Wings
8. Losing My Mind
7. I Told Her
6. Money Over Everything
5. Fuck it
4. Rite Back @ It
3. Lights Off
2. Just Got Paid
1. I am the Best

Download Countdown To Flight 10304  

[Posted 31st. March. 2009]

Shyheim - The Greatest Story Never Told Free download.  

Shyheim's website and label Bottom Up records are giving this album out for free download for those who don't already own or have it.

Shyheim - GTNT

[Posted 26th. March. 2009]

Killah Priest - The Eternal Thought Of Killah Priest II EP. 

Damn druids love leaving treats on my doorstep. Here's the second Eternal Thought of Killah Priest EP to drop on RTD. Killah Priest was always one of my favorite Wu-Tang associates... remember his verse from "4th Chamber"? Tracks you need on this: "Essential" is just that; "Psychonistary Mystic Breath" is some abstract thinkin'; "I'm Back Again" is a dope "welcome back" joint. This whole thing is fresh.

Peace to the hooded druids with leaky faucets.


Download Eternal Thought 2 EP

[Posted 24th. March. 2009]

Killah Priest - The Eternal Thought Of Killah Priest I EP. 

Big up to the hooded druid who passed this EP online.  Got the word to let this 12-track release go, for the masses to have their appetites whet before a slew of new/remixed Killah Priest material comes. Fans of the Priest will DEFINITELY know what time it is, especially on the lyrics. Grab this and go huddle into a dark corner, pull on your hoodie and practice some escapism to this pack.

Download Eternal Thought EP

[Posted 18th. March. 2009]

Fes Taylor - Apollo 13: The Countdown To Flight 10304

In preparation to Fes Taylor's first official major album, Inspectah Deck presents Fes Taylor - Flight 10304 (T2-Fly), which drops April 7th, Fes Taylor is dropping a collection of 10 brand new, exclusive and unreleased songs for hip-hop fans everywhere.

Download Apollo 13



[Posted 28th. February. 2009]

Killah Priest - The Untold Story Of Walter Reed



[Posted 15th. February. 2009]

La The Darkman - Living Notoriously

New York, NY (February 15, 2009) – Happy belated Valentine's Day Loud.com! Got a special weekend edition of the newsletter here for you, kicked off by the exclusive new mixtape from SRC Records artist La The Darkman. Known by many as one of the nicest of the underground Wu emcees, it’s a new day for the Bronx-born, ATL-relocated emcee. Along with his new location, LA The Darkman is now a headlining artist and President of Aphilliates Music Group. You already know Mr. Thanksgiving and DJ Sense own AMG.

LA is back with DJ Drama for his 3rd official release under AMG (the first came back in 2006 with the joint “Dead Presidents” and the last one in 2008 “Notorious L.A.D.”), and this CD is way bigger than the last. Always setting the bar high when they drop that music, AMG’s LA The Darkman & DJ Drama bring you “Living Notoriously (Gangsta Grillz): L.A.D.” — packed with exclusive material, new freestyles and never-before-heard music.

01. La The Dark
02. Black James Bond (Like Thunder)
03. What Lifes About (feat. Willie The Kid)
04. Split Your Mask (feat. Willie The Kid)
05. Willie The Kid - You (Remix) (feat. Bobby Valentino & La The Darkman)
06. All About My Ends (feat. Lonnie Mac)
07. Gangsta sh*t (feat. Willie The Kid)
08. I Got Game (feat. Lil Wayne)
09. Suck It Again (feat. Willie The Kid)
10. Swisha & Dosha (feat. Willie The Kid)
11. Friends Turned Enemies (feat. Willie The Kid)
12. A Hustler’s A Hustler (feat. Lonnie Mac)
13. Willie The Kid - Love For Money (feat. Gucci Mane, Trey Songz, La The Darkman, Yung Joc, Bun B & Flo Rida)
14. I’m A G (feat. Trick Trick)
15. fu*king With The Best (feat. Willie The Kid)
16. Well Respected (feat. Willie The Kid)
17. Mo Money (feat. Gucci Mane & Yo Gotti)
18. Ya’ll Ain’t Ready (feat. Willie The Kid & T.I.)


[Posted 13th. February. 2009]

Godz Wrath - Fingerprinces Of The Godz 

[Posted 22nd. January. 2009]

Tha Beggas - Begga Late Than Neva 

Long Axe, Dragonfly, Ooh Aah, Jim Kelly and Samo came back at it.




