[Broken Silence: Truth Revealed (Interview)]

Interview Date: 07th. October. 2009

Conducted By: Dark 7 Invader

Special thanks to Amun Sen Hotep Re


Hu” is AMUN SEN HOTEP RE also known as Bigga Dre from INNER VIBE SOUND / “The Hidden SUN of the Lost Children Of Babylon?” The answer is in the question which leads you in his direction as a true MC. Amun Sen Hotep Re is a writer, artist, music consultant, actor, and producer who has worked with grammy award recipients to up and coming artists and producers. Originally a member of Pennsylvania’s own INNER VIBE SOUND Inc., an independent Record Label which consist of Amun Sen Hotep Re (BIGGA DRE), Incredible KMACK, and Dave The Last Tycoon. Bigga Dre has managed to use his independent status as writer, which eventually landed him a position at Sigma “Sound House Production” Studio under the legendary Joe Tarsia. Pre millennium Amun attended Walnut St. Theatre as a student in teen ensemble where he learned key elements in performance such as, stage presence, improv, etc. In Early 2000 Bigga Dre (Amun Sen Hotep Re) joined The Lost Children Of Babylon to help strengthen their fan base which resulted in a major distribution contract with Babygrande Records.

BIGGA DRE can be heard on The Lost Children of Babylon’s last three album releases which includes "Words From The Duat: Book Of Anubis", where he first appeared as the God “AMUN” The Hidden Sun Of The L.C.O.B. on a couple of tracks, creating a high buzz for himself and solidifying a permanent spot due to a demand from fans across the world, thirsty
for more of what the Hidden Sun had in store! The 3rd controversial album by L.C.O.B. "911 Report" became an instant classic earning a perfect score (10 out 10 at www.rapreviews.com) with classic hits such as Guerilla Militia, Propaganda, Legend of the Fall, Media, Closed Caption, Conspiracy Theory, Who Speaks For Us, and By Any Means Necessary which feature AMUN. With a forth installment close to completion from L.C.OB. “The Appendices” Scroll Of Lost Tales.... where Amun The hidden Sun takes things to the next level,..... Wait a minute, is he still a member of L.C.O.B? will his recorded verse be on the new album or taken out? was he not the one that was rumored to have been replaced in the group by Warcloud? what is his current relationship with L.C.O.B members and most especially Rasual Allah? Ask more questions as we tell you no lies as Wu-International catches up with the man himself to discuss all the rumors, issues within the group, his new projects and labels and how he intends to conquer the beast he calls the music industry.

I like to say thanks first and foremost for taking the time to answer these questions, highly appreciated, and will also point out that nothing will be altered, edited or changed when this is published online.

Wu-Internationals: Peace Amun, how are you?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: I'm doing my Biz
Wu-Internationals: Amun Sen Hotep Re, that is a very long name, could you please break down the meaning of your name and why you have chosen this name?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: My Name was given to me by PAA Nazdir: Amunnub Reakh Ptah, PAA Hanut: (Djedi) at birth you are given a name by your physical parents and once you come into the realization of who and what you "are" you receive a spiritual name which can be given or taken on as an attribute.

Wu-Internationals: Interesting name, what other names do you go by?
Amun Sen Hotep Re Shadow Assassin, Bigga Dre, The HIDDEN SUN OF THE LCOB!

Wu-International: So it’s not like you had a name change, would you say you adopted a new name within the same person?
Amun Sen Hotep Re Shadow Assassin, Bigga Dre, The HIDDEN SUN OF THE LCOB!

Wu-International:  Please give us a brief history of how you met and became a member of The Lost Children Of Babylon (LCOB)?
Amun Sen Hotep Re:  In Philly there used to be a venue called The Black Lilly (at the Legendary 5 spot) where acts such as the Roots, Musiq Soul Child, Jill Scott, Jaguar Wright, Flobrown, Bilal, Kindred, Jazzy Fat Nasties, Lady Alma, and even Jasmine Sullivan would come and perform. My brother Kenyatte and I would attend it was a great place to network and socialize with other up and coming/established artist, promoters, producers, etc. We would leave the event just before it ended because it was easier to solicit promotional fliers without all the social interaction we would post out front and catchem (Patrons) in passing. There were a group of back pack rappers outside in the midst was Sul we built and exchange jewels discussing prospects of me working with the group. I thought it would be good to bring something brand new but working with any and everybody is something I don't do so instead of jumping on every track he submitted I waited until he brought something new that I felt would be a challenge, when I heard where every breath is a prayer it was on the way back from a trip from TAMARE Egypt of The West in G.A. on the same disk was a snippet of the Rising Force these two tracks I took on as my main course. I never knew how much I contributed to the group (LCOB) until Sul Asked me if I wanted to join the crew to open up in the Poconos (Almost Heaven Camp Site) for the Roots this is where I met the other members except for Rich. We had great chemistry on stage this along with the strong internet response from my feature is what got us on the same page!

