Birdz of Prey
[The Early Birdz Get The Worm Interview]

Interview Date:  August 2011

Published Date: 22nd November 2011

Conducted & Written By:
Dark 7 Invader & Recollectah

Special thanks to members of B.O.P especially Judah, General Jihad & Joey Ice Pick.


Birdz of Prey

With a home base in Watts, California; The Birdz of Prey's origin began in early 2009 and has culminated into a rebirth of the hip-hop movement. The overall goal of this group is to bring the truth to the music. The group's powerful dynamic consists of: July 9th Da Hawk, Blaqe Diamond, General Jihad, Joey IcePick, Voodoo, and Phoenix from Da Flame. While the group might look like something new on the scene, most of its members have been in the game more than a decade, Some members were originally part of the West Coast Killa Beez super-group; Northstar before they got signed with Wu-Tang, and some other members ended up years later in a group, which RZA asked ChristBearer to put together: the Yellow Jackets which was unfortunately dissolved before it really got started.

Without dwelling on the usual questions (most would want to know of their affiliation to the Wu), this interview is no indication of whether they are or whether they are not affiliated, we simply wanted to find out about this group as far as their history goes,  their musical background, aspiration, goals and the highly acclaimed album they just recently dropped "Total Supremacy" as they indeed flap their wings in their quest to bring hip-hop especially in the West coast to its basics in this exclusive Wu-International interview with the main figure of the group General Jihad, Enjoy!

I like to say thanks first and foremost for taking the time to answer these questions, highly appreciated, and will also point out that nothing will be altered, edited or changed when this is published online.

Wu-International:  Peace General Jihad, How are you?
General Jihad: P.E.A.C.E. All wise and civilized.

Wu-International: Can we start off by introducing yourself to the site readers, tell us your name, where you are from, location, affiliations etc.
General Jihad: General Jihad. The sword of Allah, A.K.A. The Great Night Owl. Birdz of Prey. Newark, NJ, Atlanta, Texas, just universal. Iíve been moving around since I was 15. Currently, I am in California. GODZ ENT./GOLD CITY (Prodigal Sunnís label), and West Coast Killah Bíz

Wu-International: We are going to talk about Yellow Jacketz, then your new group Birdz of Prey and finally yourself. Our first introduction to you was via Christ Bearerís and Armels Yellow Jacketz, can you please tell us more about the groupís formation, and how did you meet Armel or CB and got involved in the group? 
General Jihad: The group formed on Venice Beach, hustliní and promoting solo projects. Mine, Armelís and CBís. I met Armel through Prodigal Sunn. I met CB through Armel at a North Star show in Long Beach, 2009. CB asked me to be a part of the group and I saw a sign as we were speaking about it. A worker bee that landed on his shoe. That was the confirmation that I should be a part of this group as he was asking me.

Wu-International: We learned from last yearís Spaceman interview you paved the way for him: how did you meet Spaceman and in what way did you ďpave the wayĒ for him?
General Jihad: I met Spaceman at that same show with North Star. He was rolling with the Black Knights. Well these were his words for inviting him to be apart of the YJís and introducing him to CB and Armel one night in Hollywood. Everything went from there. We started rolling together tougher than leather Space boogie whatís up?

Wu-International:  When we did the west coast series, there was some controversy about the Yellow Jacket interviews mostly concerning the affiliation being questioned. How did the group feel about this controversy?
General Jihad:  I canít say how the group felt because at that particular time I exiled myself from the group over creative differences. The difference was I spit straight hip-hop no commercialism at all.

Wu-International: Wu fans became aware of the group due to their feature on The Swarm 3: Pollen project, and nothing has been heard from the group collectively since that and our interview series, can you please tell us what the current situation is with the group, itís status and your present involvement?
General Jihad: A lot of the existing members of YJís are doing solo projects now but itís still a little tension between certain members that I choose not to name. On the brighter side of it all, theyíre just going through what we call love hell or right. Love hell or right, basically is a degree in Supreme Mathematics. It is the definition to the twelfth letter in the alphabet. One must go through hell in order for his loved ones to turn out right. I still have an active communication with the rest of the YJís, and alot of them we still hang out but, Itís B.O.P. or nothing.

