[Wu-Tang's Killa Honey Bee Interview]

Interview Date: 11th. September. 2006

Conducted By: Dark 7 Invader

Special thanks to the gorgeous Tash Mahogany for the interview.


Being a member of the ever growing Wu-Tang family tree automatically endows you with a great deal of respect, history, already established fan base and street credibility, but while few might already know of Tekitha and Blue Raspberry, there have always been complaints that not enough females are represented within the Wu circle, in steps the latest sensation, Tash Mahogany, adding on a  new chamber to the bee hives, a sexy and attractive model, actress, singer, rapper and entertainer. She’s the girl you have definitely seen but not sure where or who she was, perhaps it is because you have seen her on Jay-Z’s “excuse me miss” video, or caught her seducing Juelz Santana on “Dipset Anthem” and getting it poppin’ besides Big Gipp, C.C.F. Division and the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard in The RZA’s “We Pop” video. Signed to Wu-Tang, and working closely with the RZA, she was featured on his last album “Birth Of A Prince” singing Hooks with Ghostface in “Fast Cars” and throwing darts with lyrical Masta Killah on “Koto Chotan” and going on to complete a 14 city re-union tour of the almighty Wu-Tang Clan.

Her Wu-Tang affiliation and initiation did not just start in 2003 on the “Birth Of A Prince” album, but goes back to Iron Flag album recording sessions and stretches further back to Killarmy’s highly sort after unreleased side project “The Orphanage”. She was discovered by Beretta 9 aka Kinetic from Killarmy while performing at an open mic in New Jersey, having worked with Kinetic she was invited to record on a killarmy project, which the RZA heard and invited her to the “Iron Flag” sessions and the rest was history from there.

MTV producer Arthur Jones admired Tash’s drive and featured her on a one hour segment entitled, Video Honeys. This show followed here everyday hustle and showed her on the recording booth at 36 Chambers Studio with 9th Prince, to a Lifestyle photo shoot.

Video Honeys aired quite frequently and still shows to this day, two years later. Still not satisfied, she caught the acting bug and after auditioning successfully landed spots on Law & Order, and the Chappelle Show. She has worked with a number of film and television directors such as Spike Lee, Dick Wolf, Richard Benjamin, and Kirsten Sheridan.

Her unique creativity and Super Work Ethic landed Tash a production deal with the Rza. He produced 12 tracks for her upcoming solo album entitled "Barely Legal", and have just completed a track with Raekwon for the highly anticipated “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II”. Read what the talented Tash had to say about her life, Wu-Tang's affiliation, music, The RZA, Hip-hop, Killarmy, and her future endeavours when Wu-International recently caught up with her. Enjoy!

I like to say thanks first and foremost for taking the time to answer these questions, highly appreciated, and will also point out that nothing will be altered, edited or changed when this is published online.

Wu-Internationals: Hello Tash, how are you?
Tash Mahogany: I'm doing well. Missing the summer, it’s starting to get cold in Jersey and New York now.

Wu-Internationals: Please introduce yourself to us, name, where you are from and currently located?
Tash Mahogany: Yeah, yeah! Its Tash.., Ms. Mahogany. A Wu Killa Honey, A.K.A. Ta-Ta-La-Licious! Comin live from New Jersey. Jersey made me, New York paid me, & North Carolina raised me.

Wu-Internationals: We only just caught on to you due to your Wu-tang affiliations, what is behind the name 'Tash Mahogany'?
Tash Mahogany: Well, you know, I admired Diana Ross in her role as Mahogany. She was very natural.. I as well keep my looks and even hair natural even while under constant pressure to change in my modelling endeavours. Just as Mrs. Ross I am Natural but Killer.