Wu-Internationals : Is there any particular reasons that you are known as the Hidden Sun of LCOB, and what is/was your role within the group?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: There is so much work I put in behind the scenes! Only if you knew!!! The double edge sword logo you see holding up the LCOB is a representation of Me X= the unknown The Hidden One or Should I say the Hidden SUN "AMUN". If you take the Sun out the sky then all life would die and if you remove me from the equation then your album might get pushed back a few years YA DIG... However if you recruit and put me as a member in your group Babygrande might sign you or refind (refine) you.

Wu-International: Reason we have asked is because a couple of years ago, LCOB posted up news in regards to you leaving the group due to contractual reasons, could you please shed some light on this, and tell us why you left?
Amun Sen Hotep Re:  False Claims = F.E.A.R. Fraudulent Expectations Appearing Real,  Actually I didn't get a chance to see that but I heard about it {Laughs}. You would have to ask the person responsible for that claim. If you notice there was a very long standstill after that in fact it is now 2009 and we still haven't seen a project from them yet! I don't give energy to dead things I will say this I joined LCOB and Babygrande signed us after that claim was made things haven't been the same. I am about unity and I see the long term effects that negative publicity has taken a toll on the group. It's sad too Many Chiefs and not Enough Indians someone was trying to sound Deep using words like "Contractual" to add sensationalism to the sting but all that did was reverse the outcome.

Wu-Internationals: During that time also it was said you will be replaced by Warcloud aka The Holocaust? how true is this and how do you feel about the replacement?
Amun Sen Hotep Re:  That is why I waited so long to do this interview so that I can point out the inconsistencies. First it was Warcloud, who recently sent me a friend request on myspace, then it was KSarrah now there trying to conceptualize the group which is "reverse mathematics" because you cant add on by taking away. Receipts and Precepts' give birth to concepts as a group we were well received. Now because of the controversy and lapse of time the perception of our fans have changed because you have so many people using the name (LCOB) which promotes the question Who is LCOB? I can remember the first interview Wu- International conducted with The Lost Children Of Babylon it was a "good look" (It looked good) but why wasn't it a collective involving all members Atun Sen Geb, Ancient Kemet, Amun Sen Hotep RE, Rich Raw, Rasul Allahu, & Cosmic Crusader? I found out about that interview the same way I found out about the rumor of me allegedly leaving due to contractual reasons THE FANS or should I say THE FAM they are the ones who I have a strong connection with. Internal Conflict should not be an eye soar that's why I never addressed some of the things that were going on behind the scenes. They wanted to use Holocaust/Warcloud to implant in your mind WU or Wu Affiliation but you cant clone a style or steal a birth right and expect the consumer to buy that. The Wu emerged on the scene as a family more like an organization they would have never did some Sucka shit like purposely misspell a name, or edit a verse, propagate lies, slander and ill propaganda because what you do in the dark comes to light!

Wu-International: Speaking of the last interview, was there not supposed to be a joint project between  Sunz Of Man and LCOB?
Amun Sen Hotep Re:   A lot of things are questionable like why is it that no one from Sunz of Man is on the 911 or the Duat but Lcob replaced the INNER VIBE SOUND logo with a Sunz Of Man logo? What is the real reason they changed the The Appendices to the Zeigeist?

Wu-International: So is it safe to say you won’t be on "The Appendices" Scroll Of Lost Tales (LCOB's supposedly upcoming album on Babygrande)?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: I signed to BABYGRANDE to do these albums. I consider it a obligation not an option so if you don't hear me on it there was foul play (Breach Of Contract), which I had nothing to do with because I stay in contact despite any minor disagreements. This is the Music Business Music and the Business go hand and hand and I haven't washed my hands of anything until I finished the plate!

