[Ice Water Day (Interview)]

Interview Date: 27th March 2012

Conducted By: Dark 7 Invader, The Reccollectah

Special thanks to Stumik for his input and cooperation. 



Last year we ran an interview with Stumik from Raekwon’s Ice Water Inc. crew, we talked about the upcoming projects he had planned and the possibility of a second Ice Water Inc. album. Fans who have been following the man on Facebook, surely will have noticed his involvement with the United Nations World Water Day Events which started last week in Europe. Wu-International was intrigued with how this involvement came about and managed to quickly get a hold of Stumik right before he took the plane to Ukraine for this event. While the main focus was off course this good cause the MC was engaged in, we also asked him about the status of the solo and group projects he had mentioned on our last interview. Enjoy !

I like to say thanks first and foremost for taking the time to answer these questions, highly appreciated, and will also point out that nothing will be altered, edited or changed when this is published online.

Wu-International: Peace, how are you?
Stumik:  I'm Good, thanks.

Wu-International: Can you please tell us what you have been up to or currently working on?
 Right now I'm putting the finishing touches on my album titled 'Tape worm' also about to drop my 2nd mixtape 'Who's eatin vol 2' on march 30. Just released a video with Proff and Lia Cha called overseas.

Wu-International:  Great, can you tell us more about your album for now and we can chat about the mixtape later, why have you called it Tape worm?
Stumik: Yes Tape Worm means I'm just gonna keep eatin my way through the music industry.

Wu-International: Nice, can you please tell us more about the features and how far gone are you with this project?
Stumik: Well the features are gonna be a surprise and I rather not say right now, I'm about 7 songs in right now.  

Wu-International: When do you plan on putting it out?
Stumik: I plan on releasing it this summer around the first week of July.

Wu-International: So your mixtape, vol 2 was announced some time back, why has it not been released to date?
Stumik: Well i had to wait for the right time. And also was waiting for distribution
Now, I've got it here and over in china.

Wu-International: Distribution? Amazing, are you saying the mixtape will be distributed globally, and is this same distribution putting out your album?
Stumik: Yes it will be distributed globally and for my album I'm am still shopping for my more distribution.

Wu-International:  Congrats on that, so when will you put it out and will it be on physical format as well?
Mixtape release day is march 30th, album doesn't have a release date yet and yes it will be in stores and also for download.

Wu-International: Thanks, so what is going on with the ice water project as in the group?
Ice water project will be done soon we are all working on our solo projects currently
Polite is about to release his project and PC and DC are almost done with theirs as well,
Hanz on just landed Method Man to put out his album.

Wu-International: Like to talk more about that, who are currently involved on this project as in group members? and is Raekwon involved?
Stumik:  Raekwon is on there, as well as all the group members

Wu-International: Good to hear, but is the project getting put out via Ice H20?
My album will be turned in to Ice water records first, to see if we can work out a situation, Kay woods is a child hood friend of mine and Raekwon's brother. The CEO of IceH20 records , and he is also the one who introduced me to the industry and showed me the ropes. I am also part of a clean water cause and will be tour in the Ukraine for fashion week. The clean water cause is sponsored by the United Nations and the UNDP. the 16 international designers of the countries participating at the UEFA Euro 2012 European football championship are coming to support on behalf of the initiator supermodel Dji Dieng the united nations world water day. Ukrainian fashion week Euro fashion shows are dedicated to that humanitarian cause. We have the entire support of UNDP united nations development program.  


Wu-International: Thanks for those updates, we will talk more about your water project outside music but before we get into that, can you round up on hoody and boots project you are starring in ?
  Yeah hoodie and boots is a project presented by my brother big flea, Its put together by me and chippaman from redtop, That project will also be released this summer
with features from a few big name artist as well as a few up and coming artists.

Wu-International: Thanks. now how did that clean water project come about and how is it linked to Ukraine fashion show?
The water cause is linked to the fashion week as explained on my previous answer, We all as artists will go together with supermodel Dji Dieng to visit the UEFA Euro 2012 local committee to cooperate for the united nations world water day.

Wu-International: How does it feel to be part of this?
Stumik:  I feel great to be apart of an humanitarian cause, It puts me on a bigger platform than just being an artist, Its more than just being a artist, this make me an ambassador for a great cause, feel me?

Stumik & Donny Cash Wu-International: Indeed, and when are you heading off to Ukraine and who is involved in it?
Stumik: I'm leaving, 17th of March, Donny Cacsh, Rene Ralph, super model Dji Dieng, soul singer Marcia Favre, celebrity Rocco Gaglioti, mass markets, Dj alexander, and Godly rise.

Wu-International: First time in Ukraine? And is it just Ukraine or will you be doing other cities in Europe??
Stumik: Yes its in Ukraine, we are working on bringing it to different cities and states now

Wu-International: How did you get involved though, were you approached, did you get in touch due to interest etc.?
Stumik: I got involved by networking with Rene Ralph from Seccor holding/CCR Universal?

Wu-International: Thanks, so you will be performing to raise awareness, did you record any songs in specific to subject or will you just do numbers from your catalogue?
Stumik: Yes i will be releasing my clean water song 'For the cause', I'm making a world premiere for my clean water song.

Wu-International: Sounds good, Paris Hilton was meant to be involved, is she still part of it?
Stumik: She was part of the fashion week and walked the cat walk so yes  she will be there
I also we be getting into fashion walking the cat walk soon, Lol

Wu-International: Yes, i saw you post about models and all, can you please tell us more about this?
Stumik: The models are for my magazine I'm gonna start over there.

Wu-International: As in Ukraine?
Stumik: Its gonna be for up and coming models and artist, Europe and the US.

Wu-International: What will you be looking to achieve with this mag?
Stumik:  I will be trying to get up and coming acts exposure in the music and fashion business.

Wu-International: What's your sudden interest in the fashion world?
Stumik:  Always had interest in fashion and sports and acting, Just having the opportunity now to bring it to the fore front.

Wu-International: Sounds like a busy year for you stumik, what else do you have in the pipeline?
Stumik: Hopefully I land a movie deal and I am also gonna start my own label in the UK.

Wu-International: Music label? Why in UK?
Stumik: Yes music label, UK is where I am gonna start it at, and of course branch off into the States.

Wu-International: How long will you be out in Europe for?
Stumik: I will be in the Ukraine for 2 weeks.

Wu-International: Thanks.. So before we round up, is there anything else you might want to share we might have missed?
Stumik: No that's it thanks a lot as always. 

Thanks and best of luck with your projects we will be keeping an eye on your progress and updates.

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