Wu-International: Are you the same person as Lady Platinum as featured on RZA's last album? If not are there other names you go by?
Tash Mahogany: No, Lady Platinum was another artist that used to frequent the camp. My close friends call me Tash. Guys like to call me Mahogany. ( I think I remind them of Chocolate.) They see me and say Miss Mahogany. When they say me "MISS" Mahogany, I always think like Janet.. Miss Jackson if you’re Nasty. (Laughs)

Wu-International: What was it like growing up in New Jersey?
Tash Mahogany: In Jersey you gotta have a car to go anywhere, there are no $5 Cab rides, Subways, and it is not easy to get anywhere that you really want to be. Like this when you have friends you develop a tight bond because you are always together. In Jersey where I'm from it's not like a heavily populated city where you can juggle between a few groups of nearby friends. So most likely your friends have known you forever and you know them pretty well. This is something I have come to appreciate as I have begun meeting new people that are sometimes not worthy of being friends with.. because everyone does not value the same things as you and the click you grew up with. This is also one of the things I admired about the Wu when I began to come around. They have a bond that has also been there for years, and it reminds me of home.

Wu-Internationals : What albums did you listen to growing up?
Tash Mahogany: I listened to everything the Jacksons made.. I think I was even in the Michael Jackson Fan Club. Queen Latifah, My sister had me into Prince, and my older cousin Darrell had me rockin Adidas and Kangols copyin him while he blasted L.L. Cool J and Whodini from his room in my aunt’s apartment upstairs from ours. I wasn't allowed out of my crib too much but at that age I was living Vicariously through my older cousins. We Stayed in Jersey City, New Jersey then. "Chilltown" . The Force M.D.'s used to live across the street.

Wu-International: Which would you say is you favourite album, artist and track? and why?
Tash Mahogany: I always liked Nas. Always. And not just on some commercial… every body listenin to Nas so, so will I. His stories were deep. His tracks followed his lyrics like a Lemon after a shot of a Nasty Drink. I don't really have one artist and one track. I am a music Junky. In any mood I encounter, there is always a song that helps me to sink deeper into mode. There is a song to take me back to each stage of my life. For instance at one point in my life I dedicated a whole wall in my room to Wu-Tang Clan, all I knew was, "where is the Wu".., and "how do I get to the Wu-Tang Store". If you play me M-E-T-H-O-D Man it takes me back to ridin on the back of a school bus with this Mini Gang they called the "Stunt Dogs", they was supposed to be the hardest thing on our roads.. (we didn't have blocks, we had courts, and lived at 15 Such and Such WAY etc.) We used to all meet up at the Park and they would fight and play ball and people would take turns making out. I had my first Crush at this time. But on the bus it never failed that M-E-T-H-O-D Man would play and we would all be screamin it at the bus driver. "You don't know me, and you don't know my style". If you play Mariah Carey, that was around the time that I decided I wanted to be a singer. I also love Outkast cuz they dare to be different.

Wu-Internationals: Thanks, so when did you first realize you could sing, and what made you pick up the microphone?
Tash Mahogany: My older sister used to sing in school plays and things. She used to watch this group "Menudo" a Latin group All the time like clockwork. Their shows were exciting, there was always a lot of movement they always had some creative set in the background, I think one time they came off a plane. I liked the excitement. I thought there was some way I could climb in the TV set and be a part of the action. Then my sister bought this Tape of a group called the Jets. I liked it and used to Lip Sing it until I learned how to get their notes right. Then I just wanted to be on TV, I think.

Wu-International: Were you always a solo act?
Tash Mahogany: Yes I was always a solo act. When I was Nine, me and my neighbours two female twins started this group called Sweet Sensation. But they tried to "Beyonce" me, you know, take over the group, and eventually kick me out. So I quit first. And kept it movin to song writing. My songs were cute. I ventured into poetry then became more aggressive (from Teenage Stress) and turned it to rap.

Wu-International: How did you get your break in the music industry?
Tash Mahogany: I was always comin at the music industry from some angle. I sang at school talent shows, weddings; hoping one of the guests was a label exec or someone with a connection, I wrote my Michael Jackson fan Club about how I could sing. I even went on 106& Park's, "you got 30". I did Music videos with my homegirls telling them if you get a connection make sure they invite us to the studio. We got to the studio and on a few backgrounds as well. But it wasn't until I was performing at open mic in New Brunswick, NJ that I met Beretta 9 of Killarmy. He invited me to record and when Rza heard the Recordings he invited me to a Wu-Tang "Iron Flag" session and eventually put me to work on "Birth of a Prince".