Wu-International: Killah Priest was meant to executively produce that album, what is your relationship with Priest now and will you be working with him?
Amun Sen Hotep Re:  Killah Priest would definitely bring something positive to a Lost Children Of Babylon Project! We opened up a show for him out in Miami shortly after the 911 Report album was released that is where I met him. I can relate to Priest because he is in a position and making moves and if you are progessive to he is willing to work with you. While we were out at South Beach he was working on "The Offering" he let us preview some of the tracks and passed off a instrumental for me and Raw to feature on it. Rasul was envious and didn't like that so he reached and took it back claiming he was going to send the track. I didn't get a chance to bless the Offering due to circumstance but through inconveience and discomfort growth is at hand. He was performing at Polaris in Philly shortly after the album was released and I came out to support and he showed love infact I was in the V.I.P. so the prospects of us working together I'm still open with out a doubt.

Wu-International: Good to hear, lets get back to LCOB's last album, 911, how well was that album received by fans?

Amun Sen Hotep Re: Rapreviews.com gave it a 10 out of 10



Wu-Internationals: Do you ever see yourself getting back with the group LCOB?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: Yes I was in the studio with Atun and Sul I wrote and recorded the hook for one of the the tracks on the Zeigeist Album entitled "Prison Planet". There were a few more songs I wrote to but I am only going to mention the one I recorded if you don't hear me on the new album just know there was Foul Play and I will go in depth and explain later but for now I asking all our fans remain optimistic.

Wu-Internationals: Ok, so yuo are still in contact and in good working relatonship with some if not all of the members of LCOB?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: Yes it's important to communicate this, and minimizes the confusion and speculation but It's hard when your comrades view you as competition instead of apart of the conglomerate. I'm always writing and recording songs for myself and others. I learned along time ago from reading a book called "The MIND" that in order for a group to come together physically they have to be on the same page mentally in other words let go the EGO (self arrogating aspect of the the MIND) strength lies in unity and there are no chances only probability ( ability to probe). We have to collectively and individually Probe and look past the ego and think about "OUR" fans!!!!!

Wu-International:  What were you doing before you became a member of LCOB?
Amun Sen Hotep Re:  I was working at the Legendary Sigma sound House as a ghost writer with Don Wil (producer) together we were apart of the production team at Sigma which was owned by Joe Tarsia.

Wu-International: Ok, well lets move away from LCOB now, how did you fall into your respective crafts (emceeing), what made you decide to pick the microphone up?
Amun Sen Hotep Re:  I'm from a small city on the out skirts of Philly with a big reputation unfortunately the positive is overlooked there is an immense amount of talent but not too many outlets to express creativity so a lot of the youth take it to the streets instead of going into the booth. Most of my child hood friends that I went to primary school with are either Dead or in Jail some didn't have a chance to excel instead of letting the odds weaken my will it strengthen me in more ways than one. I think that endurance breeds resistance so I begin to express myself through writing, beatboxing, and freestyling. My mother was a single parent strong black woman who instilled in me the importance of originality once she found out that I was interested in music she enrolled me into Walnut St. Theatre this is where I learned about improv, stage presence, etc. Towards the end of every Summer I would stay in In North Philly with my brother (R.i.p. DAVE TYCOON) we would go around ciphering building our stats we learned how create songs from Kenyatte overall he taught us how to rap. Every block party, house party, or talent show we were old enough to enter it was a go this is where I learned how to put on a show.

Wu-International:  Who would you say are your influences both lyrically and style wise as an MC?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: 
Outkast - Diversity,
KRS - Conscious with the ability to appeal to the street, 
Refugees / The Roots - Eclectic,
Nas - Narrative
2pac - Conviction
Rakim - Scientifically Smooth

Wu-International: Interesting answers, thanks. How do you differentiate yourself as an emcee from other emcees?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: A true Mc can remind you of another artist that you like but maintain originality. The true essence of Hip Hop is having your own identity and making an impression Basically being a trendsetter remaining relevant and not compromising integrity for a couple dollars. I connect with my audience by providing them with Good Product "I know when to holdem and when to foldem" there is a set time for everything (Zero Time Reference) and at the appropriate time that's when I will release undisclosed material. It's all about TIME because time is money You reap what you so! Most artist start off one way and are unable to change with the times or the misinterpret what it means to be Current so they recycle the same bullshit that's being fed by those who want to capitalize off our music and keep you dead I do the total opposite. As an emcee I have chose to be the "best at what I do" (I Do ME) because I feel that it is better to Master One thing than to be a Jack of all trades and Master None.