Wu-International: On our last interview with Christ Bearer he said the group will still be coming out with an album, can you please let us know how many songs were recorded for the Yellow Jacketz project and when it will come out if you are aware of this?
General Jihad:
  I do not know a release date but from my understanding when I last was at the YJ studio it was at 20 cuts and that was almost a year ago. My brothers stay creating so it could be hundreds by now.

Wu-International: Whatís your current relationship with Armel or ChristBearer?
General Jihad:
  We Peace. Everything is everything. Peace to the Gods.

Wu-International: Who produced the song on ďRoll With The Killa BeezĒ off the Pollen compilation?
General Jihad:
One of the standing members of B.O.P. Voodoo.

Wu-International: Apart from Armel, Meko and Christbearer, everyone else from YJ were new names to the Wu fans, it might interest you though to know however that you were the most asked about new member from YJ, do you have any idea why fans were more keen on knowing more about you and how does that make you feel?
General Jihad:  This is just my guess; maybe itís because of the various shows that Iíve popped up with the likes of GZA, Killah Priest, Black Knights, Cappadonna, Popa Chief, etc. Canít think of everybody, Iíve been present at numerous shows.

birdz of prety Killah priest Wu-International: Could be due to your number of side collabos and projects, we recently heard you on Popa Chiefís latest album ďHood HymzĒ who within the Wu family tree are you close with or have worked with to date?
General Jihad:
Wu-Tang, Prodigal, Kinetic, Poppa Wu, Supreme I Self, Raison Allah, The whole Brooklyn Zoo/Zoo Ninjas, Black Knights, the Monsta Mobb, The Committee, North Star, Sunz of Man, Killah Priest. Iím pretty much cool with everybody Iíve ran into over the years. This journey started way back in the nineties, when I was promoting shows with Four Kings Entertainment out in Atlanta and ripping up open mics all over the United States.

Wu-International: Yes we saw the pictures to the show your group did with Killah Priest, how about the generals, who amongst them are you close or have worked with?
General Jihad:
The Generals, Gza, Masta Killa, Inspektah Deck, Ghost, Cappadonna, Method, me and RZA always been peace since back when he was in the Gravediggas group and we were promoting for the group then, but we havenít really had a chance to build in depth. I havenít worked really with none of the elder Gods yet, but its coming. As far as whom Iíve worked with: Iíve worked with DJ Woool, anticipating to finish of a song with Killah Priest, Popa Chief, General Monk from the Black Knights, Iree the Thief from Zoo Ninjas, and Silk Ski from Brooklyn Zoo. Everythingís soon to come.

Wu-International: The West coast Killa Beez chamber is under The RZAís guidance as lead by Northstar and Black Knights, Christbearer said on our recent interview that no member of YJ were official yet and were still under training, so where do you and your new group Birdz Of Prey sit in all of this, who blessed the group as part of West coast Killa Beez?  
General Jihad: Prodigal Sunn, Raison Allah, and General Monk from the Black Knights. Raison is cousin to three of the elder gods and I know he talks to them all the time. Matter of fact he told me just today, to keep going. Prodigal told me donít be nobodyís soldier. At Rock the Bells 2010, RZA told me if we got the tools to go in, go in. And if weíre reppiní the W, you gotta add on to the cipher. I would personally agree that we did that.

Wu-International: Monk, and Sun have only confirmed to have done songs with the groups and thats it. We ask as the groupís logo is an extension of the Wu logo and normally one can not use it unless they are official via the right sources or person, has Birdz of Prey been given the green light to use the logo and by who?
General Jihad: Raison Allah the Zookeeper, who was one of the first Killah Bíz from the Wu-Tang saga.