Wu-International: Cool, so would you say you were discovered by Beretta 9 Of Killarmy, or were you already doing your thing before meeting Kinetic?
Tash Mahogany: I was doing my thing in the modelling and acting game. I already had a few music connects but Beretta was the most effective in helping exploit my talents. In fact he was one of the realest contacts I had. He wasn't just trying to take me for a ride as some of the other people I had been working with, or rather, trying to work around had done. Much Love for that.

Wu-International: It is gathered you were invited to work with Beretta 9 on a killarmy project, what project was this?
Tash Mahogany: Killarmy was doing a new Album, at the same time they were stagnated as members were travelling out of town, or being put on Lock in the middle of recordings. He called it "the Orphanage" album. Because we had all been staying up in the studio, eatin, livin, and cookin day by day. So it was as none of us had a home, even though the studio was in his house.

Wu-International: Oh, word? yes I have heard about that lost Orphanage project, cool, next questions, we always ask everyone this, what was/is it like working with The Abbott (RZA)?
Tash Mahogany: Everytime you think you know what the Rza is about he reveals, yet, another Chamber. When I first met him I didn't know what to expect. I know everyone's heard Domestic Violence and all that. And though Wu artists were my favourite, I did not know how I would be treated. I thought he might be rowdy. But No. He was calm and collected, listenin to old skool Soul Jams, in fact, as we rode to the Studio. Working with other Producers they tend to be Snobby and closed circled....
Sneering down at you like why do you deserve to be here. Rza would just be like, "Yo, get in the Booth" and I would wonder after leaving, how, I got in the Booth. Then there was a time when I thought he just used a Computer for all his tracks. Til, I tried to fall asleep on one of the couches in a Booth no one was using, and was awoken by Rza on the Drums, then Rza on the Guitar, and then Rza on the Piano. Between temporary lapses of Insomnia, I was like Oh, he really knows his ish. Then I was taken aback one day to hear him play a Classical Piece on the Piano. One after the other. I was thinking these other so-called Super producers don't study the game like this. That's when I realized he was more than Just a Genius of the Hip Hop kind. That he was very well studied in his craft and that he would always continue to grow in his Love for the art. He is a great friend as well. Always down to Earth and Sensible.

Wu-International: Thanks for that, well most people who work closely with The RZA or are discovered by the RZA are normally officially referred to as Wu-Tang Killa Beez or Bees, do you consider yourself to be one?
Tash Mahogany: Nah, I 'm a Killa Honey. When I make an album, go Diamond I'll call myself a Queen Bee. Until then, This Mahogany Honey is a Killa Honey.

Wu-International: Who else within the Wu-Tang family tree are you very close to?
Tash Mahogany: I spent alot of time with Killarmy, they became like Brothers, from our time in the Orphanage. (Smiles) It's like I'm still developing bonds as I spend more or less time with the other members while working on different projects. They are all still all learning of me as well because they don't know what to expect either. A lot of female artists have came and gone from the Wu Camp and I know they are watching me like is this one gonna flee hive like the others? Recently I had the opportunity to tour with the Group. It was like 15 of us on a bus. That was a good bonding time as nobody has anywhere else to go farther than a couple of people down from you.

Wu-International: Yes speaking on that tour, you were the only woman on tour with the clan some time back, what was that like?
Tash Mahogany: I'm sure some girls wouldn't have been able to handle it. But most of my best friends have been guys. So, I'm not a Prissy chick so lookin for the Neat and Sweet Button either. I wasn't worried about how I would deal with the situation I wondered how receptive they would be to me. I had so much fun. I got to see each of them in action as I was there onstage when they grabbed the mic. I was able to study the skills which helped me to hone my own. As we sat on the Bus Raekwon initialized my lesson in Wu-101. He said, "you wanna be an Emcee". In his Mafia Style questioning voice. You wanna be an Emcee, you watch each and every one of us. Each one of us has a skill that we have mastered. So and so got the most energy, such and such got the deepest lyrics. "You wanna know how to flow you listen to me", Meth chimes in. And watch I did. They set off the show with a meeting and then went Crazy on stage. I started my entry with a bottle of Somethin. Moet, Grey Goose, something. I always had something in my hand, sipping. I would do my part of the hooks and in between be sippin and dancing. I don't even think I was sippin to sip as much as I was sipping for the stage action. I didn't realize how much I was sipping and would often come off the stage feeling Nice (not drunk) I'm responsible. (Wink) ;) But from there I would just watch everything that went on. U-God started callin me "eyes" I think cuz I wouldn't say much but every once in a while I'd make a face like, this is Crazy! I loved it. I saw all the energy they put out into the crowd and I saw all that energy pours right back on the stage from the crowd in double. It makes you feel good when you can affect people in that way through your music.