Wu-International: Are you originally from Philly?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: No I'm from Chester P.a. home of Jameer Nelson, Kevin Jones, Tyreke Evans, Ethel Waters, Brandi Wells, Kevin Michael etc. its on the out skirts of Philly where William Penn first Landed (The original Penns Landing is in Chester)!

Wu-International:  Do you have any non musical aspirations?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: No I'm from Chester P.a. home of Jameer Nelson, Kevin Jones, Tyreke Evans, Ethel Waters, Brandi Wells, Kevin Michael etc. its on the out skirts of Philly where William Penn first Landed (The original Penns Landing is in Chester)!

Wu-International: See, thought you were from Philly, Philly has always had talents, from The Roots, Jedi Mind Tricks, Bahamadia, of course LCOB and so on, not much has been heard from up and coming emcees except for those already established, what is your view on this?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: Most make the mistake of separating the music from the business Do not forget this is the "Music Business" and the only way your going to be successful is to have everything in perspective. I can only share with you from my personal experience with working with LCOB I felt like certain members were disgruntle when they found out I wouldn't allow myself to be taken advantage of but I didn't let feelings interfere with business so if there ever was internal conflict you would never hear or see that coming from me that's and eye soar and when you deal with major labels and distribution companies they want to know that their investment is secure. There are a lot of talented up and coming artist but the game has changed due to the advancement of Technology so the artist have to advance and combine the old methods of selling records with the New Wave. Study the successful ones before you and learn from their mistakes it takes allot more than just being "HOT" you have to create a movement and don't stand in one spot!

Wu-International: I have had a chance to find out about Inner Vibe Sound, could you please tell us more about Inner Vibe Sound?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: INNER VIBE SOUND Inc. is a Record Label that provides services that range from production, song writting, graphic design, digital distribution, music management, and consulting. The group INNER VIBE SOUND consist of Amun Sen Hotep Re (BIGGA DRE), Incredible KMACK, and Dave The Last Tycoon!

Wu-International: I see there are 2 of you mostly on the pictures, please tell us abut your partner The Incredible Kmack, what’s his role in the group?  
Amun Sen Hotep Re: Incredible KMACK is my blood brother Mentor and Executive Producer of the last three INNER VIBE SOUND albums (Evolve Or Perish, Infinitive Lifeline, Cointelpro) released.He is also the inspiration behind the music and graphic design of The Last Ticoon Album (reissued and distributed by INNER VIBE SOUND Inc.)

Wu-International: You have 4 albums already out on that name, please tell us more about these projects and how fans can pick them up?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: Evolve or Perish is our first release most of the production was done by Incredible KMACK except for the first two singles off the album (Evolve Or Perish & Lost And Turned Out) all mixes and scratches are provided by DJ Vader! I am on Five songs Uptown On A Downtown, Lost And Turned Out, Conflict, X The Rest, & Fuckin Wit Me. This album is basically a set up for all the albums it scratches the surface without penetrating the epidermis giving you just enough to keep you interested and looking forward to the next LP. Infinitive Lifeline is our Sophomore release a continuation of our Debut starting off where we left with Evolve or Perish (The Remix) which features Dave Tycoon (INNER VIBE SOUND Solo Artist) Don Wil ( Protege of Legendary Producer Clark Kent) Lauren Lark & Steve Sparrow (Vocalist). Production also Includes DJ Rashawn, who has production credits ranging from working with Diplomats member Jim Jones to Ruff Ryders Recording Artist. Mark M4p Mcgurn is another in house up and coming producer, who is from my hometown Chester P.a. Vax Morpheus produced our first two singles on Evolve Or Perish so it was only right we bring him back and of course Incredible KMACK! This album also incorporates Live Instrumentation provided by Argentina's Juan Garcia Bossio (bass player arranger and composer) & Trinidad's John Sebastian Gaskin acoustic guitar/bass player. The 3rd album is actually the first solo project from INNER VIBE SOUND own Dave Tycoon (That Last Ticoon) features include Philly's own Major Figgas (Dutch Bump J and Chops) , North Philly's Aaron Owens "A.O. (AND 1 Mixtape Tour, Ball 4 Real World Tour), Amun Sen Hotep Re (BIGGA DRE The Hidden Sun Of LCOB) & KMACK produced by Dj Rashawn and Vax Morpheus! The Last Album to date is Cointelpro (The Counter Intelligence Program) production by it can be compared to the 911 Report without all the sensationalism and extremity.