Wu-International:  My understanding is that only the generals or the business heads such as Mook, Divine or Power etc have the authority to appoint or permit the use of the logo, Raison Allah for instance would have to nominate you or your group to a general to bless it, just as how RZA blessed Leggazin via Sunzini, so are you saying Raison asked RZA to endorse the group or someone else?
General Jihad: The nomination to RZA for B.O.P. is from Raison, You can contact Raison and ask him that?

Wu-International: We got in touch with Raison but he has not replied us, thanks for those answers anyways, lets move on, can you please let us know how Birdz of Prey came together and when?
General Jihad:
When I got frustrated with the creative differences that I was having with the YJís, right before the release of the Swarm 3 back in 2009, I went seeking a great friend of mine Joey Ice Pick who happened to be an ex member of North Star. This is where the story takes its turn for the best. He introduced me to Justice Born (J9), and Battle Starr and I felt a sudden surge of peace being in this setting. After the sounds that the God J9 played for me, it was a wrap, and everything came together like Tetris. The members were already established by the authenticity of lyricism alone. The music speaks for itself. Birdz of Prey or nothing.

Wu-International: You said Joey Ice Pick was ex member of Northstar, you mean affiliated with Northstar or from their camp as the only members that we know from the Star is Meko and Christbearer?

General Jihad: Another question you will have to ask either Joey Ice Pick, Christbearer or Meko directly.
Birdz of Prey

Wu-International: Peace Jewell, can you please tell us more about your part as far as being part of Northstar?
Joey Ice Pick: I was an original Nofstar member,
along with another brother named Reece. As well as in a group with Warcloud way before Norfstar. All this was before they signed with the Wu. Doc Doom (RIP) is my cousin through family.

Wu-International: Interesting fact, how are you Doc Doom's cousin? 
 Joey Ice Pick: Doc Doom has a daughter by my cousin

Wu-International: And the group with Warcloud?
Joey Ice Pick: Yes. Holocaust, Scientific Allah, and myself were in a group called The Avengers, no songs were recorded, but many were writtin'. 

Wu-International: Whats the story with Northstar then?
 Joey Ice Pick: Norfstar and myself separated due to to creative differences. Reece on the other hand left the group, he currently has a youtube page, he was working on getting deal with Dr. Dre before Em. B.O.P. is the greatest West Coast supergroup ever. Peace

Wu-International: Thanks, Christbearer confirmed that they were indeed down with the click before Wu signed them, as well as Doc and Warcloud who were also initially meant to be part of Northstar before Monk and Crisis came to make it Black Knights. Great history there, so back to Jihad, why did you call the group Birdz of Prey?
General Jihad: Cause thatís our style. We hang glide and dive bomb. Hang gliding means weíre watching our prey, and dive bomb means, attack. Everyoneís attribute is behind Birdz of Prey. The personality of each person fits the bird of prey that we chose. And for those that do not know their Wu-Tang history, the actual W emblem is a Phoenix bird like my homegirl Queen Phoenix. And it also derived from a Kung-Fu flick that King Sunn put me up on and this was after J9 came up with the name. Felt like it was dope and the sound of it alone is just fly, just like a bird.

Wu-International: The songs I have heard so far are very impressive and thatís the honest truth, banging hip-hop, please share with the fans the full roster of B.O.P?
General Jihad: Aviation division team #1: General Jihad, Justice Born, Blaqe Diamond, Voodoo, Joey Ice Pick, Phoenix from da Flame. Nat Burnah and Willie the Kid as Voltron a.K.a the Vulture

Aviation division team #2: China Man, Spyda Loc the Real, I Cypha the God, Main Frame the Goddess, Scroll God Fuse (LCOB), Allah Zig Zag Zig Allah from Watts, Jihadís queen and official tattoo artist for Birdz of Prey Sylvie Syl the Snow Owl, Nat Burnah, and our young prodigee /official Secretary Bird of Prey Judah I Sellassie , our official photographer Birdz eye Stephen Brooks, and our official graphic designer Derek Magee, The God Allah- n- Truth, Justice Born Love, and Young God, Blaqe Diamondís queen M., our official videographer team Johnny G and Himalaya and Lance. We are ready.