One thing I did encounter, while not from the group, but from members out of town friends and outsiders was them not knowing who I was, and just because I was a girl assuming I was someone’s "Jump Off" . I would hear things in the Hotel Lobby like "Umh, Shorty, you fine, who you here to see"? And I'd be like, "Myself". Dummy. (as I walked to my own room).
I'm here to break the mood, so forget that you aint seen a lot of girls in here before. I'm Here! I'm good on the Challenge.

Wu-International: Are you signed under the new Wu Music Group as an artist?
Tash Mahogany: For now we are keeping our game plans under strict political wraps, in order not to spoil our catch. But wherever, however, by whatever means, Tash Mahogany is gonna make a Big Splash.

Wu-International: You have collaborated with a number of people on various projects, which would you say was your most memorable experience, and who would you say you have enjoyed working with the most?
Tash Mahogany: When Joe Budden's came through the studio to do my joint, "You must be Crazy", the song called for Joey to act as though he was beefin with a girl, as she's sayin you must be crazy, I'm not your baby, in other words don't play me, etc. He was getting a little bit of that action over the phone from his lady which I think made his verse a little more Real.

Wu-International: You are currently working on the album, "Barely Legal", any meaning behind the title of the album?
Tash Mahogany: It's about a girl growing up, going through the ups and downs of life. Sometimes women go through a little more than others Early. It’s about love, and life, all that a girl has been through that some women have never experienced, all while being Just, " Barely Legal".

Wu-International: Is this your first official album or do you have previous work or projects stacked away some where?
Tash Mahogany:
This will be my first official album.

Wu-International: I have had the chance of sampling some of you songs on myspace, quite impressive, you also rap as well as sing? Are you more of a singer than a rapper or vice versa?
Tash Mahogany: Well I'm a Libra. I think my sign is a scale. I see that, that reflects in my personality because everything has to be even. I have to be balanced. In everything. For instance I can’t go to sleep until I feel I've been completely productive, if that means I've got to clean my room at the end of the day before I lay down, I come in straight Tired at 5AM from a Party, Tipsy even, and Clean my room. I must feel complete. I don’t think it would be fair if I were to sing love songs like everything is always sweet. I lose my temper when disrespected, I get really aggressive sometimes. I can be a Southern Sweetie and you can sleep on me because I look sweet, but don't mistake I am no fool and if I feel disrespected or like someone is trying to play with my emotions that sweet side of the scale is overthrown and my Anger will be there alone. Rhymin is how I vent this emotion. In singing a song I show you my heart and make things seem easy, but everything aint easy and I'm just representing my Self by showing both sides. Like I said before I must feel complete. If I showed you everything positive about me and acted as though this Other side didn't exist I would not feel complete.

Wu-International: Ok... How would you describe your style/sound, if any?
Tash Mahogany: I describe my sound as something new. Not Rhythm and Blues.. there’s nothing blue about it. I call it R& P Rhythm and Pop. Cuz it Pops!

Wu-International: Back to the album Barely Legal, when will it be released?
Tash Mahogany: I say it will be ready for Release in Dec., but we are working on deciding which track we will release as a single prior to that time.

Wu-International: I know you've already done tracks with Joe Budden and The RZA, any more guests featuring on the album?
Tash Mahogany: On this album we tried to keep it light. A lot of artists right now do not represent what it is that I am here for. I didn't want to affiliate myself with the influences other artists might have added to the album. Like one guy I tried to feature on a track wrote about crime and disrespectin chicks when the rest of my album encourages self embetterment, It's just a conflict of interest sometimes.