Wu-International: Are you currently working on a solo album or new material?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: Yes I am working on a new album the first Single will be Released Digitally on September 9, 2009 (999) I am including A Bonus DVD (Mysteries Behind Closed Doors) For free with each purchase!

Wu-International: Please tell us more about this as in title, producers, and featured guests?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: There is only so much I can Disclose at this point but I will tell you that this whole album will be Executive Produced by Me! I spoke with KRS ONE and things are looking good but it's hard to lock anyone down until it's all said and done especially with his upcoming new release with BuckShot. I am in the studio now with Don Wil and we have created some Master Pieces I take pride in making timeless music (expect GREATNESS)! While working in Sigma I built pretty strong relationships with other accredited producers such as Keith Pelzer (production credits of Will Smith Floetry, Jill Scott and the list goes on). Cee Knowledege of Digable Planets, TL Hot Runner (Major Figgas Fabulous and list goes on) and prior to signing to Babygrande I was fortunate enough to meet with NAS, Mike Brinkly, and DJ LES at INDRE Recording studios a window of opportunity was presented from me to possibly sign under Nas's imprint at that time( ILL WILL Records )but I had already set out on working to strengthen the LCOB movement which conflicted with the pursuit to do a solo project. Recently I reached out to DJ LES through the net and let him know what I'm presently doing so keep your Eyes open.... I also want to expose some new talent such as "Top Prospects" San Frane and rest assure you will hear more Dave Tycoon,KMACK and as I stated it all about the Fans so the door is Open for the Lost Children Of Babylon but I'm not going to waist my time!

Wu-International: When are you planning to release the album if any?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: Towards The End Of December 2009 Stay updated by logging on to www.innervibesound.com, www.myspace.com/amun9, www.myspace.com/innervibesound.com http://twitter.com/INNERVIBESOUND

Wu-International: Any major behind it or you are doing it independently?
Amun Sen Hotep Re:  It will be a Joint Venture.

Wu-International: What kinds of ideas are going into this new album?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: I make music for the masses but when I'm trying to reach a particular audience I speak to them direct without sensationalism so you can expect for me to touch on a wide range of topics ranging from spirtuality, streets, culture, relationships, etc. I don't want to be monotyped (1 sided) if any thing I rather be stereotyped play me on your radio and listen to what you like! If I write a song with a message I'm not trying to reach the ones that already know I want to connect with the Def Dumb and Blind alot of these so called "rappers" are wrapped up in conspiracy theories and polotricks or either they are on some space cadet shit "I aint preachin to the choir" I'm talking to the brothers and sisters who really have a problem but they are looking for a solution so I want to share what I have learned from my personal experience and others. Spread the jewelz and in between take time out to groove you have to feed the people with a spoon.

Wu-International: Are there any songs you are most excited about you might want to share with us now?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: I'm really excited about releasing the New single "El Eloh" as I stated earlier it's about the time and NOW is the perfect time! There are two other tracks that are going to be on the single and this will give the people and idea of where I'm coming from.

Wu-International: How do you think the fans will receive your album especially now you are not with LCOB?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: I have noticed that most "rappers" usually do well within a group setting on the contrary most emcees can hold their own and branch out as a solo artist. Take for examples Ice Cube (N.W.A.) Busta Rymes (L.O.N.S.) Qtip (Tribe Called Quest) Grand Puba (Brand Nubian) Cee lo Green (Goodie Mob) and the list goes on We are all cut from the same cloth. I think they will appreciate the expansion and growth of my solo career considering I put so much work in over the years.

Wu-International: What would you say you were trying to achieve with your music?

Amun Sen Hotep Re: I want to help with the preservation of Hip Hop culture by carrying on traditon and leaving body of work that will inspire the new generation.

Wu-International: Who would you like to work with at the moment?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: 9th Wonder

Wu-International: After the album, what else as in shows, mixtapes?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: After the album I plan on touring the U.K. to connect with my fans abroad record some footage to let you see the response. INNER VIBE SOUND will be releasing the first installment of Vintage Albums and unreleased material entitled More Reality (Moor REAL I.NNER VIBE SOUND T.YCOON ). We will be working on a series of mixtapes and a compilation log on to www.innervibesound.com for more information.