[Posted 12th. January. 2009]

Darkim Be Allah - Fame Labs Present God In The Ghetto

Darkim Be Allah just dropped a new mixtape entitled God In The Ghetto Volume 1 . Beats by d.C., Planet Mars, Kibyrum, J Dilla featuring 36Zero, Don Murda, Venz Millz and more. Free download below, be on the look out for the full release. Read Album Review

Mixtape Download Link






[Posted 16th. September. 2008]

From DragonFly To You ........ "Dragonslayer"

From DragonFly..

Hey Everybody,

Thank you for all your support. Please enjoy this link. Dragonfly sends you the link to his mixed cd "Dragonslayer".

If you want a full download sent to you just let us know and we will email you the mixed cd. Contact Dragonfly at;

Download Dragonslayer




[29th. October. 2008]

Nova-Kane (American Poet 2099) - The Runn Off (No Following Issue)


SPLASH!!! The Runn Off is finally here download is FREE!!!

Features Guests such as Prodigal Sunn (Sunz of Man), 60 Second Assasain(Sunz Of Man), Crisis (Black Knights), Shorty Shit Stain (Brooklyn Zoo), Irie (Zu Ninjas) + Beats & appearances by White Lotus, Ace Gauntlit, Atlantis Scrolls, KING DJOSER & featuring many other emcees from all over the globe

Rapid Share Link http://rapidshare.com/files/158521199/Nova-Kane_The_Runn_Off.rar

Sendspace Link

Track List go

[29th. October. 2008]

The Rodentz [Li' Mouse & Cno Evil] : Rodentity - Order Rodentia: The Lost Second Season
























The Rodentz dropped an Order Rodentia: Season 1 in 2005 to a very please small number of fans and since then have gone on to bigger and better things, Constant elevation to be precise, the back bone behind the group and its main producer Cno Evil has gone to sharpen his production skills making him a favourite that has eventually lead him to contribute to a number of Wu-Tang fam and other related projects such as Brooklyn Zu's latest offering "Chamber 9, Verse 32" as well as lacing some of the hottest joints off the new Dungeon Masta's "Wishful Thinking" and many more surprised productions on high-profiled albums yet to be released as well as his group and solo effort.

Same time his partner Li Mouse has spent time whetting his rhyme skills and focusing personal as well as side projects.  With a completed follow up album yet to be released, the group has sadly dissolved and gone their separate ways due to creative differences.  Solo albums are dropping soon from both acts, "The Expiration Date" from Cno Evil and "The Most Daring" from Li Mouse. Only comparison to both projects would be the Outkast's Big Boi and Andree 3000's "Speaker Boxxx / The Love Below" double album, still an Outkast album but with a more personal touch or influences from both artists, same situation here, its still Rodentz, a more improved matured Rodentz but more specific and personal to each artist. both albums drops some time soon, either before end of this year or early next year.

So what happened to the songs that were recorded after the first album and before the solo projects? Wu-International has been following the group with a keen interest since its first release, and apparently there was a completed album that was a follow up to the Season One of Order Rodentia, a double album that seems to be a waste if the fans don't get to hear this work, the double CD is called Order Rodentia: The Lost Season, divided into two parts, The Tamias Striatus side and The Mus Musculus side, Please click on album cover to see full track listing. Keen not to see this project go to waste, The Rodentz have teamed up with Wu-International for an exclusive online only release of the double CD free for fans and potential fans as an appetizer for their upcoming projects.

No the group are not Wu-Tang Killa Beez and neither do they claim to be Wu affiliates, and while its evident Wu is a heavy influence on their music, Cno Evil (Who produced almost all the joints on the album) has managed to create a cohesive album while crafting his own unique signature sound that fortunately does not put them inside the box of Wu-Tang but extends further to a general hip-hop feel, the rodentia way. Obviously the production is what stands out the most on the album, songs like R.O.D.E.N.T.Z, finds Cno battling with his art form and what the fans wants, as he speculates if to dumb down his lyrics to appease the fans who like their first album but felt it was not street enough, club enough, radio friendly enough and ends it with a positive note quoting something the great Ol' Dirty Bastard said which is by the way a clever skit just before this particular song dedicated to Ason Unique. Contribution as usual is kept to a minimal and strictly fam only with Knickolist Knowledge contributing his vocals as well as a couple of beats for this album.

Album is a Wu-International / Rodentz exclusive release, it is free, and comes with full track listing, front and back cover art and mp3s of all the songs, so what do you have to lose? download it, spread it around and get ready for the next chamber, this might be the last time you ever hear an album from both artists collectively as The Rodentz. Please click on link below;

Download Order Rodentia: The Lost Season

[16th. October. 2008]

Ace The Voice Valentine : The Bakery [Revolver Edition]


For those who have wondered what happened to Oli "Power" Grant, one of the driving forces behind the Wu-Tang Clan is back with a new project titled The Bakery.