Wu-International: So RZA produced 12 tracks on the album? Wow, is he the main and only producer on that album or are there more?
Tash Mahogany: He is the main producer. I have compositions from a few other producers such as Cochise, who has worked on the Biggie Duets album, and Q.C. my man from Ghana. But Rza is highly involved in making decisions of which tracks make it to the album.

Wu-International: What types of concepts, issues or topics are covered on your new album?
Tash Mahogany: Love, Deceits, Loneliness, Overcoming Hurts, Losing Yourself, Finding yourself, Growing, and Succeeding in life.

Wu-International: Please tell us what your creative process is like? How do you approach a song?
Tash Mahogany: Sometimes I have something on my mind that I can materialize without a beat or melody. When I hear a beat first I try to think about how that music makes me feel and write a song off of that emotion. But I feel the track more when I happen to already be in the mood that the song put me in. Like if I want to go to a Party and the Hottest club song ever comes on I'm gonna write the mess out of that song. But if I'm sad and you ask me to write Happy, your gonna get a generic feel. I prefer to be able to really feel the track I'm writing to. I hate when I go to meet a producer and he plays me his "C" beats. We would only be makin C music and chances are I'm not going to work with you unless by chance I had been completely bored before I came to meet you. It's a waste of time. Come at me with the best and I give that back. I'm a Libra remember!

Wu-International: Which are you favourite song(s) on the album so far?
Tash Mahogany: We have a song called "School" it's about being a flirt. I like the energy in that. I have a song called "Impeccable" it's about having the confidence in your relationship. The love becomes impeccable, no matter what happens around you. I like that because that is what I'm looking for, someone to be Impeccable with me.

Wu-International: Are there any artist not on your album you would like to work with?
Tash Mahogany: I wanna work with Rick Ross. Snoop Dogg, Pharrell. Pharrell has that good flirty energy I was talking about.

Wu-International: I read in a recent interview that you listen to earthy music like that of Erykah Badu and Majestic 12 etc, Majestic 12 is also part of the Wu-Tang family tree, do you know Madam Majestic or Carlos Bess personally and are there any plans of you working with them in the near future?
Tash Mahogany: No I have yet to meet them. I am definitely feeling that Vibe. I would look forward to any collaboration we might work out.

Wu-International: What category would you fall into? Rap, Soul, R&B, etc?
Tash Mahogany: R&P Rhythm N Pop. Cuz We keeps it Poppin, no matter what.

Wu-International: Who/what would you say are your influences musically and otherwise?
Tash Mahogany: Other Soulful Music, Of course Wu Tang, MJ, Jackson 5, Al Green, Billy Holiday, Mrs. Jill Scott .?., Queen Latifah back in the day, The South, Nas, Outkast, L.L., Anita Baker.

Wu-International: Do you feel female emcees/singers get as much respect as they deserve or do you think they're still under-rated?
Tash Mahogany: I don't think female emcees get as much respect as they deserve but it is partially because of the number of Female Emcees who have stepped into the Game with no purpose but to be famous.. Like those who don't even write, or cant write about nothing interesting. Some Capitalized off of their looks briefly but fell off in the end. I'm not here for that. I write my own stuff, and it makes sense.

Wu-International: How would you reply to the critics who say that hip hop and its videos portray women in a negative light?
Tash Mahogany: Not all of Hip Hop but some of Hip Hop portrays Women in a negative light and unfortunately they are to often successful in exploiting their ideas to the rest of the planet. It just so happens that some of the most listened to artist have used the negative exploits of women to gain recognition. I would mostly say that these artists do a good job at exposing the women who do not act as ladies, they cause the most controversy. They don't expose respectful women, we never see them. But because that's all viewers see, people who take in way to much T.V. begin to believe that loose women are the only kind of woman there is.