Wu-International: Since LCOB's last album there have been multitude of lcob offspring all around the globe all claiming LCOB Canada, Poland, UK, Russia list goes on, what's your take on this?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: What better way to regain the general interest of your fans and parent company/label then to create a marketing scheme to prioritize your project, which would ultimately promote your release (Props for press, Rumors for Rates). Business men and artists have a totally different mindset. Artists tend to focus primarily on their craft, where as an executive in business' primary concern is to generate interest in a product and to create capital. Once you have displayed to them that you are capable of maintaining your status you will be put on the shelf. As I said before, time is money and as you can see there has been a lapse of time which reduces interest and minimizes the budget. However, you can never judge a book by its cover because its plot has yet to be revealed.

Wu-International: Outside of music, what else have you been working on?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: Outside of music I've been getting back into acting recently I did an endorsement for a book called "What We Dragged Out Of Slavery With Us" by Author: Claude A. Green Jr. you can order it at practically at any book store or I also featured in A Chester Story a full-length film documentary which chronicles the historical development of Chester City through the voices of Black residents. A Chester Story was featured in the Philadelphia Black Film and Media Festival. Most importantly encouraging people sign this petition..
"Dear Honorable President Obama,
I salute your promise to end torture in America and that is why I am writing to you about the case of Malachi K. York who is serving a 135 year sentence. MK York is a 64- year old federal prisoner being held in the custody of the United States Bureau of Prisons (BOP) at the United States Penitentiary, Florence Administrative Maximum Facility located in Florence, CO; after unlawfully being sentenced in rural Georgia to 135 years imprisonment for crimes he did not commit. Mr. York has served 7 of an astounding 135 year sentence and suffers with a disease known as Hereditary Angioedema (HAE), a life threatening disease that could cause sudden death. Mr. York is being medically tortured at the hands of the U.S. Bureau of Prisons who have repeatedly denied proper medical treatment and forcibly prescribed medications which exacerbate HAE. His symptoms include swelling of the throat, migraine headaches, and extreme breakouts of hives, nausea, and seizures triggered by the Hydrochlorothiazide, which is being prescribed to him; a violation of the 8th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States which outlines the act of Cruel & Unusual Punishment.
This case has gained national and international attention because Mr. York was convicted solely based on flawed testimony of witnesses. There is no physical or DNA evidence that ties him to the alleged accusers. Most witnesses and alleged victims, some of which were children, stated they were threatened and coerced by FBI agents some at gun point, to make false allegations and statements against Mr. York. This is supported by the affidavits and recantations by these witnesses and alleged victims. The prosecutions’ key witness also recanted. The Innocence Society is seeking help in this matter to objectively look at all of the facts of this case; Facts that prove Mr. York’s innocence and facts that prove the U.S courts never had jurisdiction to try this matter. Honorable President Obama, I believe you to be a man that believes in human rights and human dignity, fairness over finality and therefore I ask that you look into the case of Mr. Malachi K. York."

Wu-International: I assume you are also member of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, are there any other sciences or religion that you affiliate yourself with?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: With all do respect I don't prescribe to the institution of any religion "TRUTH IS TRUTH". I accept as fact the eternal laws of nature as revealed through science, past events, logic and common sense revealed as Right Knowledge, Wisdom And Right Overstanding!

Wu-International: Anything else you might want the fans to know that we missed out on?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: I want the fans to know that with me it's all about integrity an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure I will not allow others to capitalize off of my blood sweat and tears. Over the years I have observed the cliche of pimps and hoes in the industry my best friend and worst enemy is myself with that being said know that I am going to ride for the Cause but not "Just because"..... Money isn't everything it's more than music it's a MOVEMENT!

Wu-International: Any shout outs or last words to your fans or potential fans?
Amun Sen Hotep Re: Big Shout Out To All my Fans (FAM) all across the globe eastcoast, west coast, Bermuda, The U.k. Canada, Japan, can not forget Chuck Wilson, "The Outback" , Skip, Mike, ad Angela Wilson. A special shout out to Malachi Kobina York, Paa Rasultet Bastet,Mentu Hotep, Hatshepsut, Nubi,Qahhaaru Re-Imotep, Khenti Hotep Hera Collection and the whole U.N.W. & A Special THANKS to Wu International for conducting this Interview, When you get a chance stop by and sign our guest book www.innervibesound.com !!!!!!!!!!!!


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