Wu-International: If not mistaken, Voodoo and yourself were both part of YJ, how did the other members get involved?
General Jihad: Basically, it was back when I went seeking Joey Ice Pick that I invited Voodoo and Blaqe Diamond into the cipher and Justice Born was responsible for inviting the Queen Phoenix from da Flame and thus the odyssey began.

Wu-International: You also have a female MC in the group, Phoenix from da Flame, is that her full name or is or was she part of another group called Flame?
General Jihad: Phoenix from da Flame is indeed her full name, however she does respond to just Phoenix. No she was not a part of another group called Flame; she was affiliated with a group called Seventh Sign, organized by Baba Zoom. She represents Hardcore Hip Hop to the fullest. B.O.P. or nothing.

Wu-International: It will be easy to assume that you are the leader of the group, how true is this?
General Jihad:  Prodigal dubbed me as the General, but I always have been General Jihad. This came from General Black a dope artist from the Project Blowed scene. But as far as being the leader of the group, I canít tell you whoís the head, because thatís exposing the chinks in oneís armor and canít say that we have any. But as far as structure goes, the order would be the whole first string. We represent the nation of Gods and Earths and the Kemetic House of Amen-Ra, and in both studies we deal in complete equality.

Wu-International: At the show you did with Killah Priest, it seems the group was selling a CD of the same name, can you please tell us more about that CD and where fans can get hold of it from?
General Jihad: There are 16 tracks of straight ether energy. The album is called Total Supremacy. It is a conglomerate of songs within the Birdz Nest archives. In order to obtain this CD, they would have to go to the Birdz of Prey reverbnation website www.reverbnation.com/bop1  and leave a message to have it shipped, or meet Birdz of Prey in person on Venice Beach, California on the boardwalk near Jodie Maronieís restaurant. Support Real Hip-Hop.
Birdz of Prey

Wu-International:  So can you tell us if the group has an album out or plan or putting out one soon, if so please let us know the timeline, title, features and label if any?
General Jihad: True indeed. As far as a release date, none quite yet. Searching for the perfect time. Total Supremacy the album is done. Stay tuned for the Super Saiyan album (The Book of Saiyans, Volume #1), and future solo projects from each member of Birdz of Prey, First and Second teams. We have a features with General Monk (Black Knights), Silk Ski, and Iree the Thief, called the Chosen, which is available on Silk Skiís new album. We also have an up and coming feature with U.K. Killah Bee Shaka Amma Zulu the 7th, Solomon Childs (Theodore Unit), Wiggle (West Coast Killa B'z) and Napoleon from Wu Syndicate. Many more to come, our lines are busy with the likes of Infamous Mobb Deep West, Gold Chain Military, etc. The list goes on.

Wu-International:  The beats on those songs are heavy, does the group have an in-house production team or uses a number of producers, please let us know who are behind the beats?
General Jihad: Justice Born is the primary producer responsible for the whole Total Supremacy album. Expect tracks from Voodoo, I Cypha, Blaqe Diamond, Battle Starr and Judah I Sellassie.

Wu-International:  Thanks, so there are about 7-8 of you, can you please tell us what each member bring uniquely to the team or rather how you all differ lyrically?
General Jihad:
Phoenix is the Flame, Jihad is the Sword, Battle Starr is the dive bomber, Justice Born is the balance, Joey Ice Pick is the battery, Blaqe Diamond is the fucking juggernaut, and Voodoo is the witch doctor brewing scientific concoctions in the lab. Together we form a Hip-Hop Voltron. B.O.P. or nothing.

Wu-International: Thanks for those answers; letís talk more about you, why are you called General Jihad?
General Jihad: I represent the internal struggle of the black man as a soldier in the streets.