Wu-International: What makes you stand out or differ from the rest of the acts out there?
Tash Mahogany: Because I didn't come in here following some fad the label said was hot. Because I am coming to the table as myself. Because I have personally lived through my topics, wrote my album, and came out of the situation successful, but most of all because Rza and I were able to sit down own creatively put our ideas together without relying on ideas from the outside. Because both of us Tastemakers, not followers.

Wu-International: A common trend is the release of mixtapes before dropping an album or vice verse, is that something you would be interested in doing?
Tash Mahogany: I don't feel that I need to drop a Mixtape. I would do it more as a fun project and use it as a vessel to get more material out there in a lesser amount of time.
Wu-International: Who are you currently listening to at this moment in time?
Tash Mahogany: Actually I've been listening to Kelly Clarkson Break Away, I've been in the process of a break-up and her lyrics make you feel whole again, as she takes you through her break-up. I like music you can feel. But a few years from now if I hear "Since you been Gone" again it will remind me of my break-up. I'm listenin to Meth's "4.21 the day after" album, waitin for Raekwon, and I am Lovin O'marion, "Entourage".

Wu-International: You got quite a resume, actress, Musician, and Model, how do you hell do you manage all those roles?

Tash Mahogany: I am staying on top of my Game. When I finish one project in one area, I pick up where I left off in another. I'll go hard in the studio, then go hard on learning a script, than go hard at getting a Print Job.

Wu-International: So which role do you prefer out of the 3?
Tash Mahogany: My heart has been with Music. Music Raised me. Maybe Modelling or Acting will guide and continue my growth. I love to conquer barriers.
Wu-International: Who would you say is the most influential person in your life right now?
Tash Mahogany: God, because everytime I make a mistake God reminds me to get it right.

Wu-International: You are Gorgeous!!! hope you dont mind me saying that, but if the shoes fit..., It is said you have been known to turn heads such as that of the ex- president of the united states, Bill Clinton, can you shed more light on that?
Tash Mahogany: One time I was hosting an event for the NYPD in New York. I was the person in charge of escorting guests onto the stage and bringing out the awards. I had on this cute little black cocktail gown and had just escorted James Earl Jones to the podium onstage. Upon my return backstage I was blocked by a large group of Men in Black Suits. I paid it no mind as I was in a rush and just needed to get through the crowd. As I pushed my way to the Award Table I heard a familiar voice saying… "mh Hmmh… Thaaaats Nice" with a Southern drawl. When I looked up it was President Clinton (after his term) he was referring to my dress as he gave me the once over and then looked up at my face to confirm with a smile. Hillary was not to far from his side either, she had her face in the monitor that was backstage of the show out-front.

Wu-International: How did you get into modelling and then acting?
Tash Mahogany: Well, as a result of a bad break-up… (Laughing) I was upset one day while driving. I didn't notice the Pick Up truck that was headed toward me at an intersection. I had a very bad car accident that left me on bed rest for a whole month. I was upset that I let something as little as a break-up affect me so much and decided I needed a change. I had been working for a Big Pharmaceutical company in its legal department. I was balling on that pay check too. Somehow though this didn't allow me to use my creative skills. I said when I get better I am going to try something new. While I was on Bed rest I read the paper a lot. There was an ad for auditions to be on T.V. Long Story Short I went for it and had success in landing acting and modelling Gigs from then on. I lost a Brand New Car in that accident and gained a new way of living.

Wu-International: Please tell us a little about the MTV Video honeys project with Arthur Jones?
Tash Mahogany: Arthur was casting for this Project he was doing on Video Models. I was working on something else at the time and hadn't heard anything about it. Believe it or not I was in Another MTV building taping a brand new pilot. I had seen one of my other video model friends outside on my way in, she was on her way to the other MTV building off of Times Square. She asked if I was on my way to the casting. I'm like I don't know about any casting. She was like Tanya (Not actual Name) didn't tell you? Tanya was one of my close friends at the time, and she usually asked me, or so I thought, to come to any audition she knew about. This time, though we had even spoken the night before, Tanya didn't mention anythin. So when I couldn't get in contact with the girl who told me about it I called Tanya. I said, "Tanya, where’s the audition"? She goes, "What Audition". I'm like no she's not playing dumb. It turns out that not only was she playing dumb, she was already there. So Anyway, I figured it out on my own and went in to see Arthur. I had no idea really, what he was looking for, but decided I was going to go for it anyway. He asked me questions about the Music Video's, Modelling work, and other interests I had. I left and didn't expect much. Days later Arthur called me and asked if he could feature me in a special about the Music Video Models. For the next couple of days he would record my Hustle. I took them to a photo shoot which I did with John Ricard who shoots for Black Men’s Magazine and a few other Publications and then we did an on Camera Interview.

