[Just Call Me Thea (The Interview)]

Interview Date: 14th. May. 2009

Conducted By: Dark 7 Invader

Special thanks to Thea for the interview.


The answer is yes! Yes you have probably heard her, heard of her and from her somehow, somewhere, especially if you have been following any of the projects and releases The RZA (Wu-Tang Clan) has been putting out since 2005. Thea Van Seijen, who hails from The Netherlands and resides partially in Europe and USA is the new soul/Jazz/Hip-hop sensation discovered by The RZA. RZA's gift for discovering talents is always on point and remains so to date, a chance meeting outside a studio in Lankershim Boulevard, California with RZA's cousin Daddy O began the musical expedition for Thea, who is blessed with a voice most normally compare to the likes of the renowned Billie Holliday.

Thea is easily conspicuous within the Wu family tree, apart from her charming looks and great inspirational voice; she pretty much stands out in every other way. Most of Rza’s protégés, discoveries and Wu affiliated artists have primarily been men, which is a typical trend common in hip-hop and most of these artists, soloist or groups have predominately been African Americans.
Wu has always been innovative and trend setting so it came at no surprise when RZA signed the likes of Remedy (Jewish MC from Staten Island) years before Dr. Dre signed Eminem, as well as Dom Pachino from Killarmy and later Wu Latino (Hispanic background) and even stretching outside USA to sign Cilvaringz, the first non American artist from The Netherlands in Europe. In a male dominated hip-hop scene few women have also aligned themselves within the Wu from the likes of the talented Tekitha, Blue Raspberry and Tash Mahogany to the all female group Deadly Venoms.

Thea Van Seijen (her real name), is the first female affiliated with the legendary Wu legacy that is white, not a male and not from America. Why should that matter? Hearing her golden voice tear through songs is enough to captivate any listener regardless of race, sex and geographical location. Her vocal style comes across as being strongly inspired by Jazz but fused with hip-hop instrumentalists with a deep personal and intimate approach to singing. It’s the skills and gift that Thea had that made RZA enlist her as his new found protégé, Thea was introduced to the world on the hit song “Baby Boy” in 2005 off the Unleash soundtrack and have gone on to feature on numerous projects from the Bobby Digital Digisnax to more soundtracks such as Derailed, and Afro Samurai 1 and 2. With these high profile collaborations, still not much is know about her, especially as it seems she is keen on keeping a very low profile and let the music speak for itself, or perhaps she is waiting for the right moment to come all out? Either way one thing is evident, Thea is a star in the making and only time will tell… Well that’s of course if the Wu fans let it, as Thea has been the subject of discussions on different forums on the net and our emails is still flooded with questions regarding her and her music, Wu-Tang International has managed to catch up with her for an exclusive interview to give the fans a little bit of her backgrounds and what is to come. Enjoy

I like to say thanks first and foremost for taking the time to answer these questions, highly appreciated, and will also point out that nothing will be altered, edited or changed when this is published online.

Wu-Internationals: Peace Thea, How are you?
Thea: I'm fine....
Wu-Internationals: Please introduce yourself to the fans, who you are, where you are from and where you are currently residing?
Thea: I am Thea, born and raised in the Netherlands...I live wherever I am...

Wu-Internationals: Thea Van Seijen your real name?
Thea: Yes it is my real name...

Wu-International:  Do you have any other names or nick names you go by?
Thea: No nick names, just call me Thea.

Wu-International: How long have you been singing?
Thea: Since I was fourteen.

Wu-Internationals : Who would you say your musical influences are?
Thea: Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker.

Wu-International: What is like growing up in Amsterdam?
Thea: I was born outside of Amsterdam. I was raised in a small town called Leeuwarden.

Wu-Internationals: We read that a friend of  RZA’s was trying to chat you up when you walked past RZA’s studio and found out you could sing resulting in you meeting and getting to work with the RZA? Please give us your own encounter of how you met RZA and what it was like?
Thea: I was walking on Lankershim Boulevard and RZA's cousin 'Daddy O' saw me walk across the street. He asked me what I did and I said that I was a singer. After he heard me sing he took me over to RZA and that same week me and RZA started recording.

Wu-International: Cool, where did all this happen?
Thea: This happend in North Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Wu-International: How soon did you start recording with The RZA and what was the first song you did?
Thea: We started recording the same week we met and the first song we recorded was 'I love you' that is on the 'Derailed' soundtrack.

Wu-International: Prior to meeting RZA, where you a fan of his or Wu-Tang Clan’s music?
Thea: I've always loved the Wu-Tang.

Wu-International: So what is it like working with the Abbott, RZA?
Thea: RZA is like a mentor to me.. We have a great work chemistry, I learn so much from him.

Wu-International: Obviously the first female outside the US to be affiliated with the Wu, what do you think makes you stand out as a singer, within or outside of the Wu? 
Thea:  I feel that everybody is unique in their own way.

Wu-International: While different, your story is similar to that of another Wu-Tang affiliate Cilvaringz who is also from Holland, do you know him personally or worked with him yet?
Thea: I heard a lot of great things about him (Ringz) but we still haven't met...

Wu-International: Tektiha, Blue Raspberry and currently Tash Mahogany have been down with The Wu before you, do you know any of them aand what's your thoughts on them?
Thea:  I met Tash and Tekitha, I haven't met Blue Raspberry yet but they all sound great.

Wu-International:  Without an album out fans are already debating about you in forums, how does that make you feel?
Thea:  I am very happy of where I am today.

Wu-International:  You have mostly done collaborations and feature songs, fans want to know if and when you will be putting out a full length album?
Thea:  I am in the process of putting an album together.

Wu-International:  How would you describe your style of music?
Thea: My style is a crossover from jazz to hip-hop.

Wu-International: What’s your creative process like, how do you approach a song or hook?
Thea: Everything what I sing and write is from the heart.

Wu-International: What emotion helps you make the best song?
Thea: I listen to my heart...

Wu-International: Which song or songs would you say are your best work to date and why?
Thea: I feel that every song that I did is special. The song 'Baby Boy' is very special to me..

Wu-International: Do you only sing in English or will you do Dutch someday? 
Maybe a Dutch song who knows...

Wu-International: Thanks, I believe there are more to come, what do you normally do when not recording or making music, as in hobbies, general interests, etc?
Thea:  You will catch me sometimes chilling at Starbucks.

Wu-International: What projects or collaborations are you currently working on apart from your album if any? 
Thea: Just keep your ears and eyes open.

Wu-International: There is not much information about you online, how can the fans keep up to date with Thea?
Thea: Just look me up on myspace THEAVANSEIJEN

Wu-International:  So any last words, shouts outs for the fans?
Thea: 'Love yourself and your loved ones!'

Wu-International: Humble indeed, thanks very much again, good luck on all your endeavours and we look forward to hearing more from you in the near future, Dark 7 signing off, Peace

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