The first release that they're pushing out of there oven is a project titled The Revolver Edition, which stars upstart MC, Ace The Voice Valentine and will feature Treach, Mike Knox, Anthony Hamilton and Big Dap just to name a few.

Ace Ft. Tavoria - Juicy (Prod. By Guerilla Tech)

Ace - Magic Touch (Prod. By The Convenant)

Ace - Testimony (Prod. By The Convenant)

Ace Ft. Treach - Shoot Shoot (Prod. By The RZA)



Props: http://the9elements.blogspot.com

[Posted 02nd. October. 2008]

The Syndicate (Myalansky & Joe Mafia) - The Syndicate Is Back Mixtape [Free Download]


The Syndicate (Myalansky and Joe Mafia) formally known as Wu-Syndicate has exclusively joined forces with Wu-International to released the highly sort after, rare, and out of print classic mixtape "The Syndicate Is Back" for free download to the fans due to popular demand.

This classic mixtape was released on the streets in 2007 to mark the return of Myalansky and Joe Mafia, who have been on a musical hiatus for a some of years since they debuted on the chart with their self titled album in 1999 on Wu-Tang records. The mixtape is jam packed with great beats, ingenious rhymes and original story line, nothing less expected from the duo.
Check Myalansky and Mafia trading ill verses on "Jooks" and "The Interview" covers a personal account of the reasons the group stop making music for while and history behind it. Another favourite is "12 or 6" which sees Mya addressing what it takes to lock him lyrically or in person, songs is a straight up mic slaughter on this. Wu-Tang fans would rejoice to see a reunion of The syndicates with Raekwon on "Wig Splash". The mixtape show cases the groups versatility, and hunger, still proving to be a relevant force in the game, it is no wonder the limited amount pressed up were sold out quick on the streets leaving the Wu-nerds or online fans searching hard for it over a year.

With e-mails pouring constantly at Wu-International, it was only right to push for this, with the group currently working on a new album and Myalansky working on his solo project "Drastic Measure" expected end of year or early next year, Mya wanted to give something back to the fans as a thank you for still listening, for all the emails sent enquiring for the group so the group has sent the full mixtape exclusively to Wu-Int as a free download to the fans, click on the link below or the mixtape cover to download, Please spread this around and Enjoy!


[Posted 16th. September. 2008]

Wu-Syndicates -   Killa Bee Stung / Torch Still Burnin'


Right back at you, Wu-Syndicates aka The Syndicates still relevant, still making that hits, the duo are back with a Wu-Tang dedication, Killa Bee Stung as well as the ODB tribute song "Torch Still Burnin" as well as ending all the rumours about the groups affiliation with the Wu.  Made exclusively available to the fans by Myalansky for the fans exclusively via Wu-International and his myspace page  www.myspace.com/myalansky757  Be on the look out for Myalansky's solo project "Drastic Measures" sometime this year.  

Killa Bee Stung >>>> download
Torch Still Burnin'  >>>> download

[Posted 27th. August. 2008]

Pete Rock Vs MidaZ The BEAST - Ozone's Finest  


With each subsequent release, casual listeners and hip hop heads alike are learning more and more just why Orlando's most ferocious emcee has earned himself the title of MidaZ the BEAST. Continuing in the vein of his prior release, 'Grandmasters Remix Lp', which paired the UJ Empire word warrior with an album's worth f DJ Muggs production, MidaZ's newest project finds him teamed up with another legendary hip hop producer.

'Ozone's Finest' features MidaZ rocking over beats by none other than hip hop's #1 Soul Brother, Pete Rock. "This album is me showcasing multiple styles," says MidaZ. "I tried to show with this project that my mic game is tight...no matter what the drums do. I chose Pete Rock as my adversary because I believe he's one of the greatest ever. I wanted to test my pen against greatness."

Featuring guest appearances by Roc C of Stones Throw fame, Sabac Red (NonPhixion), Beretta 9 (Killarmy), TzariZM, IMAKEMADBEATS, and more, 'Ozone's Finest' showcases the continuing evolution of a rapper whose vivid wordplay and razor-like agility on the microphone has earned him the praise of Wu-Tang's Killarmy and Shyheim, Babygrande production duo Blue Sky Black Death, and anyone else who's been blessed to witness the kid spit – all over the trademark Pete Rock sound that most consider to be the pinnacle of hip hop production. While the claim as 'Ozone's Finest' currently sits under his belt, it's only a matter of time before MidaZ expands his title to greater arenas.