Wu-International: I have seen you go by other names as well, do you mind to share some of your aliases with us please?
General Jihad:
In the nineties, I was called Crimson Jihad, due to the nature of the struggle. Crimson is the colour of blood which is what was actually happening across the United States at that time. A bloody struggle. The sword of Allah due to the razor sharp precision of lyricism and the moral instilled in me to bring forth truth, justice, freedom, and equality. Any other names is just how I be feeling sometimes in that moment.

Wu-International: How did you fall into your respective craft as an MC?
General Jihad:
Creative writing class way back when I was in the 3rd grade. My brother said that my poetry was just the same as a rap; all I needed to do was learn to say it to a beat and cadence. Upon hearing my first Hip -Hop album The Message, itís been on and popping ever since. And thus this young God was born to rock mics.

Wu-International: Who would you say inspired you as an MC growing up?
General Jihad:
Every pioneer that contributed to real Hip Hop in the game and they know who they are. To name a few, weíre gonna start with Run DMC, KRS -1, Rakim Allah, Lakim Shabazz and the 45 Kings, Poor Righteous Teachers, YZ, and so forth. Yaíll know the drill. I am Hip Hop. Check my birth date.

Wu-International: Based on your name, scarf you always sport, your beard and some of your lyrics, one can be forgiven for assuming you were a Muslim?
General Jihad:
Do not assume for I have always been a part of the Nation of Gods and Earths, which is a practice of Islam shunned by many but loved by most. ďNothing compares to the 120 lessons, my seed, my queen, and the home that I rest in.Ē RZA, Duck Season.

Wu-International: Are you interested in putting a solo project out and if so can you please tell us more about it?
General Jihad: Oh yes, and the album is up and coming and it is called, ďThe God of War.Ē Mad collabs from everybody I rock with.

Wu-International:  I have seen your name pop up on a number of interesting features here and there, can you please tell us more of any recent significant collaborations outside your group?
General Jihad:
  The Eternal Resistance album with me, Jizzm High Definition (Project Blowed) and THA Conclusion, and a host of new artists in the California region, Atlanta region, New York region, and New Jersey region.

Wu-International: The West coast had its moments after NY, it seems the south is whatís popping right now, how do you think people especially the Wu fans are going to receive your music?
General Jihad:
All lovers of real hip hop are not only going to accept but embrace our movement with open arms. Because history repeats it's self and the culture of hip hop must be renewed.

Wu-International: Thanks for those answers, so whats next for yourself, B.O.P or YJ this year or next as far as projects go?
General Jihad: Total Supremacy over anything that is not real hip hop. Expect to see Birdz of Prey positioning to conquer the chess board. B.O.P. or nothing.

Wu-International: Anything else you would like to share with us that has not been covered already please?
General Jihad:
 We have shows coming up this summer with the likes of Ras Kass (July 3rd) for the Hip Hop Independence show in Pomona, California. And a possible show August 27th with Mad Lion in Oceanside, California. Other dates have not yet been booked. Be on the lookout for new videos from Birdz of Prey on YouTube and thehiphoptube.net

General Jihad Wu-International: Thanks, how can fans keep up to date with you, your group and movement?
General Jihad: Fans can follow us on www.reverbnation.com/bop1, www.twitter.com/birdzofprey, www.soundcloud.com/birdzofprey,
www.facebook.com/birdzofprey1, and www.myspace.com/birdzofprey_bop 

Last words, shout outs etc?
General Jihad: Peace to the entire Nation of Gods and Earths, all the Kemetic orders on the planet, the whole universal family, the Wu-Tang Clan, Wu-Tang Killa Bíz and affiliates. The whole Hip Hop world. Wu-Tang International for this interview. And all the real Hip Hop supporters across the planet. Rest in peace to all the fallen soldiers in Hip-Hop. ODB, Doc Doom, and Poetic from the Gravediggas. And all that I did not mention know that you live on through us. Hip Hop is alive. P.E.A.C.E. Positive Energy Always Corrects Error. Signing off, Kilo, Alpha, Iron, Feathers. B.O.P. or nothing. Total Supremacy.

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