I brought them to 36 Chambers Studio where the Great Early Bangers from the WU were created. I recorded two songs on Camera and began to play a song I knew on the Piano. I wanted Rza to watch me play now. It was Funny, I messed up quickly on the Piano. They also got me and 9th (9th Prince killarmy) in the booth while we recorded a joint together.

The show aired everyday on MTV2 for Month's. Then it transferred to MTV and it still comes on. People always come up to me like you're the girl that Raps and Models right? Other Aspiring models say that I made them want to be a model. And I let them know that all models weren't Stupid. That makes me feel good. Shouts to Arthur Jones. (He's a Libra too!)

Wu-International: Shout out to 9th Prince currently locked down, on a different note, I always thought Dom Pachino from Killarmy was one of the hardest working dudes in the industry, seems I am going to have to add you to that list, any future side projects in the mix (e.g. movies, commercial, tours, adverts etc)?
Tash Mahogany: I have recently shot a Calendar that should be finished soon. I performed on a track that's comin on Rae's Hot new Album (Cuban Linx II). I'll keep you posted as to what new joints I'll have coming out and I'm also working on getting some new movie scripts in.

Wu-International: It is cool you have a have a myspace account, do you also have an official site fans can log onto to and keep up to date with Tash Mahogany?
Tash Mahogany: I've been having some problems with my web builder and will be replacing all of the content on TashMahoganyWorld.com, for now that's on hold. Keep Checking on my Myspace for new tunes and photographs, I update them personally. Myspace.com/TAShMAHOGANYMusic I also have a modelling Portfolio at Musecube.com/TAshMahogany Drop me some notes and let me know what else I should include.

Wu-International: Very few artist browse or use the net on a regular, I see you are in tune with the online buzz and community, what are your favourite sites that you frequent?
Tash Mahogany: Real-HipHop.com, my man DT is involved in that site. They have reliable current Info. I love to see what Rap Fans are chatting or beefing about on WuTangCorp, MYSPACE, Just gotta say that and nothing else. Everybody knows what you mean. I like to visit Websites about music and makin money. One Model Place.

Wu-International: Well, make sure you add Wu-International to that list :-) You should have a number of fans by now in Europe, have you ever toured or been outside the US?
Tash Mahogany: Not yet, I almost made Rza's tour but did not have my Passport right. Aspiring Artists, Keep your Passport Correct! Please.

Wu-International: So what are your hobbies when you are not modelling, acting or singing?
Tash Mahogany: I like to play my Guitar, Practice Piano, Paint, and try out New Gourmet Food.

Wu-International: If a younger sister or brother wanted to get into acting, modelling, or the music scene, what would be your advice to them?
Tash Mahogany: Stay real to yourself. Because people will try to take that from you in hopes that you will become their personal puppet.
Wu-International: No doubt, The Clan recently performed at the "Rock The Bells" event in California around august, where you there?
Tash Mahogany: No, I was not able to make the event, I had a conflict in scheduling. I did however attend the show in Philly. They get better and better. It was Amazing.

Wu-International: Thanks very much for your time Tash, we and the fans asking about you will appreciate you taking your time to answer these questions, anything else you might want to add that we missed? Any last words for your current and future fans, shout outs etc?
Tash Mahogany: Your Very Welcome I enjoy being able to interact with fans. Keep me on top of my Game. I will be International soon and will keep everyone posted on the places I visit. I will visit the Country and town that hits me the most, online, first.

I have a Question. What do you the Fans look forward to seeing from a Female Wu Artist? Hit me on Myspace.com/TashMahoganyMusic Leave a comment.

One Love

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