Click on picture or link to download

[Posted 27th. August. 2008]

The RZA hosts 14 Deadly Secrets  

Germany based DJ Derezon presents a free mixtape with Wu-Tang bangers hosted by Wu-Tang Clan's abott The RZA aka Bobby Digital who's sharing 14 never before heard inside stories about tracks like "Full Clip", "Nas is like". Definitely worth downloading.

Click on picture or link to download






Props: Derezon [http://www.soundscanradio.de]

[Posted 01st. August. 2008]

Killah Priest & Chief Kamachi - Beautiful Mind Album Sampler

Longtime Wu-Tang affiliate Killah Priest and Army of The Pharaohs core member Chief Kamachi are teaming up to release their full length collabo album “Beautiful Minds” on September 23rd on Good Hands Records.


Click Picture to download



[Posted 29th. July. 2008]

Lords of Lofi meets Wu Corp Army

Release Date: 7/28/2008
Tracks: 16
File Size: 91 Mb [320kb Audio Quality]



All Tracks Produced By Lord Beatjitzu


1. Blackbelt Intro - 100 Proof & Graveyard Shifter

2. Needle Sword - Skampoe, Jigsaw, H. Notik & Icabod Chang

3. Abbott Vs Ninja - Lord Zero, Ill Tragedy & Stylemaster

4. 18 Styles - Ern Dawgy, Shinobi Ironfist & Icabod Chang

5. Fist Of The Golden Monkey - Technician & Stylemaster

6. Lyrical Chess - Sinapse & Max Munch

7. World Of Kung Fu - Imperial Skillz Empera, Skampoe, Jigsaw & Max Munch

8. Lo-Fi Kick Dirty Punch - Shinobi Ironfist, Lord Zero & Ern Dawgy

9. 8-Bit Expert - Sinapse & Lord Zero

10. Acknowledged Master - Maximus Da Mantis, 100 Proof & Ern Dawgy

11. Monks Wine - Sinapse, Maximus Da Mantis & Devamps

12. Ninja Power - Jigsaw, Skampoe & Max Munch

13. Dragon Spit - Maximus Da Mantis, Shinobi Ironfist & Lord Zero

14. Wild Ox - Stylemaster & H. Notik

15. Unknown Kung Fu - 100 Proof, Ern Dawgy & Icabod Chang

16. Wisdom Chamber -
Maximus Da Mantis & Technician

[Posted On 2nd. July. 2008] New Update:

Godsendant Music - March of the Godsends / free album

A Free Download Featuring: Atari Blitzkrieg, Ayatollah Jaxx, Beyond Comprehension, Block McCloud, Breez Evahflowin, Brooklyn Brawler, Darkim Be Allah, Emad Saad, Iron Soul, Jasiri X, Karniege, Krohme, Little Indian, Negro Scoe, Punchline, Rack-Lo, Royce Da 5′9, Steadfast, Vast Aire, War Bixby & Wildchild.

All Tracks Produced by Krohme, Except Atari Blitzkrieg’s American, Idle (Produced by Karl Lazlo) & The Spirits Within feat. Krohme (Produced by DeNovo) and Krohme’s Dead Awakened produced by Christian Olde Wolbers of Fear Factory. Cuts on Dark Water by Chinch 33.

Click Picture to download

Props: Krohme

[Posted On 2nd. July. 2008] New Update:

The Almighty - The Original S.I.N. Mixtape

A1. Killah Priest-The Almighty Jungle Anthem [intro]
2. Almighty-The Saga Begins
3. 5-Star feat. Inspectah Deck & U-God-Handle That [remix]
4. Killah Priest-I Believe
5. C-Rayz Walz & Kosha Dillz-Unheib
6. Almighty feat. Planet Asia-Obey [The Statesmen]
7. Bronze Nazareth feat. Killa Sin-The Bronzeman
8. M-Eighty feat. C-Rayz Walz-That's What's Up
9. Son One-Black America
10. Almighty feat. Canibus & Keith Murray-Handle the Heights
11. C-Rayz Walz feat. Karniege-New York Shitty
12. Hell Razah feat. Bronze Nazareth-Los Pepes
13. Killah Priest feat. Nas & 5-Star-Gun 4 Gun [original remix]
14. Almighty-Come to Life Faster
15. M-Eighty feat. Tragedy Khadafi & Son One
16. C-Rayz Walz feat. MF Doom-Vomit Chorus
17. Almighty feat. Timbo King-Killa Bee Swarm
18. 5-Star feat. Dezert Eez-Rebel Monks
19. Killah Priest-4 Tomorrow
20. M-Eighty feat. Cappadonna, C-Rayz Walz, & Son One-Posse Cut
21. Almighty-The Almighty.

Click Picture to download

Props: M-Eighty

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